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Maryada Purshottam - Free from hard work #16

Maryada_Purshottam_16 Mohini_Didi September 16, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone happy? Baba is saying, “What do you have that you can give?” If I am successful, I can help others to be successful. It’s not that I help others to be successful and I am not. Some of you have been asking, “What is a plain intellect?” Today Baba is explaining that there are two important qualities, three. One is just to always have the feeling that I am an instrument, nimit, and there should be humility. Then, you are able to construct or do or establish nimit, nirman, and nirman. So that means very subtly, there is a feeling of “I.” Last time it was very good because “I” gave ideas. They were my plans because “I” proposed this. You know very subtly, when “I” comes in, it’s not a plain intellect. So we just check that, and also secondly, then subtly ego comes. When “I” comes then ego comes, then Baba says you will not be successful or constructive or creative, whatever we call it, in your service plans. So, to be successful and help others to be successful. Baba likes his children to be very natural and consistent in efforts. We saw this in Brahma Baba, then we saw the Dadis. It’s like when you don’t have to make efforts for breathing, that means you have normal health, right? Sometimes you are out of breath and you really have to struggle to breathe. So that’s what Baba means by, that if you are following maryadas, you don’t have to work hard. It’s like you’re, as Baba said, sitting with the souls. Baba said that tamopradhan is still very lost in body-consciousness. The vibrations and atmosphere are very tamoguni. If you have your maryadas in your awareness, first I won’t allow my thoughts to cross the boundary. Ego could come, subtle anger can come, attachment, greed. It is the same with words. If I have maryadas, my words are of maryada. Whatever anyone is speaking, I think that you will be protected. You’re not going to break the maryadas.

I remember once we were sitting in Peace park, and Dadi Prakashmani and some other seniors were there. Someone was saying some things toward the others. Dadi was listening, but I noticed that she was neutral. Both things, one thing was she was not influenced. Secondly, she also didn’t acknowledge what was spoken or not. Sometimes it happens, someone is speaking about something, a situation, and we say a few words like “Yes, I also felt that.” Dadi wouldn’t say that, and that scene is still in front of me. That means you are so detached, an observer, and you have maryada of words. That you’re not listening, nor you are speaking, you are not participating in anything. Even listening is an action, right? Of course speaking is action. So, a plain intellect and then with planning, Baba said that we fit the balance between yoga and service. I think that’s the biggest thing, or needs a lot of attention. When we are in action, our intellect is really in action, but there are certain actions that are routine. They don’t need lots of concentration. You can be in remembrance of Baba. Even with some very simple actions, our intellect is really into the task. So I think we should pay attention tomorrow, and keep the aim to follow all maryadas, under all circumstances, and also to have balance between yoga and service.

Now it’s a very important subject but could be a big one; how to give happiness. If you remain happy, if you remain light, cheerful, there is happiness. Deeply within, helping souls, whether to recover self-respect, whatever the soul has lost, help that soul to reclaim it. It could be a connection with Baba, and helping the soul to also let go of whatever happened. Happiness is also when others feel light by speaking. I find that if you allow the soul to speak whatever they have in their heart, and express their feelings, they become light. You have to be careful that you don’t take it on, you just listen, because they have so many thoughts. So, happiness could be even in an external way. To help, to provide for each other, whatever the needs. So, that internal care because if everyone helps each other, cares for each other, cooperates with each other, it will have the atmosphere of happiness. Everyone will be light and everything gets done. You all must’ve experienced this in your families at home also. When there is cooperation, when there is love, when there is care, sharing, then everyone is happy. Now there are some souls, who because of their own karmic accounts, might not be happy. You just keep cheerful, keep smiling to them, and I’m sure that one day they will feel that their burden has been removed. They will feel very light and happy. Baba had also been saying in the Murli, “Don’t give sorrow, don’t take sorrow.” Let’s say somebody said something. You don’t have to feel hurt and take sorrow from that. One thing is that it could be the sanskar of that soul. It could be a settlement of karmic accounts. Still understand that that soul is trying to actually give something, but she doesn’t know, he doesn’t know in what way. So it’s very subtle, but of course as Baba said that if you have happiness, you can give happiness. If you have any sorrow, you will vent it somewhere or another, because any kind of pain and hurt is there, then you vent it through words or nonparticipating, being noncooperative. We have to pay attention because we also have to create very love-full relationships in the Golden Age. There are relationships of the Iron Age, then very beautiful spiritual loving relationships at the Confluence Age, and of course very beautiful relationships in the Golden Age. I would say relationships bring a lot of happiness, a lot of joy. So, why don’t we all just share happiness with everyone.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Sr. Shireen/Judy : Didi, lovely to see you. I see you every night but you don't see me so this is nice for me. I see you on YouTube after 8:30 when we're finished with our program. I feel a bit like Shireen every time you say something and Shireen says, “Oh, I loved how you said this.” I was taking so many notes because I was going to ask you how we give happiness, and you immediately went straight to help a soul reclaim whatever's lost, stay light and stay cheerful with them. That's so simple, just stay light, don't get stuck into the sorrow that is around us. Souls bring sorrow because they're settling karmic accounts, but I don't have to respond to it. I was wondering about which is heavier: the sorrow we cause others or the sorrow we've actually caused ourselves by taking sorrow. Karmically, we've all got a burden of sorrow because we have taken a lot of sorrow, but we've all also given. Your example today of even carelessly listening to other people speak is causing sorrow. I was wondering which is heavier, giving sorrow or taking sorrow?

Mohini Didi: This is something new that we are learning, not to take sorrow. This has been very common, that for every little thing, we take sorrow. I was not respected, nobody asked me, I was not acknowledged, nobody appreciates me in the world. I don't feel love. So, there could be hundreds of reasons where we take sorrow and I think basically, it is the lack of self-respect also, because we live on what others think about us, what people say about us. So I just take whatever is around me, and the atmosphere, vibrations, everything is so tamoguni in the world of sorrow. So, when there is the world of sorrow, I keep taking sorrow. It's only when we come to knowledge and come to Baba that we know that I shouldn't, it's not necessary. One example that Baba gave is if somebody gives you something and you find it's not useful or you don't need it, you just say thank you and don't take it. So it could happen and it does happen whether it is commands or criticism or somebody is talking, but keep yourself with self-respect and protect yourself.

Sr. Shireen/Judy: The blessing today was about not comparing, and I've heard you say before how that's one of the ways we take sorrow is comparing. There's understanding that each of our parts is unique, but of course it takes power to be able to embody that. Any advice on how not to take sorrow from this really simple and old habit of comparing?

Mohini Didi: Everyone is unique, and one should feel yourself as very special. If you compare, then somewhere you don't know yourself you don't know your specialties. I always feel that I try to play a role that is complementary more than comparison. Let's say if I'm a gentle person, I am very soft, there will be other person who is stronger and forceful, but that should work actually because both qualities are needed. If I keep complaining about the other one, that doesn't work. So I always see the combination of all the actors in the Drama is very appropriate. I remember when I came to New York, the company I had was of a strong person and that kept me protected in many situations. I started realizing that whosoever is with you is needed and so I never have a problem. You know we have stayed together 35 years, 40 years with all different sanskars. Gradually, we found that it's a very powerful relationship. I would say to identify your own role, your specialty, Baba's love for you, everyone's love for you, then you will never compare. Why do I want to be like someone? I have to be what I am, because then you feel very natural and appreciate everyone.

Judy: A question about happiness, I remember Brijmohan bhai quite recently said that he was going to stop making jokes, and I felt a bit sad about that because I really like hearing his jokes. They made me very happy. He was thinking about more subtle ways of bringing happiness and that maybe this was gross. Can you speak to that? There are many who are very gifted in this family with many entertaining charismatic traits, then the quiet ones wonder sometimes how to give happiness when they're not so entertaining.

Mohini Didi: He does that, and there are many others, sometimes they are a little bit light with jokes, and I say it is not really very spiritual, but he still brings happiness. In a way he's very cheerful, very warm, and welcoming when you meet him. His whole personality is of happiness. So it is a good example in a way, that you don't externally need to make jokes to bring happiness to yourself and others. There is another way to be cheerful, which is an example at this time. So I think we should make every situation not very serious and also remain light, have faith in Drama and Baba. So, that inner lightness will also bring external lightness and cheerfulness. He is doing this at present.

Judy : That is a beautiful example, thank you.

Mohini Didi: Also this honesty from the heart brings a lot of lightness too. You are connecting to the plain intellect. Giving happiness means my intellect is light and free of complications. Baba takes care of us, He loves us, but I have to become worthy, I have to increase my power. I have to increase my peace. That means I also have to do something. It’s not that I just depend on Baba for everything. As much as you do it, you could experience Baba, and you can have the capacity to experience more if I increase my worthiness in different ways. So, realization comes and then that's what I was also mentioning that keeping a chart is not just for night time. You can start at Amritvela, and if you have any insights, if you have any realizations, just write them. All day you can do it. So, I think as much as we are engaged with our intellect into good efforts, not hard work, but good efforts, you can remain light and happy. Then we bring that kind of lightness and happiness to others also.

Judy: Somebody here asked if our intention is not to give sorrow, and yet someone takes sorrow, what are the karmic consequences of that what's really going on there?

Mohini Didi: I think that first you forgive yourself and also don't take whatever is given to you. For me, let's say someone has less patience, and because of that does something. At that time, what is needed is that I should have more patience so that my patience can become strength for the other soul. Also to resolve if there is a situation. So, whether it is using power or using virtue, I think that's the best thing to do instead of taking sorrow, and instead of saying, “Oh this one doesn't have.” So, you cooperate with your power so that at least Baba's task can continue and the other Soul also feels strong. If someone is not tolerating, then I become the same no that's not really giving happiness or cooperation. So just have a little extra tolerance when the other one doesn't have it. I said that's the biggest charity one can do.

Judy: Baba said that if you've caused sorrow to someone, note it down. What happens in the soul when we do that? Whether we're doing it on paper or whether we're just as you're saying throughout the day with our chart in our minds even when we note it down, what happens?

Mohini Didi: It could depend, like you know sometimes it's like mostly what we say is right, but maybe it is not the right time or it is not in the right way. So, just underline it for next time. I will do better and whatever I have to say, I say it with love. Maybe it was not an appropriate time. We could have said all that after, and I think that I will suggest it's up to you if you want to write down, or if you underline in your mind. That could help also.

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