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Maryada Purshottam - Be Loving To The Father #4

Maryada_Purshottam_4 Mohini_Didi September 4, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is saying that we need to have a balance between “bhavna and embodiment of knowledge”. Both are important. Bhavna is our loveful feelings for Baba. Bhavna, I think you will understand it's not just pure feeling but it's more my love, and because of love, I have bhavna. So it's not only bhavna in God, but it could be amongst ourselves, right? If we find someone's words are helping me, increasing my courage or helping me to be successful, my bhavna is towards that soul. In the path of bhakti we didn't know God, we had faith in God, we had bhavna, but without knowledge. Now with the introduction of Baba, knowing Baba, I have my bhavna in Baba and Baba saying that yoga is based on love. Not just through intellect, but also from my heart. Heart and intellect both, and that is why love and then relationship, that connection, yoga with Baba. Both have attainments, those who have bhavna, they get power also, but they don't get all the powers. Yogi and knowledgeful souls get all the power. Those who are knowledgeful, it's understood that they are very close to Baba, and because they have all the powers, Baba says that they are always victorious. Souls who have bhavna might sometimes get cooperation, but they might not be able to be victorious. Those who are knowledgeful, their yoga is based on love. Yogi souls will be victorious, and because of the victory, they will be unshakable and immovable. That is the final result. Whatever happens, they are not shaken, externally or internally. There are certain situations where you get internally moved. Sometimes sorrow could appear, sometimes it could affect my main spirit. So that's what Baba wants us to do, and this whole Murli for this week, we will look into the balance of bhavna and knowledgeful and yogi souls.

We just have love with One Baba and are not touched by any attraction of the body, whether it is my own body or anyone’s body. Even if there is subtle attachment or attraction, we cannot have just love with One. Also, the quality of celibacy, yes, someone will say, “Oh, my intellect, my mind never went to any human being.” So that is why to become Purushottam, you also need love with One. When we are in love what happens is we think of that person, we speak about that person, we do everything based on the direction of that person. That’s true love, isn't it? Baba said those who have love, they get a lot of cooperation, and then they find everything becomes easy. It's a very good point to think about that if I'm able to do everything easily, words like ‘it's very hard, it's very difficult’ don't appear. That means you're receiving cooperation from your true love with Baba. So, Brahmachari here is that true love for Baba, no attachment of any kind from my heart to a person or an object, but it is with One Baba.

So think of celibacy as love for just One. We did take up Brahmchari and Brahmachari, so we won't go into that detail, but we will connect with love, even in your dreams it will be just Baba who you love. When you are eating food, you eat in Baba’s company. Whatever we do, we do it in Baba’s love, Baba’s remembrances. I am seeing that step of Brahmacharya, where I'm untouched, that quality of purity. I think many are, many of us keep the aim to reach to that stage where I am celibate in thoughts, words, and attitude, in all different ways. So that could be love, that could be celibacy, but also you know when there is this quality of purity, there is closeness with Baba. You feel very close and, as Baba said, kind of equal to Baba. When Dadi Janki would climb on that stage to sit next to Baba, you think everyone can do it? It’s her purity that helped her to have that much confidence that she could go and sit so close to Baba. Baba’s vibrations and presence was so pure, so powerful, but Dadi felt so close that she would go physically sit next to Baba, not only in awareness, but in practical also. So, now we cannot do that physically because Baba doesn't come, but at least through our awareness we can sit next to Baba. Dadi Janki used to say, “What is yoga? Go, sit next to Baba, not connection just closeness. So, tomorrow we will start our Amrit vela with all the love, that closeness, and we will sit next to Baba.

Om Shanti


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