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Maryada Purshottam - Alokik and Unique #27

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Maryada_Purshottam_27 Mohini_Didi September 27, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Image of happiness, Confluence Age is the most auspicious age. What we see all over the world is Kaliyug, the Iron Age, the world of sorrow, and suffering. There is giving and taking of sorrow, but we have the awareness that we are at the Confluence Age. Baba said that this is your most elevated birth, alokik birth, divine birth. In this birth, you all are very happy. Someone said that the one thing they noticed is the smiling faces of Baba’s children. Very naturally, because internally there is happiness, the face also shows contentment, cheerfulness and many have this question why. What is there in the world that keeps you all smiling and so happy? We know this is our divine, pure birth, but also we are creating the world of happiness. We are creating the world of peace, the world where there is love and harmony. So, all the time we have the world of happiness, Golden Age, world of joy, in our mind. Baba says that it is the Confluence Age that we all are very happy but also we know that the new world is coming, the world of happiness. Then for birth after birth we all will be very happy. So it’s something very unique, and it is visible. When there is an adverse situation, we all are very calm, peaceful, so people are kind of surprised that you are not making a sound, you are not complaining or you are not worried or in sorrow.

At the Confluence Age, we always remember that this is our alokik, unique birth, most elevated birth. Of course to remain elevated, we follow all maryadas. Baba says that awareness of the Confluence Age helps you to remain happy. I think we have to internally always see things in a very positive way through our thoughts. This will create happiness, the more we think that whatever happens is beneficial. I know some of you might have heard that we had a little incident in Peace Village where something was burning in the basement, so there was a lot of smell, and we all had to come out. After that, I thought that the flame never came out. It was burning in the dryer, that keeps burning that iron, burning the clothes, but flame didn’t come out. Once the fire is on, especially in wood buildings and old buildings, where there is so much stuff around, you can’t stop it. So the more I think about it, the more I say that Baba has really helped us, protected us, and also there was no loss, just the old machine got burnt. I think it was really Baba’s miracle. Of course we were very calm, very quiet, not only were we all safe, but Baba’s house, big buildings, everything was safe. So our way of thinking now is also not what is lost, but how little it was. It could have been very big too. So, it is Baba’s magic, and for us, also to think in a way that brings joy. Someone might say, “Why are you all joyful?” Just think what could have happened, but it was so minimal and also kind of an experience in life too. It was so beautiful. We were in the cars for two hours and then someone was serving water. Then brothers, kumars, brought us hot chocolate because it was quite cold. So I am giving you a practical example of our thinking, that keeps us happy and light in every situation.

Now another point, which maryada we are talking about these days is that if we have to do any service; whether it is printing or speaking, we should remain integrated in the sense that there is one logo for everyone to be printed. Before it used to be so different. I mentioned that the logo with16 rays of Shiv Baba should be on our letterheads. So, we are doing branding all over the world. Also, whatever we write, there should be a proper message, the name of the place. We have to see how everything remains as it is, the truth. These days there are so many of those who have swastika and they have om and they have so many different symbols, but Baba’s symbol is only one and we have agreed that we will use that all over. Then we know that there is only one and this is the truth, and we all work together with a common message. That will be told to you after a while, but that is one of the maryadas of how we do service. There has to be a maryada for service also. So, remain always light, cheerful, It’s a unique birth, most elevated birth. I think that tomorrow we should really spend our day in that uniqueness, alokik, internally very happy, and see that everything has benefit, so that we can remain the image of happiness all the time.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Om shanti, warm greetings Mohini Didi and of course to all of Avyakti Parivar, it’s a pleasure to be here. So we heard from Sis. Judy in Halifax that Hurricane has swept through and now I think hurricane Ian sweeping through Florida so that’s why I am here tonight, because Shireen was not able to make it, but they are prepared. I am delighted to be here and actually I am fascinated as you probably can guess Didi by this particular maryada, the integrity of Baba’s message. I noticed over the years during this transition that you were very intentional that you shared many stories about souls coming with so little problems and how you responded. I feel that's the integrity of God’s message, and that has increased because you have more and more coming at you, more happening. Is that your deepest feeling of integrity of God’s message, just to respond that way?

Mohini Didi: You are right because that is the most important if internally there is integrity, then externally whatever you will do, all your activities definitely will express that. First is internally to be loving, be peaceful, and not take sorrow, always remain happy and give happiness to others. So it's very important to have this inner quality, inner state of mind, and then of course whatever we have to do, there are guidelines we just follow and do it, so it’s always successful.

Question: So on that point of getting very specific guidelines, in terms of printing literature, you all check with the seniors before you print. Was that really in your original training with sakar BapDada that everything was being checked before it went out?

Mohini Didi: Actually yes, this time not necessarily with people, but there was always a team in every country and so either the NCO office or somewhere, it was sent to check. Of course, also I look at it and so this way whatever happens, whatever is done is done in the right way. Sometimes just one word here and there one little sentence can make a lot of difference.

Question: I am very interested to know your thoughts on the branding we are discovering in different languages, different cultures, and expression of religious freedom in a country but it is really going to be an interesting project to launch one brand. This is a balance between the integrity of God’s message, and we also have to be sensible and sensitive to the community that we are trying to speak to. What are your thoughts on how to achieve that and not alter God’s message.

Mohini Didi: Whatever we are launching has been kind of tested in many countries and we found that there is some kind of universal value, universal look. So there hasn't been any reaction or find it very difficult to bring that in their state or country. So I think that they have thoroughly tested it very well that it will be accepted by all religions, all cultures and by everyone, that’s what I have heard.

Question: What about messaging when we are speaking God’s message again being sensitive to the audience in front of us but not changing it so much. How about the integrity of God's Message?

Mohini Didi: I think that if we start with giving Baba’s introduction or something about the soul and karmas, that is also very universal. When you start talking about repetition of the cycle and some of those things, then we have to use appropriate language that is understood by people. So I think that basically, especially these days, anytime you offer anyone, edit it for a few minutes and then give a very gentle commentary about soul and God, so people experience it. Sr. Jayanti was there and she shared that she was in a conference. There were two scientists and so they were talking, and in the end they had five minutes. So Jayanti bhen said, “Do you want me to share something or you want to meditate?” He said, “I would rather meditate.” Then he had such a beautiful experience in meditation. So, Baba is One, and to create His presence, it's our love for Him. I think there is no controversy over some of these universal aspects of knowledge.

Question: Last question I am going to ask is, what makes it possible to deliver God’s message in a pure way to even souls coming to Baba for the first time?

Mohini Didi: Whatever I Have experienced, God’s love and relationship with God and my attainments, I am sharing that. So when you share something that you have experimented with and you have found out how it is the truth, when you speak, I think that there is no challenge to that. So, it’s not that we are theoretically saying God lives in Paramdham, but if you are in incorporeal stage and you talk about the incorporeal world, people will go beyond, they will experience. Even if they don’t call it Home, but they might say that I went beyond, I experienced peace. So I think whatever one experiences, that should be shared. Then it looks very real also and I think one is about lifestyle. Explaining what is good and what is beneficial, I think it is very well accepted. So, it depends upon the message, your language, the way you tell them, as if not you are not dictating something to them, but it is like you are presenting something you believe in, something that is beneficial. I think it's very well accepted.


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