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Maryada Purshottam - Words that give comfort #7

Maryada_Purshottam_7 Mohini_Didi September 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is talking about the maryada of words. Generally, when we say words that comfort the heart, they could be of just sympathy or love, but after coming to Baba, listening to knowledge, we are all on a spiritual journey. Even those who are not in knowledge are also on a journey, and on a journey so many things happen. We o not look at what is happening, or what that person is going through, but just with pure love for the soul, we speak the words that empower the soul. I remember that even if you have to say something good, sometimes that person doesn't want to hear it in front of others. I know that many get offended, so the words that can give courage, and increase enthusiasm. Words have a lot to do with our subtle attitude. Baba always said to look at the place, look at the gathering, look at the person and, there are many times that you shouldn't say anything because silence can also work. So for speaking, one has to be very very sensible. I had been seeing that very subtly if I'm holding an impression about someone, even if you don't say it, but it comes across in the words. So just purify your feelings first, and then speak from that pure feeling or bhavna. Yes, humor is very good, to be joyful is very good, but Baba says that this also has a limit. I think each one of you understands what Baba means, but it's a very important maryada.

So, tomorrow you can pay attention and see if your words are respected and accepted or not. Sometimes this feeling also stays, “Even if I say, who listens?” Nobody listens, and we are sitting with that hurt. We all learn that we have, it's not only things they don't accept but why, what's the reason, how can I reform, what I can do? So, we need to speak in self-respect and give respect to everyone. Sometimes some people think, “Oh, they are young ones”, but young ones need more respect, because as respectful as you are in speaking, that much response you will get. Plus, you’re giving sanskars, good sanskars to young ones. If they hear anything that is not right, you don't know what they could start speaking. Today Baba said that we have to think about the unlimited. Anything we do, actually has an impact worldwide. I realized how important the words are because anywhere you speak these days, it goes worldwide. That is why we have to see, be very careful, and give happiness, not cause sorrow to anyone. There are also karmic accounts through words. So, this is a very good maryada for Baba’s children. It’s not only teaching knowledge, but it's living that life. Our thoughts, words, actions everything have to be based on knowledge, love, and yoga. We have to become world masters.

We had been talking about one main maryada, which is about food. I had been mentioning about wealth, the food you buy, the money should be pure money. It should be cooked in the remembrance of Baba, but there is very subtle desire and attachment with the food. I remember Dadi Janki used to say to have respect for Brahma bhojan, because we all had our own taste. Our attitude has an effect on food and then food has an effect on the attitude. So, satvik food doesn't only mean food, but also our attitude connected with food. Whatever good for anyone's body and health, there's no harm to eat that. Yes, eat for what I need, but also one is offering to Baba very regularly, whatever we cook. We offer and then we eat. For me, if I see Brahma bhojan, there are 5-6 items, I just see which I can eat, taste wise, digestion wise, health wise, and I take that. Out of five, at least there will be something that I can eat. Baba always used to feed children very different things and a good variety, but on the other side, Baba also used to say not to be attached. The mind affects the food and the food affects the body and the mind also. Sometimes, it could disturb remembering Baba also. I should eat in such a way that my yoga increases.

So, as much as we can maintain the purity of food, it definitely has an effect on our yoga, on our stage. Then of course, there are certain habits. If someone likes to eat a lot of sweets, someone likes something, there is no harm in eating it, but you have to have a limit. There are many such habits. I think each one of us knows how to keep discipline, everything in moderation. The body will adjust, but the mind also has to be strong. For me, I always have a lot of gratitude for food because nature provides, and we are very fortunate to get enough. Look at the world. There are shortages of food, but now in India, they have big demonstrations because everything is expensive. Whole wheat flour is 40 rupees. So if you are earning a few hundred, how much is one kilo, or two pounds? How many chapatis? If you are a family of three or four, can you make enough chapatis? Some even don't have that much. So, we respect food, we are thankful, and we definitely don't waste it. We cannot waste it because someone can eat, even though I was thinking a lot of unfiltered water. Water consumption is a very big issue worldwide. There might be a lot of shortage to get clean water filtered. So, internally, being thankful for whatever we get, and very good feelings for what goes in the body. As much we respect God, we respect nature also, and of course those who are providing. Those who are cooking, those who are cleaning, we have lots of gratitude for everyone.

Om Shanti


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