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Maryada Purshottam - The world of happiness #18

Maryada_Purshottam_18 Mohini_Didi September 18, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is living in the world of happiness? After belonging to Baba, everything has changed in life. Our thinking and seeing is different. Everything is pure, positive and we remain in the world of happiness. Recently Baba had been saying to ‘give and take happiness, not sorrow’, this means wherever there are little sanskars of having a sensitive nature, any little thing happens or someone says something, you feel sad or bad about it. Change it. Baba is asking us if there is difference between the percentage of faith and victory. I think there should be 100% faith 100% victory but what happens sometimes, if there are certain adverse situations, we fluctuate internally, but if there is 100% faith, you will not fluctuate.

When I came to Brahma Kumaris in late 50s, there were so many people who were against Brahma Kumaris. So it was very difficult to go out to do service. There was a lot of criticism but I don't remember ever feeling sorrow or sadness. There was a natural deep feeling that victory was assured. I didn't feel bad, whatever they said was alright. We also had so much intoxication that we didn't feel the opposition. So there must be that faith, then as we move on on this spiritual journey, sometimes certain things could create upheaval. Remember that the percentage of faith and the percentage of victory is not equal. I know it's a point for reflection, Baba gave many methods of making all the four sides very strong, four types of faith. That means if there is a lack of percentage in faith in the family, then definitely there won't be an experience of 100% victory. So, very beautifully, Baba is helping us to make both equal - 100% faith, 100% victory, and that's very important.

Maryadas are like precautions. When we take precaution about our eating and drinking then we will be healthy, our mind will be strong, our relationships good. What Baba is describing as artificial attraction can pollute our mind, we have subtle desire or attachment then we come out of the world of happiness, any kind of attachment or attraction will cause sorrow. Very subtly, you know that nothing is immortal. Even in a relationship, we know it also could be a karmic account. A very loving relationship could change into conflict that could cause sorrow. So, Baba is saying not to have any influence or attraction. If you do, then instead of a world of happiness, world of joy, you are in the cottage of sorrow. If you keep following all maryadas then even if you are in a cottage, you will feel like you are a prince in a palace. Every step of renunciation you take will give the experience of good fortune. Say, “I can do it.” Don't say, “Oh, I have to do so much, I have to renounce so much.” You will feel fortunate, every step you take if there is some sacrifice, you will feel fortunate.

We remember the intoxication of Dadi Janki when she says ‘I'm a penniless emperor’ not a penniless beggar. Now at the Confluence Age, we are in the world of happiness-joy and Baba wants us to have sanskars of happiness. Sanskars of being sad or upset or of sorrow, they are all changed now. There is constantly the sanskars of joy and happiness and we cultivate those sanskars of happiness because we have to go to the world of happiness. It is a life of a Prince in the world of happiness, knowing that we are going to the world of happiness, the Golden Aged world. We have to take this as homework, reflect, the same with maryadas and principles. Anytime you commit a mistake or do something wrong, then you connect with Baba or a senior and explain or talk, this helps you to stop it. Otherwise that sanskar keeps repeating, changing into sometimes words, sometimes actions. Whether you keep a chart or give your chart, then you will immediately take the power to change. Baba said, “check and change, but remain strong and powerful.” Always understand that these maryadas are there to help us. When we come to Baba, if we understand knowledge, we are in the world of happiness. To always remember that I must follow all the principles, all the maryadas, and be in the world of happiness.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers:

Sister Judy: From this morning’s Murli and I was trying to see if I could remember a time when I experienced victory being equal to faith and the only time that came to mind was well many times but that kind of situation where I'm happy even though I'm experiencing ego crushing, attachment breaking, emotions that are somewhat painful and somehow I'm still happy because I've got gain, because I understand what's going on and I'm happy that ego gets crushed. Is that an example of a victory, is that an example of victory in faith being equal?

Mohini Didi: I think that is a very good accurate example, then whatever is happening externally is one thing but what are your feelings internally is victory.

Sister Judy: Well, even when my feelings internally were a bit you know upset I was still happy.

Mohini Didi :Yeah, I'm thinking of how much opposition there was in the beginning but it didn't bother us because internally the soul was happy. When we belong to Baba we enter the world of happiness. Externally a lot of things happen in our personal life, family, job situation,but there is happiness inside, no fluctuation in the mind. I think there must be times when you feel that you are victorious.

Sister Judy :Do we have a fixed amount of faith or does it develop overtime, because when I think of the beggary period of the yagya or when I experienced personally any hard times, those are the times where it felt like my faith help me. I don't know if it developed or if it was revealed?

Mohini Didi:I think what happens is that in the beginning we have faith or we get faith but then we keep using faith right. If I'm using it then the percentage is increasing,or developing. More faith the greater the power and the more I use the power of faith that means I have to do something. I have to maintain faith by using it, not take it for granted. I have faith anyway, so I bring that awareness, make it, use it as power of faith. Once Brahma Baba asked a group of us how much faith you all have? Baba 100% that's why we are sitting here. Baba said, no,you don't have 100% faith, it's only 70%. We were thinking why he said 70% then we realise that we are not,because when there are adverse situations, orI am sent somewhere to do Baba’s service much faith is needed for this.I think very important that whatever time we have on our spiritual journey, whatever happens and have faith that it is beneficial, whatever directions you get, have faith and do it, there will be victory. So it's like both ways whether adverse or weather opportunities, we have to use the faith and definitely there is victory. If we don't use it, sometimes we don't see it as power and that is where Baba said the mind fluctuates and then we are not able to experience victory or happiness.

Sister Judy: Baba pulled out four aspects of faith and I would assume my faith in self and Baba would be the primary ones that would help me follow the code of conduct but of course we need all four. What's your feeling about the connection between our faith and our ability to follow the code of conduct?

Mohini Didi :It's always important to have faith that these maryadas, precautions protect us, they give us power, they are our boundaries which help us. When there is faith in maryadas then automatically there is self trust that I can do it. So as much as I understand the benefits of maryadas trust grows, then I can do it because many habits we had before coming to knowledge, they start disappearing. When we follow then we get the result and that result creates a lot of self confidence that we should do it, I can do it, it's very very easy and it makes life better and better right.

Sister Judy:I had so much faith in Baba that I just said of course I will follow all maryadas, but I don't even know if I'm following all the maryadas because as we purify our more subtle aspects are revealed then we see oh there's this and oh, there's that because so much of it is touchings and discernment and what do you think about that?

Mohini Didi:I never thought about maryadas of awareness, you know. For example I am an elevated soul and I should see others also as pure souls. So if I do not have that awareness that means I am breaking maryada which is of soul consciousness. The same with not having the right attitude or holding something in my attitude that is not right. Subtle aspects of maryada are now explained in these Avyakt signals. Generally we will look at maryada about food and company and reading Murli or amritvela. This is more connected with subtle aspects like that there should be no attraction, if there is attraction then you will be pulled, you will be separated, you will cross the boundary of the world of happiness. So all these are very subtle maryadas which I think we understood, as much as we understood we were doing it. Whatever we couldn't do, we keep trying and experience the benefits of that right? So immediately it doesn't happen but because we have faith and we want to do it then gradually it does happen and at this time we can say yes, we are following maryadas.

Om Shanti


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