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Maryada Purshottam - True Sita #10

Maryada_Purshottam_10 Mohini_Didi September 10, 2022

Om Shanti!

Today, Baba said that everyone must get inheritance wherever they are. Once they are in remembrance, they must get inheritance. It's only at the Confluence age that we know what it means to get inheritance from God. We know about inheritance from our father, our parents. You get money, you get whatever, but what is the inheritance from God? Of course, His love, peace, knowledge, purity. Also, we get a life of happiness, a good life, pure life, and most importantly, we get power. Baba wants us to remain unshakable and immovable. There will be different scenes of Drama, but we shouldn't allow our mind to be disturbed, fluctuate, get upset, or feel weak. Immovable is more about emotions. Certain situations affect our emotions, but we have to remain stable, immovable and stable. So, that's how Baba is helping us and we are claiming our inheritance from Baba. This was the last day for the Murli revision from last Sunday. Tomorrow there will be another Murli.

We had been talking about spiritual codes of conduct and today, Baba is taking up all these devices that we have, the addiction, or sometimes not choosing the right ones. You are entering into the company which can affect the mind and our spiritual stage. I am at Peace Village now, and they created a room where people can go and do their emails, and some of their official work. There was a time when we had young people here. So one young one, must have been an 8-year-old, would go in the room and sit for a long time. So, one of the sisters thought, “Let me check.” What he was watching was not good for that age. So all these devices we have, but if we don't have that code of conduct in mind, then we can make wrong choices, we can spend hours watching things and they enter into the soul. Baba is giving the example of Sita. Sita was with Rama and they were in exile at that time. There, one of the very important devils changed form into a golden deer. When Sita saw the deer, she said, “Oh, this seems to be a very unique deer.” So, the attraction or temptation was there. She told Rama, “I want this deer.” Rama was not paying attention, but she was insisting that she wanted it. So, Rama said, “Okay”, and he told his brother Lakshman, who was also with them, to stay around and protect her. So, Rama left and because the deer was not there, he kept going farther away, chasing after the deer. So, that was the separation. Then that devil made a sound like the sound of Rama, as if he needed help. When Sita heard that, she was deceived in a way. So, she told Lakshman, “You must go and help your brother.” He said, “No, he's gone, nothing is going to happen to him.” She just kept insisting that he must go. So, he had to go, but before leaving, he drew a circle around her, a boundary and he said, “Don't come out of this.” So, she agreed.

Then, after some time, the same devil, Ravan, changed his form to a saint, sadhu, and came. Sita went to give some food, some grains or something to give. So, she said, “Come and take it.” When he put his foot on the boundary line, he got a jerk, he came out, because it was on fire. So, then he realized that this is the boundary Laxman must have drawn for her protection. So, he said, “Come out and give it to me.” She just put her little foot out and then Ravan kidnapped her and took her away. This is a long story, but the whole idea is to be true, to be in good company. Anyway, she was taken away, kidnapped or abducted. When Baba says the word Sita, it means don't cross the boundary. Then the vices in some way or other will take your mind over. So, this is the story of Sita, but what we are talking about here is the facilities or devices or whatever. You shouldn't become addicted to them in the sense of starting to depend, spending hours on them. Today everyone has access to everything, right? Young ones, older ones, very old ones, but Baba is saying, “No, have some discipline.” We use the word maryada, which means to have some code of conduct: what you will see, how much time you will spend. Otherwise, there is the influence. Many times, I see a wife trying to talk to her husband, but they are too busy. One person came to me and said, “I made a big mistake.” I said, “What is that?” He said, I bought a television and iPhone for my daughter. She's 15, and since then I don't see her. I call her, she comes out for dinner and she runs in, and it's like we don't know her, we are separate.” So, devices can sometimes even break relationships and communication from one room to another.

I find some people amongst our family too, spiritual family, “Oh I wanted to call you, but I am too busy, so I am sending you an e-mail.” That's why we have meetings. Let's get together, let's talk with each other so communication doesn’t break down. So, maryadas or code of conduct, not now only externally, but through devices also. So, you have company now, right, in your pocket, in your purse, you have your company. What you take from that company is very important.

So today, that's the theme, we just see Sita, follow the maryadas and especially today, we don't cross the boundary of your company through devices. So, we will reflect on that tomorrow and see in what way we can be protected. So, I also want to say hello to the Thai family.

Om Shanti


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