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Maryada Purshottam - Master Almighty Authority #5

Maryada_Purshottam_5 Mohini Didi September 5, 2022

Om Shanti! Baba’s Lovely children, Om Shanti!

I'm sure everyone is listening with a lot of courage and faith. The times are different. When Brahma Baba gave us sustenance, the way we were taught about Maryadas and principles, the numbers grew. There was sustenance through Avyakt BapDada and now we just listen to Murli. Some of you might feel that’s extreme, but you always have to keep the aim of extreme. Keep the aim of following a hundred percent and then you can see if there’s difficulty, if you lack determination or other reasons, then you try your best.

Food is very important in Brahmin life. Food is important for the body, but pure food is important for Brahmins. When I start thinking of my early days, immediately I remember the source of income has to be sattvic. Not by selling tamopradhan or even rajo things. The source of income should be very pure. Many questions could arise about profit and business. We definitely will say that livelihood is very important, everyone needs that. Some say if I sell this, I can profit more. Baba's children live simple, eat simple and royal. I remember that I went to open a center somewhere in India and Baba sent money for food for 6 months because anyone who comes takes 6 months to become Baba’s child. There was always Baba’s box from the very beginning. Those who came would put in so we are able to pay rent, electricity bill or travel expenses, but not for food. Baba would give money or send money, “Child, buy the food from this money.” I love the idea that we are eating what Baba is giving us.

Dadi Janki was very particular in England, whatever people have to bring, it should be with bhavna, with love. It’s not that they had to bring or we’d ask. Dadi said if somebody is bringing milk, let the soul bring because bhavna is in that. I want Yagya to contribute to that. Today Baba said there should be love in bhavna also. There is a little bit of bargaining which goes on between God and children. In the beginning the devotees would say, “if that thing gets done, I will offer bhog.” Thanking Baba when you receive something is different. What is needed for pure wealth is not only a pure source of income but the consciousness of it not being your own money. I am trustee of all this, this is Baba’s. Everything belongs to Baba because I belong to Baba. Baba says no, you have to take care of your household, but always be aware that you are a trustee. You can’t use it for wrong things or out of attachment and greed.

I remember that when double foreigner groups would go to Madhuban, everyone knew they had to give a contribution. They say, “OK before we leave, we will give.” Then they would go into the village and see so many beautiful, reasonably priced things and spend all their money. Then they wouldn’t have much to put in Baba’s box. We now have the principle first you give to Baba and then create a budget and use it to shop. I always say as soon as you get pure income you have to put it in Baba's box at the beginning of the month. We should always remember that Baba is the One who is Bestower but I have to sow the seed. Sri Krishna had to eat the rice from Sudama so that he could give. It's not that God wants from us but unless we give, how will we get the return? It’s karma which even God cannot avoid. Sow seeds with love whatever you do.

I know there was a time even at our homes, they made jewelry for idols in the temple because from where does our fortune come? I have to share the fortune first, then it will multiply. It's not that I'm looking for that, but karmas are there and that is also with God. One is with each other, one is with God. So the source of income should be pure, our intentions, attitude, there should be a lot of love in whatever we do, especially when we buy food for Baba’s home or fruits for bhog. They should be fresh and good quality. Majority of souls, because they haven't done bhakti, don't know what bhavna is. They take anything and they bring it and it's not something we can really offer to Baba, but we know that that soul doesn't know much. Make sure that whatever food is cooked, which goes in your body and has an influence on the mind, should be pure, sattvic. The first step is pure money. You can have very little, but just have sweet rice for bhog. It should be very clean, it's very important, quality and everything should be clean.

The first step is sattvic food and then the Maryada Purshottam is, when I have all the powers, then I follow Maryadas in attitude, drishti, pure drishti. Look at everyone’s qualities and specialties, that's called ‘drishti of Maryada’. I remember during Brahma Baba’s time there were some who used to complain and I always said I don't want through my mouth to say things about any soul. Why should I? If it was really necessary, then just say a few words. If you go and say it again and again, Baba says it has become your habit now. So Maryadas in our attitude, in our awareness, in our words, our drishti and that soul is called master almighty. It's only when we have powers to tolerate, to adjust, to understand that we are able to follow Maryadas. It's not difficult to be Maryada Purshottam but we want to explain to you very clearly, how in the beginning we learned and that became the foundation of life and if the foundation is strong then you are unshakable, immovable.

Om Shanti

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