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Maryada Purshottam - God's Family #26

Maryada_Purushottam_26 Mohini_Didi September 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We call ourselves as Avyakti Parivar, but actually it's God's family. It's an unlimited, world family. Today Baba said, our occupation or our task is to bring benefit and transformation of the world, from the World of Sorrow to the World of Happiness. Baba says that He has given us that task we can perform, but we need to pay attention to self-transformation. We cannot just say this is my nature, what can I do? I didn't really want to, but it happened. As much as there is self-transformation we are able to transform nature and atmosphere. All the transformations really happen from self-transformation. Transformation definitely begins from thoughts, because anything we do or speak, first there is the thought.

In God's family, Maryadas are more like my personal conduct. In that there are certain principles and disciplines. I remember I was brought up in an extended family. In those days we were told everyone had to be at home before 9:30. It was a good discipline so that everyone was in bed before 10:00. Then in the morning we woke up early before sunrise, chanted the rosary, and read one chapter of Gita. In family there are always some social and moral conducts like maryadas. Some ask what is maryada? Maryada is mostly within the family. There are certain rules and regulations that are a bit hard but this is the honor of God’s family. We have certain values when we go to Madhuban, what we eat there, attend morning class properly and Amrit Vela. From morning until night there is a timetable. Remember that we are God's family and Baba told us today about our occupation and to prepare ourselves. In one of the Murli’s, Baba said of double foreigners, that in the beginning there was so much enthusiasm to go to Madhuban. In some countries people couldn't afford the tickets. Baba said you all come here and then the whole year you start saving some money for your next trip to Madhuban because we know it is our parents home, it's our grandparents home. Brahma Baba used to prepare so much to welcome us and said, “You have come from the kingdom of Ravan on vacation to your parents home.” It was that love of Baba that used to pull us to go and meet Him. Some say that now Baba doesn't come. Baba is there, Baba is there. First Baba came in Sakar Brahma Baba, then Avyakt BapDada through Dadi Gulzar and then until now even those who are not Baba's children when they come they feel the presence of God. You feel all over how his task is going on.

In the month of September, in Shantivan, every five days there was another big program, another big conference. Amazingly the food is cooked, everyone is served, rooms are clean, all that happens. I think nowhere in the world it happens the way it's happening in this big family. It’s God’s home, so it's really something.

We are putting it as one of the Maryada to go to Madhuban because it's very important to go to Madhuban. Once in a year we go there, two weeks are given to us and a proper program is planned for that. Even now they have sent us the program for October, they have sent the YouTube link so you can attend all the classes but it doesn't mean if we can do it online we won't go. Especially this time we have been given a quota to stay in Pandav Bhavan. It's a place of tapasya, transformation and also there’s a big change when we come back, because what we have imbibed there, the vibrations of simplicity, of renunciation, of being together in a big gathering, to be in unlimited family and most important is meeting the family members from all over the world. We can see each other online but it's different when we meet personally, because the presence is important. In Madhuban, the land of tapasya, it’s our parents' home, our pilgrimage place. Some of the transformation happens there also so that is why we have kept one of the maryadas going to Madhuban.

I know some ask how to prepare for Madhuban. There are certain things like proper Amrit Vela. If you don't do it here, there you will feel the pull of feeling lazy not to do it, because of not having that habit. Whatever Maryadas you follow here, when you go to Madhuban you take more benefit, because it's very natural for you. If we don't follow, then we have to do it or you won't have many experiences or power. Think of God's family. Baba used the word in Hindi parivar and the last part of “var” means attack. That means when you are in a big family together then you are not attacked by maya in the form of crossing the boundary, crossing the Maryada line. Many different ways you are protected when you are in a big family, you are not influenced by anyone, it's just the family. We do appreciate our unlimited God's family.

Om Shanti

QA Session

Question: I was able to watch the beautiful Florida Retreat this weekend. What a wonderful family gathering it was, with Jayanti Behn and yourself. The celebratory vibration was wonderful. We were here in Halifax having a hurricane and oddly enough it was the very day of our Peace Halifax, big annual festival and the hurricane came on that very day. We postponed it, but had the whole family here, so instead we had a bhatti all day. We had a very powerful time, it was remarkable. We were the only house in the whole neighborhood that had light. It's a three-story building so it looked like a lighthouse sitting on the corner of this street. It was amazing and nothing happened to the house. But at the end of it, I mean we have such a wonderful family here and we are all very studious and dedicated, but at the end of it one of the sisters said, “I feel like I just had two weeks of Madhuban.” I thought I did too. I feel so sustained, nourished, enriched and so much love of the family. You know, as you're describing, the being in the family and it made me think okay so what's the connection between Madhuban and us in centers, especially in these end times. Where is the magic in that of it feeling like Madhuban being here for that time, very intensive time together. What's your feeling about that?

Didi: Yeah! Baba had said that every place should be like a mini Madhuban. One time Dadi Prakashmani told us that when you come to Madhuban, you are very carefree, because when you are free from worries. Your thoughts are not with the day-to-day routine. Even just for a day not to be doing what one generally would do at home. Even though everyone did little karma yoga, it's not like, “Oh I have to do this or that so intellect is free and then power of yoga, love of the family and cooking food also. I think all that creates the experience of Madhuban. That doesn't mean we won’t need to go to Madhuban. Yeah! I agree with what you are saying, because in Peace Village, especially last morning was amazing. The joy, the happiness and you know it was very good. Also Baba’s message, yoga, everything was really very powerful and words which were coming out of everyone's mouth was, “Oh! I feel like I am in Madhuban.” Madhuban we could create, but still practically, Madhuban is Madhuban. So, yes what you say definitely could be the true experience and you are fortunate that light was there and you were able to enjoy the day together in the family.

Question: Very powerful and it certainly doesn't make me say I'm going to stay here and not go to Madhuban. I was feeling more that all those years of being in Madhuban had planted such a deep seed. We know what that feels like, that Magical Kingdom of Madhuban and that it was a gift to feel it here, together. We've been so many times, because we've had that experience. Now, I hear some Brahmins they're not so interested to go anymore. Some it's because of the age of the body and difficulty traveling, but I wonder what you make of this. Some during the Covid period have just been waiting to get back to Madhuban. I can hardly wait. Some, the first plane they're gone and then others have said they don't feel a pull. I love Madhuban, of course I want to be there, but I don't feel I have to run there. What, how do you understand the difference in that? What's that about for people?

Didi: During Covid time most of the people, especially the older ones or those whose body was not well, stayed home. Some haven't gone out of their home except for groceries or something. I also say that, if your body is not well and with age, it’s better not to go, especially at this time. I think that sometimes it's lack of enthusiasm, more than because of the travel arrangements. It’s more and more difficult now, but if we create a good group of people and say we all go together as a group, then there could be more enthusiasm. We have been recommending people not to travel alone these days. At least three, four should go together so you can take care of each other. If there is any emergency you all are together. I think that way it could be more practical. The situations have changed and also with the body and so, form a group and then go together. I think that will help a lot and it will make it very easy and entertaining together, eating, going somewhere. That's what I would suggest.

Question: Yeah, I think that's a very nice way to combine. It's not like I'm going to Madhuban just for family. I'm actually in the family and going to Madhuban. Instead of being a solo traveler, yes, that's a very nice idea for right now. It feels safe and proper, accurate for the times, doesn't it? One more question, what do you feel should be our foremost intention now while we're spending time in Madhuban, especially for those who didn't meet BapDada in person there. Still so much significance to be there, but what would be our foremost intention being in Madhuban now?

Didi: They say that, Madhuban is like the mirror in the sense of one is able to see. When I'm able to check and see what my stage is in the sense of I want to catch Avyakt signals from Baba for my efforts. You exactly come to know what more I have to do, with more effort. I think that if you have spent a day together and then you are there for two weeks, just imagine, one day's experience together and doing bhatti, two weeks of that, I think it makes a lot of difference. Sometimes when we are in Madhuban,we don't even understand the importance, but when we return, we see very subtle changes in us. I think basically it’s staying connected, because that's our home. As I said parents home or grandparents home, so it feels like going home. Of course going home is in Paramdham also but only souls will go. Here we're going home and I think that definitely there are a lot of benefits of going to Madhuban. So yeah, one should plan.

Question: So we'll get our calendars out and start planning now. Yes I think that's very wise. Thank you! It is a place for report cards. I feel like every year when I go, I see my progress and so I'm actually quite excited to see after three years what will it be like to be in Madhuban. To see what has changed in the self, because Madhuban is not that it stays the same but it's always the best and the highest. Then when you get there you can see for yourself how much you've changed in the last three years. It’s been a long time since many of us have been there.

Didi: Yeah, even there are certain physical difficulties or it's less facilities and comfort compared to here you know. People from Asia, Africa find it very comfortable but when we go from the west, because we had so much, heating, cooling or whatever, some find it a little bit… but also in that renunciation of facilities could also be very helpful for the soul. Towards the end there will be minimum facilities. I was sharing how I first went in 1958. It was so basic, living conditions, very basics. There was so much intoxication that I've never missed my modern bathroom and this kind of bedroom. It's a different kind of energy, different kind of power which you experience there. So yes there is a pull, but don't be lazy. Don't be like, “Oh I will have to sacrifice something”. Baba gives you much much more return of whatever you renounce and sacrifice, right?

Question: Absolutely. It's absolutely magical, there's no describing it beyond that. Would you share a favorite moment in Madhuban, because you're very often there in meetings and on service. There must be many favorite moments, beautiful moments, would you share one beautiful moment with us?

Didi: I immediately remember Brahma Baba, how he used to prepare to welcome us and every room will be clean, with the kind of food we like. This going back to your parents home, going back to your grandparents home, really that that's what it was. Then get ready, shower and then go in front of Baba and meet Baba and Mama. Some might say that Baba is not there, but until now when we go into Baba's room you do feel Baba looking at you, talking to you. Baba is communicating with you. Basically it's a whole one second, just all the time. “Oh! my grandparents' home, I'm going to my parents' home”. This is not only the thought, but when I go there, I feel that and when I am leaving, it's very difficult. When we are about to come you really feel, “Oh! when I am going to come back? I’d rather just stay here and be part of the family. That feeling also I have when it's the time to leave. I tell all of them, “You are lucky you just stay here, you don't have to travel”. So Baba says, maybe in the end we all will be there together in Madhuban. Unless you want to be all alone wherever you are.

Question: No let's be there together, that would be much more fun. Even just listening to you speak I can feel being there and those first moments when you walk in the gates and you find the magic, absolutely magic. So yes, the invitation to all of us is there. I feel it Didi. See you there.

Didi: Yes..

Om shanti


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