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Master bestowers of liberation #6

Embodiment_of_Solutions_6 Mohini_Didi September 6, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone well? You’re doing your homework? Baba has love for us and sees our value. Baba wants us to reach the high stage of perfection. Baba wants us to claim high status, become the masters. For that, Baba teaches us to remain busy in self-contemplation, practice going in your eternal form. Also, practice churning knowledge as Baba gave two methods, which we have to do continuously. Baba says, “Children remain merged in my love”. Now which relationship do you think it's easy for you to merge? Is it lover-beloved? Is it child and parents, student and teacher, or server of the master? Baba says that these are the three forms; child so master, student and teacher, and also server. So when I heard that our homework is to remain in love of Baba, then I started thinking in practical life, lokik way also, in whose love you can remain merged, not everyone's love, right? I started thinking, and I thought that Avyakt Murli gave us the answers. Look at ourselves, or maybe all relationships, all merge in different relationships during the day. Like morning with the parents and then students and servers. So remain merged in the love of Baba and also consistent remembrance. Whom do you remember all the time? So tomorrow we will look into which relationship helps me or inspires me or feels the need to be merged in love, and also unbroken remembrance. Is it just soul-Supreme Soul or is it Father and children, which we will check, right? We are becoming master bestowers of liberation, so obstacles come, weaknesses emerge. Baba says to always continue moving forward while remaining lost in the unbroken love of the Father. This unbroken remembrance will finish all your problems. Baba says that this will make you a flying bird and take you into the flying stage.

BapDada now wishes to make all the children free from labouring and free from problems. When you children, who are master bestowers of liberation, become free from all problems, then you will be able to become instruments to give liberation to many souls. If we want someone to be happy, they have to be liberated from sorrow. If someone wants to be peaceful, they have to be liberated from being upset or being disturbed. It's only when there is liberation, then there is liberation in life. That is why Baba talks about mukti and jeevan mukti. First there is mukti, and then of course, when Baba came, renunciation, tapasya, the timetable, everything Baba told us. Some were able to make it very natural, but some found it difficult. Otherwise all this is really meant to make our life very easy and free from problems. The method is to be merged in the love of the Father, unbroken love, unbroken remembrance. That’s what our Dadis had, nothing else in life. It was very visible - God's love, unbroken love and remembrance. We all also have to pay attention and experience ourselves to be free from problems, free from sorrow, liberated. At the Confluence Age, we enjoy life free from all bondages and full of attainments.

Om Shanti

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