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Maryada Purshottam - Right to order the elements of nature #25

Maryada _Purshottam_25 Mohini_Didi September 25, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is OK? Yes? Everyone is happy? Very good. You know we have Didi Jayanti with us. So, we are all very happy. Baba keeps reminding us of victory, of the kingdom. Maya will come, but you have to be victorious. It's not that Maya won't come, so I can be victorious, right? We have to run the race to win. Maya will come in many different forms. Baba says that you children have to be victorious. One of the ways Baba says to be victorious is to be the Conqueror of nature, of matter. How will you become the conqueror, have victory? I always see that first, you have to have total control on all your organs, sense organs, physical organs. It's not that we follow the direction of what comes through these physical organs. One is basic needs which we all have to fulfill. Then when it comes to anything, whether it is greed or because of attachment or many different traces of vices, we follow them and we start doing what the demand or order comes from. We have to have this authority, you have to have the right to give an order. These days, I noticed that especially with concentration, the pull could be from people and could be from situations, and very strong pull could be through your own body. I notice and I'm really kind of surprised that Didi Jayanti has really disciplined herself in many different ways, which is very inspiring. Whether it is sleep, whether it is food, whether it is the timetable. Doing everything, but still remaining beyond. I'm sure she will share many experiences about that.

I was also kind of inspired because as much as one is able to have disciplines, whether you call them marayada or disciplines, the power increases. That power gives you that authority, and that authority becomes unlimited. It's not only on the body, but it is also on all the elements. So, there will be a lot of sharing of experiences on how that happens. Whenever we talk about our experiences, our understanding about a particular maryada, we are not taking maryadas because of the time. Generally, we take one maryada for 2-3 days, but because we had been having many programs we only take the signal, but not the particular maryada. We talked about maryada on food, and maryada about my own awareness which I really love, also. So maryadas are not only external, but there is maryada related to my attitude. I have this boundary that my attitude shouldn't cross that boundary of maryadas. There is even a maryada in our thoughts. So, once these subtle internal maryadas are followed, then, automatically all externally other maryadas can also be followed. That means, I belong to one Baba.

We heard this morning that I am breaking the maryada if my intellect has an attachment or dependency, or is pulled by any other human being, or any other material device. Really think. I remember that once we had this thought to look at ourselves, how many times our attention goes to look at e-mail, to look at the message, to look at something else, right? How many times do you pick up our iphone? Do we remember Baba so many times during the day? Am I pulled towards Baba that much? You immediately will know what pulls you in so many different directions. I belong to one Baba. Baba is mine. So, actually how many times should our thoughts be pulled towards Baba, in remembrance of Baba? So, this way our power keeps increasing and then we are able to take cooperation, able to give direction, for protection, whatever we need, the nature to act, that will definitely happen. So, take this homework, think about it, and a lot of points will emerge, and experiences will come.

Om Shanti

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