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Meeting of Sanskars #14

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_14 Mohini_Didi Nov 14th,2022

Om Shanti

I feel so much happiness to see the family, we have an unlimited family in Shantivan from Karnataka. More than 10 000, so every corner of every road is full like an ocean of people. You can hardly walk but it's a good feeling because everyone sits together in remembrance of Baba and listening to murli. It feels good that the whole world is present here. There are 150 double foreigners. Today I was supposed to go up the mountain to give class, but many of them wanted to come down. They hadn't seen Dadi's memorials, especially Dadi Gulzar’s new one or Dadi Janki’s because most of the souls have come after two, three years. We arranged the buses, they all came at 10 o'clock to spend a day with us in Shantivan. We will have class and Brahma bhojan and tour around. There is a place called Tapovan where they grow vegetables and fruits with that yogic farming system. They make their own fertilizer with ginger and many other things, so it's very pure, no chemicals at all. When you come you must see that.

Baba makes everything easy, but because it's the highest having sanskars like Baba. Whom should I follow? Many have this question or not start following somebody else, but Baba says no. You have to be like Me and your sanskars should be like Me but then it is almost similar to having eternal sanskars emerge. When we emerge eternal sanskars they are like Baba's sanskars. I have to cultivate them because sanskars are something where you think, speak, or do whatever. Sanskar are an imprint or impression left from the actions which we do. Baba gives us knowledge. I think that how I see Baba's first natural sanskar is of being ever pure. Purity is such that our effort at the confluence age to have complete and perfect purity. That means even the traces of any vice are not left. One quality, let's say, vice of lust the subtle traces could be jealousy, envy, animosity. It is the same with anger: forceful, controlling, bossy. With each vice there are certain traces which are still in our sanskars and nature. That is why thinking of Baba as ever pure means there is no trace of any of the vice. The same was with Brahma Baba. This whole theme of transformation of sanskars and nature is really a good work to work on one’s own self. Transforming with all the traces can be used or changed into virtues. That means to have love, patience, sweetness, and soul consciousness. This way we can change all traces of vices into virtues. Every day with the power of yoga paying attention, transformation, imbibing knowledge, and using different methods. We are becoming completely pure every day. Every day we are making efforts for our purity. Whatever more degrees are required is increasing. I think we are making sanskars similar to Baba.

Secondly, Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge. We listen to knowledge and feel like we are really taking a dip in the ocean of knowledge every day. How much during the day do I not only churn the knowledge but also imbibe knowledge. What happens is if there is any situation or whatever is happening around us, our intellect is so much drawn towards that. We forget knowledge. How many points do we remember by the night time? A few, but actually every hour, during traffic control if I emerge one point of knowledge, try to revise it, reflect on it so I also become a master ocean of knowledge. That means all the time what is emerging from me is knowledge. Baba says this, Baba wants this. I think if we really pay attention we can do that but it still is not there.

Then it is the Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Love. The third quality is love. Love for all the souls. Baba said we are ancestors, worship worthy souls. Every leaf, that is every soul of the world has to be sustained by us. Baba said it is to make them powerful. Ocean of peace, merciful, liberator because all then those sanskars then how they come into action. Baba always says bestowing the third eye of knowledge, becoming purifier, becoming liberator, ocean of mercy so our actions and those virtues are visible in our activity and relationships all the time in a natural way. The more we think about Baba, Baba's qualities and what he does, what I take from Baba or what he gives me. Whatever he is bestowing that is what He is for us also. What do others receive from me? Even though they receive love, do they receive peace, power? Whatever they receive, that means I am a master ocean of that. Baba always reminds us that we are children of the ocean so we must bestow and we must be master oceans, not just Ganges River, little canals or ponds but master ocean, unlimited. Never feel empty or shallow but a deep ocean with very beautiful waves. Internally feel it, waves of love inside, waves of peace, all beautiful feelings of Baba’s sanskars within me. This is a beautiful way Baba guides us and Baba is our Supreme Guide, our Satguru. Satguru has knowledge even in the lokik world that he passes on to all the followers. All the followers have the specialties of satguru. Even a good singer is considered to be a guru because he will teach singing and make others good singers.

Today's theme of harmonizing sanskars is only possible when I look at everyone as a soul, as the soul's pure eternal qualities. What I am harmonizing is not with anyone's old sanskars but with everyone's eternal original sanskars. Harmonizing sanskars they call ras leela. They saw Shri Krishna dancing with so many gopis and he was with each one. When they are harmonizing they are seeing Krishna, Radha. They are not saying which home, which state, this gopi is from. They just do raas. All of us can do that if we look at each one's eternal and original self. Every soul is peaceful, every soul is loveful originally, but a lot of sanskars have been acquired. I am not going to play with that. You touch a little, then you see how full it emerges by itself. Literally go then more more you know anger or any vice greed, attachment. So then the conflict, argument, fight all that begins. That is why it says that have to merge certain things, we have to sacrifice certain things and you also have to forget certain. So sometimes we'll why I, why this one is like that, why I have to change. So sacrifice, so this one also did this forget it and keep merging, keep merging. keep merging. So if we do that use all these methods then you find yourself sanskars you could harmonize with anyone. Because I'm not touching anyone's old sanskars. Because I have nothing to do with that. It's not someone's old sanskars emerging, so my also emerging. That's possible, that's where we have to pay attention. I won't let my those sanskars emerge. Old ones so harmonizing in other words we are creating golden aged sanskars. So we could just play with Shri Krishna. So we have to make efforts right. We have to make efforts to create sanskars like Baba. I think we could do it, of course not impossible but we can if we pay attention we all could do it, feel it and definitely play beautiful raas leela of harmonizing sanskars.

Om Shanti everyone !


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