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Maryada Purshottam - Make Yourself Clear to the Father #19

Maryada_Purushottam_19 Mohini_Didi September 19, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is making everything very easy for us. Baba doesn’t want us to fall or find anything difficult. One of the important things Baba is explaining to us is to know yourself as you are and make it clear to Baba also. Today Baba is talking about why there is difference between faith and victory which is a very good point. Baba is saying to have faith in Baba and faith in the self. Many times we say, I have faith in Baba, but I don’t trust myself. Yes, for that definitely you need to have faith. Baba is saying, child you are Swadarshanchakradhari. Baba is saying child, you were deities and now you have to become that again. I am Almighty, you are master almighty. Anything Baba is saying, I have to create trust based on that. Remind yourself, repeat in your mind, ‘Baba has told me this’. If I have faith in Baba then I have to have faith in Shrimat and what Baba says to me. Not just Baba, even Dadi’s, when they say you can do it, then I have to have trust. When I do, my self trust keeps increasing. It’s very important to have self trust, otherwise in our lives how will we be successful or victorious?

One of the most important things is we are one big family. Wherever we go, there is a small or big family of BK’s, so you get your Brahma bhojan, you are taken care of. I used to travel with Dadi Prakashmani and those days we used to leave by train in Delhi, the first stop that came was Jaipur. We would get on the train in the night time and early morning, reach Jaipur. A big group of brothers and sisters would come and have thermos full of hot tea. We would take those thermos, give them the thermos we brought, then Ajmer comes. Wherever the train stops, family will come, so we got breakfast, then we got lunch. It was amazing. Even when physically somebody is not well, the Brahmin family makes sure that you get food, you get visited. Everyone says I am sending good wishes.

Self trust, self faith is very important and an understanding that time is valuable. Baba said if you have all these four of the same level, the foundation will be strong and you will not be shaken. You will be very stable. We also live in this unlimited family, big Yagya and our duty is to see that the atmosphere in Yagya, the image of our Yagya is always of glory, is always of good image. Not one of us should do anything which is not of maryada. There are some people who smoked in the beginning, before coming to gyan and suddenly because of some tension, they have the pull, again they start smoking. If someone comes to know, what will be the image? It’s an organization, Baba’s family so we have to be very attentive, very careful not to break any maryada.

I liked when Baba was saying to have maryada even in your smrithi in your awareness. What you remember and what you think comes in the mind from the past. Any kind of sounds or images from the past could emerge, so we need a very good practice. Today I was thinking about good practice of contemplation, manan chintan. When you do manan chintan then you find that you are able to forget, otherwise thoughts or images keep coming in the mind from the past. I thought I had very good practice of contemplation, very good practice of remembering Baba. If it’s not good practice we won’t be able to have power. Good practice is important.

I should be the one who is a good example, not create any disturbance in the Yagya of any kind, such as subtle anger, greed, attachment… We all are one, we are all family, we all are friends. To be Maryada Purushottam of course, we have to follow all maryadas but also to maintain love and peace and unity in the family. That's a very important dharana for each one of us. Even gossipping, complaining, some always have something or other to talk about, that is not good. Every soul is different, everyone has their part to play, why do I have to compare, criticize? Be free from all these small habits. Make yourself clear in front of Baba and be very careful, very attentive to not break any maryada which could cause disturbance, otherwise we will not be called Maryada Purushottam.

Om shanti

QA Session

Sr. Shireen: Good evening Didi. Om shanti. I have noticed many people have problems with self trust. If you were to give us meditation commentary, maybe two awarenesses, where and how do we start with self trust?

Didi: Just simply bring your eternal qualities, I am a pure soul, I am a loveful soul, I am a peaceful soul and I originally started to play my part as a deity. I am from the clan of gods and goddesses. At present I am an instrument of Baba, Baba is Karankaravanhar and He uses me, gives me power to get the task accomplished, the task of establishment of the new world, transformation of the old world to new world. Have the thoughts of what Baba says to you, even if Baba is saying to everyone, but it’s to me. I always say, Baba trusts me, why can’t I trust myself?

Sr. Shireen: It’s interesting. We have to take whatever Baba is saying personally, but when someone is doing something, then we don’t take it personally. Let’s say, someone gossipped about me or said something not very good, then there is a tendency to repeat that, to get them back. Do not take that personally but to take everything Baba is saying personally, right?

Didi: Whatever anyone is saying, just check. If I don't have what the other person is saying, that person is saying it because of their sanskar and not necessarily it’s in me. Some people have sanskars of gossipping or looking at the weaknesses of others. I shouldn't take it personally, I always say it's alright, I have to trust, I have to be honest with myself and not believe in what others are saying. If I need improvement, if I need correction I can do that, but not to keep thinking about what is being said by any other person for myself.

Sr.Shireen: Right! Didi when you were talking about the train ride, how interesting. I am sure it made it all worthwhile going in trains in India, every station you met family and you got something. Now the family is very big. When you went and they came with thermos of tea, it was a different time and now it's a different time. How do we have faith in the family at this time, when the family is so big?

Didi: This is when Dadi’’s or seniors travel, but generally everyone brings their own food. It’s interesting if you fill boiled milk and water in thermos, it stays warm from morning, then you put your tea bag in and you can make your own tea. Everything can be done, we brought some warm milk in a container, we put yogurt in the morning and the yogurt is ready. Now it takes only 14 hours from Delhi to Abu road, at that time it was 24 hours. 24 hours is a lot. They put up a stall and made tea and some snacks, or something. Presently I don't know the last time I was in Ahmedabad. They keep saying it’s train time, we have to take tea and nastha (breakfast). I think they still try to do something.

Sr. Shireen: Yes, I was just giving that as an example, but what happens in a big Yagya? There are a lot of people. We are all coming from Kalyug so there are a lot of Kaliyug sanskar still remaining. You see that and because it's a bigger family you see a lot of bigger situations, different situations. How do you have faith in the family now?

Didi: Even if it’s a big family, let’s say in India there are 22 states, there are zones and subzones, small zones so it’s kind of staying connected, trying to help each other, know each other. It’s big but the way it’s organized, I think there are smaller units and that’s what we are also trying to do here. Make it a small group, so that they can connect more, share more. I think both ways, spiritually and for the functioning of the organization. I think it's a very good way they are organized there. I think I am very comfortable with the way they are functioning as a big family. It’s a family, but also an organization, there is a lot of love and care for each other. Few instances here and there but the majority is doing very well.

Sr. Shireen: So you are saying, we just look at things that are going well, think of all the things that we are getting support for . For example, we are getting so much support from Avyakti Parivar, just think about that and not about all the things that’s possibly going wrong.

Didi: I won’t say even 2%, there are very few situations in some places that could be the difference of sanskar or comparison of the size of the centers. Mostly, anyone who goes to Shantivan or anywhere, they say it’s like heaven there, they say it's the land of fairies. They are so surprised. For the whole month they had conferences, food was cooked, served..people are tireless, the place is clean. I think it’s as Dadi Prakashmani said, 98% or more is going very very well.

Sr.Shireen: Have faith in the family, don’t focus on the two. If you focus on the 2, then the faith goes.

Didi: If we only talk about that which is not going well, then we don't see how everything else is going well.

Sr.Shireen: You are right Didi. The way they do everything in Shantivan is so amazing and they are tireless. They keep doing this, year after year, month after month, day after day, they keep doing this.

You were talking about maryadas in our smriti in our awareness, so right now, what would it be ? Give us two smritis or awarenesses which are based on maryadas.

Didi: Let’s say, a few years ago, someone did something or said something to me and at that time I tolerated or I forgave, but suddenly it appeared in my awareness. Suddenly, I ask why that person said it. Somewhere it’s emerging again in the awareness. That could be one thing, or a sudden situation happens. It could also be you were walking and suddenly you fell and hurt yourself and now everything is over and pain is not there. I am thinking about how I fell and it was so painful. Why should these kinds of awareness emerge, of sorrow, being deceived, of criticism, lack of success or victory. All these appear in our awareness and that makes our awareness very confused and weak. We have to be very careful not to allow all these different kinds of awareness to emerge. It could also be if you had got upset with someone, of anger or you did something wrong because of greed, your own actions could emerge in the awareness and that could shake your stage.

Sr. Shireen: Right! One of the things I am noticing about when you are talking about stage shaking is if you are doing too much and are not spending time with, let’s say, the discipline of having evening meditation. Also, I have noticed that if you are tired and if you are doing too much, it seems to affect you more. If someone is doing something and normally it wouldn't bother you, but if you are tired, if you are doing too much then it starts to bother you. What would our maryada be at that time?

Didi: That could also be the reason, but we have to balance our life, we have to. Where we are using our time, how much we are doing. You can push yourself for a while and then you get exhausted. So balance between even when you have good planning intellect, you keep planning, but what about silence, plain intellect? I think if during the day, pay attention and keep balancing, then there is very little possibility of going out of control.

So that would be an awareness, you think? Maryada awareness, balance of silence and planning or of plain and planning. Okay Didi, thank you very much.

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