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Maryada Purshottam - Law-Makers #8

Maryada_Purshottam_8 Mohini_Didi September 8, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba says that everyone is very fortunate. So, are you all very happy? It’s so interesting when Baba said that Baba does not come in a VIP body. When we say that Shiv Baba comes in the body of Brahma Baba, the question arises, “Why not a scholar, why not a VIP?” Baba said, “I come in an ordinary form. My children are also ordinary at this time, and they will recognize Me.” It’s so interesting how we recognized Baba. Some of you have seen Shiv Baba in Sakaar Baba, and then you have seen Avaykt Bapdada in Dadi Gulzar. Now everything is so subtle. Today, I was watching Madhuban news. There are so many surrender ceremonies, so many kanyas, so many surrendering, giving their life to Baba’s seva. So, I wonder how they recognized Baba. So, He is our Father, recognition is not when we see, it’s just that soul gets connected. Each one of you can think of how you recognized Baba. Even when Baba came in Sakaar Baba, not everyone was able to recognize. I saw and I just got so connected. Not only that but the purity, it felt as if Baba forgives everything and just says, “Okay, start a new journey now, I am a pure and peaceful soul.” Can you imagine that we all were so impure, and God comes and says that you are a pure and peaceful soul? He always says that you became impure and now you have to become pure. So, we start relating also to what Baba has to say for us. Why is there so much seeking for peace, love, happiness? That’s what we were eternally, originally and then we descended. Now we are ascending. What we lost, we are reclaiming it again. If that understanding and realization comes, then our journey will be very natural and simple. When Baba comes, He has to make us pure, worthy, worthy of worship deities. Whatever you children follow as rules, disciplines or principles or maryadas, you are very royal, you are in a divine family.

So, everything we do is according to social conduct. You must have seen that in royal families, they have to be in a particular way, what they wear, the way they talk and their relationships. So, our maryadas are actually like princes and princesses. They have to study in a particular college, they have royal colleges where they teach them how to behave, how to interact, how to talk, walk, everything. So, our maryadas include everything. How we respect not only Dadis but each other. So, our actions or maryadas of the Confluence Age become like universal laws. Then understand that there are certain universal principles too. So, connecting with our personal principles, Baba used to say that even when you are sitting in Murli, your bodies should not touch each other. Baba said that the body is still from elements that are not satopradhan. When there are satopradhan elements, then there are different bodies. So, even some of the disciplines people try to understand, it takes some time. As much as you become soul conscious, and you have the aim to become divine, pure, you yourself will feel how to interact in the stage of soul consciousness. Our words are pure words, divine words, words of blessings. So, you will find that you are able to follow maryadas naturally, not forcefully. Everything in a very natural way, and you feel very good and very decent too. It is the same with our clothing or dress, our costume. It's okay for those who go to work. They have to wear colored clothes, and they should wear colored, but not black and violet. Before we used to wear such dark colors. Now we wear it, but it is very light. Also, the body should be covered. I feel so happy that I respect my body. When I respect my body, then others will also see it with respect. If your body is in any way exposed, the body conscious eyes go towards the body, then towards the vices. So, everyone’s drishti on you should be in such a way, as Baba said in today’s Bhog message, of purity. Purity of soul consciousness, purity of remembrance of Baba, complete purity. When you have that thought, then automatically you like to follow the maryadas. Baba said that these maryadas are like creating the laws. Always do everything in a way that inspires others. When you inspire others, then you are an example. Baba said that you get 50% extra marks. Whatever we do, our speaking, our walking, our talking, everything should be done with maryadas. Yesterday, Baba said that even with laughing, you can be jovial and joking, but not very lokik.

So, maryada purushottam means following these principles with a lot of love. Anything we do from the heart, with love, you get more reward for that. If you do it only intellectually or forcefully, you won’t get much. Baba also keeps mentioning today that real purity is through remembrance. We will not be able to remember if there are any rajo or tamo traces. You will try, but it won’t be natural. So, it's purity that helps me to remember and it's through remembrance that I become pure. They are very interconnected. So, keeping our mind clean and clear, very pure, unadulterated, that becomes our lifestyle in a very natural way. Food has an effect on the mind and the mind has an effect on the body, very subtle vibrations. That is why we cook in Baba’s remembrance and eat in Baba’s remembrance. The soul is feeding the body, and we are becoming satopradhan. So, while eating, do not have attention on the food but in remembrance of Baba. That’s why we eat in silence. A lot of people say, “Let’s have a meeting while eating. I say no. Eat first and then have a meeting. So, we are in silence, in remembrance of Baba, and thankful to those who have been cooking, providing, bringing, and keeping food. So many are involved. From my heart I always thank anyone who is involved in providing me with whatever I am eating. So,with love, being in gratitude to nature, to people, and of course to Baba who is sustaining us. As much as there is purity, your power to sustain and generate will increase. I forgot to tell that this is what Baba said. Purity will sustain and generate also, create. So, that kind of purity is important.

Om Shanti

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