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Maryada Purshottam - Unlimited and Imprishable Vow #6

Maryada_Purshottam_6 Mohini_Didi September 6, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba is saying that we shouldn’t see maryadas or disciplines as bondage, but rather it makes you free from bondages. Whatever directions our Father, Teacher, and Satguru will give, there is always benefit for the soul, upliftment of the soul, liberation of the soul, and for us to remain peaceful and happy. That’s what Baba does for us. Baba has given us the aim and we all have accepted that from purity, we are becoming divine. We are becoming deities, the image of Lakshmi and Narayan, the most elevated ones. From here we go Home, and then we return in the Golden Age, we continue pure life. So that divinity, that purity that we carry from here, and we are sustained. Then as thoughts are important, the same is with food. I know that in social customs, sometimes it becomes a little bit difficult in the beginning. Recently someone was visiting their family and they say, “Now we are so happy, for two days you will cook and we won’t have to cook.” So we cook and they also enjoy; the whole family. So, as much as they come to know, they start appreciating and I think they become very friendly and loving also. That is the experience many souls have been sharing with me. Now, some have a question about onion and garlic, what’s wrong with them? I remember jokingly Dadi used to say “Something when you cut, you cry, so after eating it, how much you will cry?” So, you can use ginger, you can use tomatoes, and whenever we cook and serve food, those who are used to eating onion and garlic even when they eat, they immediately say it is so tasty. I also feel when you make vegetables or something, there should be the original taste of those vegetables, don’t put too much seasoning, too much tomatoes, too much of anything. It is very natural, and it is good to eat something natural.

So, one is vegetarian food, the other is satvik food. Then we also make it holy food, that is when you offer bhog to Baba. You will feel the difference physically, but also the awareness has a lot of influence on what we take in the body. Let’s say there are negative thoughts and you want more oxygen in your body. It won’t happen. So the same is to have pure thoughts and then cook food with remembrance and offer with a lot of love. In Brahma baba’s time, Thursday morning bhog had to be offered. So the transmessenger who has to offer, we were told at night to tell Baba that I am bringing Bhog at 7 o’ clock or whatever time. So, It's Like you are inviting someone, it’s respect, it’s not a question of offering at any time. So we say because we were busy, we couldn’t do it, but what is most important? Offer bhog before or after, make the timing. The same actually should happen even for the body. I was taught by Dadis. They used to say to eat three times. A little portion in the morning, then lunch and dinner. They used to say that in your body, it is good for your metabolism if food is given at particular times, certain hours, and intervals are also important, whatever is according to one’s health and the body. As much bhavna as we have to offer to Baba, you should have the same bhavna and offer to your own body. Not attachment, but bhavna. I am eating from Baba’s bhandara. Baba is feeding me. I am eating Brahma bhojan with a lot of bhavna.

Always connect your attitude and action, or awareness and action, because awareness and attitude are very powerful. Most of your thoughts and words are directed by attitude. I have been thinking about purity of attitude. Anything I am saying from the past, it is not a pure attitude. So, I just reminded myself today again and again, go back to your original stage, then think and speak, and then do. What happens is that subtly whatever karmic accounts are there, they get settled. Plus, you are not reacting. That purity is not there in your action because there is something from the past. Then the other person reacts and the cycle keeps going on. I am reacting and you are reacting. So when will we do elevated actions? It’s very subtle, you really have to check it properly. I say that I know this person this way. So, I am holding that attitude. Baba talks about the purity of attitude, then drishti. Baba has also been talking about purity of awareness. All that is food for the soul, but then again, there is food for the body. Whatever you get from anywhere, offer to Baba, always be thankful to nature. We have a lot of respect for food, both ways, you don’t throw it out, and you don’t cook a lot. You cook in a proper way, just enough. Some keep eating the same food for 2-3 days, that becomes rajsi not satvik. So, all these are very important factors.

First, I always think that I am offering to Baba. This is for Baba. When we came in the beginning, the Dadis used to say, “Oh my child likes this, so I am making this. I am cooking for Baba. Then also while eating, this one likes this very much, and then eat in Baba’s remembrance. That makes it really Brahma bhojan. One of the saints was sharing what he likes, that the most pure food is only available at Brahma Kumaris Centers. He said that he went to Nepal for a conference and couldn’t get food anywhere, then he ate at Brahma Kumaris. Someone said, “Why is the food so tasty?” There is one seasoning that you cannot buy, and that is love for God. We cook with love for Baba. Our food has taste, not because of lemon or salt, of course that should also be done in a proportion, but because of the love of God. So we cook with a lot of love, and we are very clean; our pots, pans, spoons, our sink, our area near the stove, everything should be very clean. I know when I cook, I just keep wiping so that nothing is messy. It should be tidy. So, respect for Baba, respect for your body, respect for nature and food. All that comes from our love and pure feelings, bhavna.

Om Shanti


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