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Maryada Purshottam - Shrimat in thoughts, words and actions #9

Maryada_Purshottam_9 Mohini_Didi September 9th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyday Baba enlightens us. Baba’s Murli, even the few versions which we revise from Sunday’s murli, are very elevated. As our understanding increases and we remember Baba, there is more power. Then we are able to accomplish what Baba wants. Especially in this Murli, Baba said to have a balance of bhavna and being the image of knowledge. Baba revised that full knowledge-knowledge of God, knowledge of drama, knowledge of matter. We always feel Baba will take care, right? Baba is responsible. Baba is giving us knowledge, understanding. I also have to share that responsibility. Especially as Baba said about body, matter, because of your habit or mistakes, if your body is getting sick, then it’s lack of knowledge. I think we accept it. There are many types of subtle habits, sometimes attitude also makes you feel unwell.

We have to look at our food habits. That’s very important. Most of us know that when we eat little, we feel very good. Sometimes we eat a little more, then you don’t feel so well or certain things don't suit your body so you avoid them. You set a good example by keeping the body well. There are certain things which you have genetically inherited. Still be careful. Avoid whatever is not right for the body. There are always a few things you can eat. You can give yourself a choice. Even when we go to Madhuban, there are three types of breakfast. They have a salty breakfast, bread, then they have something separate. Also, be careful with climate change. So many are still getting Covid. Some of the precautions have been wearing masks or social distancing. Recently at one place, 12-15 immediately got it. It just spreads very fast. Even if it’s not that risky these days, it still leaves a lot of effect on the body. What Baba is saying is to be knowledgeable, be sensible.

Secondly, about shrimat. There are many types of opinions, many types of advice. In today’s world, there are opinions about everything. That is why there is a connection of the company of truth. These days, on social media there are so many different kinds of stories, news, political situations, economic situations, and people’s comments. To be aware of what is happening and have enough information is okay. We could become very addicted to looking at different things. Everyone knows that Queen Elizabeth left body, so in London also they sent a beautiful message for them. Awareness, means you should know, but not go a lot into it where intellect gets so much information. As far as the news is concerned, what is shrimat? I remember that Baba used to say “only hear the news which helps you to see which service you can do.” Baba gave an example that the pope was visiting Bombay. Now plan service. How do we meet him, what message we give, what gift do we give? Read the news so that you can think of service, but not stories. If we read and get all the information in our head, purity and the truth gets lost. It has an influence on the mind and intellect, very subtly.

Even about food, there’s so much information. Today something is very good, tomorrow, it’s not good. I always find that the way Baba has planned which still we do in some of the Baba’s centers, we follow that same tradition of Brahmabhojan, where there is some beans, rice, vegetables, yogurt, roti, and salad. In some places not necessarily everyone can cook all that. Whatever little I can take, I just take it. It’s Brahmabhojan, right? I’m just giving an example that has so many opinions and dictates of one’s own mind too.

There is shrimat for our timetable. If I don’t follow it, there will not be enough power to follow all maryadas. There will be a struggle. That means more effort and less success. Baba says follow shrimat, you will be successful. We have examples of Dadis in front of us. First thing is if I have faith, it’s shrimat. Maybe during Brahma Baba’s day, I couldn’t follow many things, but Baba never looked at me as if I’m not the right person or a good candidate. Baba knew I had respect and 100 percent faith. I’m using that power. Now, I can understand that yes, I remain one of Baba’s children who can keep thinking about shrimat. All the maryadas are just shrimat in a way. One shrimat is about the company of truth. Whether it is what I read or what I see. There are some that like to see movies. My eyes, my actions, just being there outside, is not a good example. Many say, “if this one goes, why can’t I?” You lose a lot of marks instead of getting grace marks. Baba said if you are a good example, I will give you 25 percent extra marks. If people look at you, and your karma, lifestyle, social activity, is not according to shrimat, it’s a big burden on the self. There will always be a struggle in effort in some form or other, whether attitude, sleep, happiness, or a lack of feeling successful. All this is because somewhere we are breaking following shrimat. I feel that deep respect and love for Baba is to follow shrimat. Dadis really followed shrimat in a way that today, nobody can point out and say “I can do it because Dadi did it.” How can we become a company of truth for others? If you’re doing something, you cannot tell others, right? You lose the power of saying Baba’s shrimat is this or Baba’s maryada, because if you’re not following, your words will be fake. That’s another burden. I should not do anything through thoughts, words, or actions, which are against shrimat. Then in practical, don’t lose the opportunity which you had been given for doing according to shrimat because someone will do anyway, and I have been given fortune, why don’t I do it? Don’t miss any opportunity and follow accurately. Baba’s eyes will be on you, drishti all the time. It will keep you protected. Your apron will become full with all the blessings. Past is past, but even again we are revising. We can do things according to shrimat which anyone can follow, and they will find that path is very easy, clear, and mind is very light. Follow shrimat and keep the company of truth and balance of bhavna and being knowledgeful. All is today's lesson, and we will pay attention tomorrow, practice, understand more, and take blessings.

Om Shanti.


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