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Maryada Purshottam - Example for Everyone #23

Maryada Purshottam_23 Mohini_Didi September 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyday listening to maryadas, practicing, you must be feeling elevated, right? That's what Baba is saying, that in Maryada Purshottam, Purshottam - pursh is one being or elevated amongst all. There is a kind of internal feeling when we are beyond everything. It is a feeling of being elevated, not as ego, but natural. Baba has been saying faith and victory should be equal. As much faith we have, that much victory will be there. We can look at our chart and see how much we feel victorious the whole day, and then check faith. Baba has also been talking about four types of faith. One is faith in family. As soon as we come to Baba, we belong to a very big family. A family in which we only know each other as souls, then as Baba’s children, as students of the same university, and followers of the same guru, look at all the common things we have. Everyone believes in purity, everyone has just one task, that is the establishment of the new golden-aged world. However, some have difficulty, and there is lack of contentment. Baba always used to say everyone is different and unique.

Today I was remembering Manohar Dadi. She used to tell me as a young Brahmin that if you have expectations from others, wanting them to be like you, you will be very tired and disappointed. Everyone has different virtues, capacity, and understanding. We all are number-wise. Baba says that a kingdom is being established. In a kingdom everyone has different parts to play. There will be many common virtues and similar qualities, such as purity and honor. I think in their own way, following maryadas also. The aim is to be like a lotus flower, detached and loving. When there is love and soul-consciousness, respectful, love-full relationships are created. Whenever there are differences a lot of learning and training is there. As we’re becoming the masters of the world we have to find solutions, we have to learn many things. we all have to keep courage and faith that we all have different sanskars, different parts. There are two parts, but of the same drama. When they are playing a role, it’s in contrast, but as soon as they come out of the role, they could be good friends. They don’t have to look at each other as enemies. It’s very subtle. Be content with family, love-full and respectful. We want to be a bead of the rosary which means with everyone. Whether they are 8 and 16,000 or 108, we have to have love, harmony, respect, for everyone. The foundation of family is also very important. Otherwise somewhere, the foundation and faith is lacking, then victory will be lacking. That means I will not pass with honor. Maya always comes through someone. Maya doesn’t have its own entity. Dadi Gulzar always used to tell us, “If you see someone acting as shatri, just for a few seconds think the soul’s sanskars of shatri, warrior class, have emerged. In a few minutes, it will be okay or that soul will pass through the rajo-stage and reach to satopradhan because we all are effort-makers.” Dadis always give an example, but show us how we use knowledge and dharna to have contentment with the self and with the family also.

There is a beautiful avyakt signal about being a sample. Baba says wherever we are, we have to do service. Baba uses us as instruments to do service. So for that, we have to be a sample. Baba used to say, I have to show such samples to the world. I think that each one of us in our own way are good samples. We just have to check our quality. Our effort is on our awareness, attitude, drishti, words, and actions. This is my internal effort, my attention is on the efforts. Then the evidence is an example. I think of what Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki used to say. Not only their words, but how they did it. Externally there were some challenging situations or personalities. Anyone who opposed or got angry with Brahma Baba, he would very sweetly call that person and ask, “What is the problem?”, because there must be something internal. After a few minutes, there was a big change in that soul. So be an example, be a sample. I think we all are to a certain extent, but tomorrow just look at it. What I do, can it be followed? If others also do like this, how will it look? Baba always said, “Remember whatever I do, others will follow.”

You will find that when we pay attention, then situations become more. They come, so that we can pass. Don’t ask, “Oh why did this happen today? I’m supposed to have a lot of patience, sweetness and so many things happened that I’m not able to be in that virtue for a long time.” If you pass in those situations, you will pass. When there is a situation, you have to remember, how do I respond to it? Not react. Properly respond to it so that there is closure. Otherwise it finishes in your mind, then it’s going on in the other one’s mind, then it comes to your mind, so that chain continues. That’s why there’s a chain of action-reaction. If you want to stop it, then you have to be in silence and respond properly. Not responding also leaves a lot of thoughts in the mind of others. They wonder why you aren’t speaking. It’s very practical, consistent practice to set a good example. That is the proof of knowledge and yoga. Baba also said yesterday, as many soul-consciousness relationships are there, there will be more and more love. There will be care for each other, respect for each other. So today, we have to remember to be a sample and be an example. Sample for Baba, so that he can use us and create more. An example so that others can also follow us or they can see an example of any situation, whether it is courage, fearlessness, or any quality in action. That is called, being an example. It’s very beautiful the avyakt signals we get from Madhuban, and they all are from Baba’s Avyakt Murli. They’re very essential for all of us to become maryada purshottam, most elevated, one who follows all principles, all codes of conduct and with all the qualities.

Om Shanti.

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