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Maryada Purshottam - Serve altruistically with honest heart #22

Maryada_Purshottam_22 Mohini_Didi September 22, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Of course, Baba did share his love and power, but it's such an interesting avyakt signal. I really like it and I started thinking about reviewing a lot of things in my own personal life too, that if you try to give happiness by breaking your own principle or discipline, then that's not considered to be from the heart. So, serving from the heart and being altruistic becomes a charitable action. So, I was remembering how our success depends on how accurately we follow not only knowledge, but then applying knowledge into practical life. When we follow accurately, there is success, and everyone around us is looking at our success. Then they are also able to appreciate our renunciation. I remember in lokik when they said, “Oh, we try so much not to do this, but you are doing it so easily, and you are young. You can do it, why can’t we?” So, when we do it, we're doing it from the heart, and that definitely inspires everyone. Also, today Baba was speaking about soul conscious relationships. I know there was so much opposition when I came in knowledge, everyone in the society, and so many things were happening, but then one day there was a big change. and everyone kind of started not only melting, but also taking interest in knowledge. Very educated family members said, “It's so successful, how can you do that?” So, I think that both ways, when we follow accurately, there is success, and success is something everyone really likes. I remember that even though I lost my lokik mother, I always looked at her as a soul, and a big change started happening. Whatever she had to do for me she said, “Well, I'm doing it because you have to serve the world.” Why would she think that way? It's only in soul consciousness relationships, as Baba said, this is very important, so that the relationships become without any bondage. Then, there's no attachment, there is a lot of love, a lot of respect. Baba said that it's only when you have a soul conscious relationship, that they are able to experience and feel our love and respect for them.

So, it's very important, and I definitely understand that sometimes we start making compromises. We keep making ourselves weak, and then others can't get anything from us. When they don't get anything, then they don't appreciate us. Otherwise, it should be different. I can say from my own experience how lokiks become alokik. The way they start respecting us, and even though I was the youngest child, they always looked to me for any help or any time they needed anything. Maybe if they felt they needed the power of blessings, they would call. So, I think that today is the day we should look not only happy to offer shraddh bhog, but to take this lesson. I'm sure that I can find not only success, but as Baba said to finish all karmic accounts, then I and mine completely disappear. All souls, Baba’s children, look at them as souls and you feel so happy, because they start changing, and when you see change, you feel happy. Baba also looks at us and definitely appreciates what we do. So, this is our attention for tomorrow, we will look into that.

Om Shanti

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