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Maryada Purshottam - While looking at the body, see the soul #17

Maryada_Purshottam_17 Mohini_Didi September 17, 2022

Om Shanti!

All of us get busy doing our routine actions or service. Baba keeps reminding us that it's only when there is transformation in us, that world can be transformed. How much does that awareness remain during the day? Then Baba says that sometimes you forget that you have to become angels from Brahmins. Then angels become deities. So, what can we really do amongst ourselves? Is it through words, or by example? At least during the day, we remember that we have to become angels. Baba said that an angel is one who doesn't have any attachment or attraction to the old world, old sanskars, and old body. The whole day actually, that's what we are doing. We live in the old world, there is an old body, old sanskars. Baba says that we become angels and then become deities. Also, the maryada of awareness to look at everyone as a soul. Even if we are looking at bodies, bodies are around, but our awareness for each other should be that I am a soul, an elevated soul, and every soul has a different part to play. I have to observe and play a part together with them. So, if we look at our chart today, what would you say? Did we remember? Very little. It's alright, for tomorrow, we should have this awareness. Baba said when we become perfect, the world will be transformed. It's waiting for us, that transformation.

I am really thinking about how we can do it, we remind ourselves of our homework. That's what the Dadi’s did with each other. I remember Didi Manmohini any time we went in front, she would remind us of some point which we had taken up for practice, maybe in the lokik family also. If two of you are in gyan, 3-4 of you are in gyan, remind each other what Baba said this morning, and the homework. It's very simple, and I think it's most needed. My relationship is with each soul, but not necessarily what part that soul is playing. We get connected very much with the part, and that is why there could be anything, whether we are seeing each other the way we shouldn't, or there is an argument. If everyone is playing their part, their sweetness, softness, calm everything can keep going in a very natural way. This way, we give happiness to each other. There is a spiritual way of giving happiness. If you are spiritually uplifted, and if you are doing practices, you are bringing joy to others, because the whole vibration of the person is of happiness and joy. Baba says, “Don’t give sorrow or take sorrow.” That's different from giving happiness to everyone. We are very attentive not to cause sorrow to anyone, but because of different natures and sanskars, sometimes misunderstandings could cause sorrow. Be very sensible and sensitive to everyone's sanskars, so that there is understanding that gives a lot of joy. When you understand and then you respond, there is a lot of love and respect in that. Love and respect is what brings joy and happiness. I think each one of you with your own nature, could realize, “Am I giving happiness to everyone?” It's proactive, it’s the kind of action that we have to take. Is it through awareness, through words, through actions, one feels belonging, one feels care, one family. So, all that brings happiness to everyone. So, we will go into more discussions on how to give happiness now.

Om Shanti


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