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Manners merged in the truth. #18

Embodiment_of_Success_18 Mohini_Didi October 18, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay? Yes. When we listen to old Murlis, as we’re listening now, Baba is saying to face Maya, and don’t be scared because Maya is like a ‘paper tiger’. They say that if you have any wild animal, whether it could be a lion or it could be a tiger or even bear, if we look into the eyes, they get scared. Generally, people try to run away and then they are scared or they think they will be attacked. So, there is fear on both sides. Baba is saying that no, there shouldn’t be fear. Face it, challenge it. Baba always makes us very strong and brave. Also, whatever we become is what we understand, learn, and do in practice. One power that should be very common, but in practical, it is not very common, and that’s the power of truth. So, in this Avyakt Signal, Baba is saying that manners merge in the truth. The basis of achieving success is truth. Let your words be full of manners, your activities full of manners, and success is merged in this. They connect truth with God, and even in court and they have to speak truth, they say, “I see God everywhere and whatever I will speak, will be only truth.” A majority of people believe in God but do not speak the truth. Actually, I feel that speaking the truth is very simple. Once you tell lies, it’s complicated, because they say that you have to tell 100 lies to make one lie a truth. So, it’s always good to hold on to truth and remember Baba’s blessings: whatever is happening is good, and whatever will happen will be better.

So, Baba is saying to let your words and activity be full of manners, and success is merged in this. The easy method to be the embodiment of success is to receive everyone’s blessings. There are word blessings, there are people or your companions’ blessings, and actually from your own heart, you can also bless yourself. Blessings are important. Children who receive blessings from the Father and everyone, do not experience anything to be hard work and are always successful. A lot of assessment in life is about your success and the trust which people have in you is based on your success. You may say that you know a lot, but it’s not visible in practice. When you are able to do everything smoothly you take another project and another project, then success is visible, right? Baba is saying that if you want to see real success, you have to adopt manners with the truth. If you are a person who can say anything and your words are not appropriate, not gentle and polite, and don’t have manners or courtesy, you can never be successful. Words are a kind of habit, how you say, what you say, and when you say it. I remember in a good family, the first thing that is taught is how to speak and how to respond. This is very important. So, Baba is saying that now you have to take blessings from everyone and for that, you have to use manners with the truth. Let’s maintain the balance of truth and manners as success.

Om Shanti


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