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Maryada Purshottam - Safe from Attachment or Subservience #11

Maryada_Purshottam_11 Mohini_Didi September 11, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Seeing you after 24 hours but still feels very long right? So will that be called attachment? Avyakti Parivar has attachment? There were a lot of discussions once amongst the Dadis because they really care for each other and regularly, and they will check in. I remember even if I haven't called for a day or two then Dadi says, “Oh, I was thinking of you and then she said, is it attachment?” She said this attachment is very useful. This attachment is necessary. So I said, “What is the difference?” She said that this attachment doesn't interfere in Baba’s remembrance, and this attachment gives strength to each other, the feeling of belonging, feeling that we are one family. Sometimes it's difficult to differentiate between what type of attachment I have. You cannot just isolate yourself. Once Baba asked Dadi Janki, “Do you remember students?” Dadi said, “How can I do that? How can I remember them?” He said, “But when you think of them, they will get sakash, when you think of them then they will have a kind of pull to come to Baba’s home.” So there is a difference between remembering souls or when the thoughts come or necessary thoughts for them. Baba Brahma said, “I think of the children and children also think of me.”

How do I have the intoxication that I am God’s direct creation? Everyone else is indirect. We are Godly children, everyone in the whole world are God’s children as souls, but it is also through Brahma Baba that we are Brahma kumars and kumaris. Yes, the soul is like God, but now in practical life, we are guided by God’s teaching, God’s discipline, even whatever we do, whatever we gave, not only that, but now how many of us have just surrendered to Baba, belong to Baba. I remember when I knew that we are souls and all the children of God then and there was such a big transformation in relationships, and there was a lot of love. Many of us, as young people, we left homes, we left everything. I always find that if there is attachment, there will be sorrow, and your stage will fluctuate. There are so many Baba’s children, they write to us, “My yoga is not good. I'm not able to have good yoga. My intellect stumbles.” What's the cause? Attachment somewhere. We asked Dadis, ``Don't you feel like who will feed you when you get sick?” Like a lot of mothers, the only think, “If I'm sick, where will I go?” So they keep attachment with their children, keep pleasing them. Dadis didn't think like that. So, when there is really truly understanding, then you don't have attachment. Now when you come on the journey, you meet so many people, and people have lots of love, so there is always the possibility to have your mind pulled towards someone. Ultimately you know Baba says chapter 18th of Gita, when your awareness completely becomes free from attachment. So that's one thing we all have to look into.

It's so interesting when you become free from attachment, how much Baba takes care of you. I have had so many beautiful experiences in my spiritual childhood. I first had some body surgery, so one brother came from Madhuban. Those days the train used to take 24 hours. He brought a few oranges and said that Brahma Baba had sent them. He said,”After she's up and starts drinking, first give her this juice of oranges.” Can you imagine from Mount Abu, he brought oranges for me and I immediately had tears in my eyes. Then there was Dadi Gulzar’s mother, she was in Delhi. She came to see me before surgery. She had a little bag in her hand. These days we carry big bags, but she had some money in it. Then she said, “Baba said your surgery will be paid through this money.” So I was looking at Baba. So if I would have thought even I was in my lokik family, they would have done it, but Baba didn't want their money to be spent on my body. Baba wanted Baba’s Yagya money to be spent on my body. I realized that as much you surrender, God takes care of you. Baba didn't want us to eat food from even Baba’s box if the center is new because they're not Brahmins yet who are putting money in. So Baba sent money for the food.

Baba takes care of us at every step but I have to be free from attachment and have 100% faith in Baba. That's one subject, but the value of a person is based on virtue, the beauty of the person is based on virtue, and all the service that happens without speaking is true virtues. In the beginning, I used to travel alone, went to Delhi and we couldn't get our luggage, there was some problem. So, I just saw some chairs around and I went and sat very quietly there. So I think two-three Air India officers, who were also trying to help passengers, came to me and said, “How can you sitting so peacefully?” So, I said, “By making noise, will the luggage come faster?” So virtues and action also do a lot of high level service. So service is not speaking but it's through virtues, because that's like real practical virtues in action are real. Knowledge can be theoretical but everything like knowledge and yoga has to be converted into powers, virtues. That's why they say that knowledge is light, might and virtues. There is a lot of knowledge of electricity, and when there is a blackout you can't do anything. So, virtues are like helping people when they are hopeless. You bring hope, not by saying it, but by your practical example. So, whether you call it principles, Maryadas, the subject, whatever it is, it is about virtues. Lots of things can be accomplished, and beautiful relationships can be created through virtues.

Om Shanti


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