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Manmanabhav - Unlimited Disinterest #13

Manmanabhav_13 Mohini_Didi April 13, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is full of zeal and enthusiasm! Baba said that if you want to claim high status, if you want to be the ‘master of inheritance’, you need zeal and enthusiasm. In Baba's Murli, Baba said that you have to come close to Father and share your news. Some go to Baba, they are very close to Baba, and some don't come in front of Baba. We know that Baba is the Bestower of Fortune, Baba is the One who is Almighty. He gives us power, and then we say that when there is honesty, the Master is pleased. So, what should be my relationship with Him? Very close. When we went in front of Sakar Baba, Baba would discuss our simple life. So, Baba would talk with us about our life and then definitely would give us advice, Shrimat, and elevated directions. One day, you start feeling that you are living life with the directions of Baba. Then, Baba can make you an instrument. I have to be the master of inheritance, so I have to be close to Baba, and there needs to be the feeling that you know whatever is there, I will inherit one day. I am the master.

So, at the Confluence Age you feel yourself a master of inheritance, not that I just read Murli, and I contribute something every month. Dadi Janki used to say “How can you donate to God? Why contribute to God? It should be like everything belongs to God, then I am a trustee and I take Shrimat to use everything.” Shrimat is for the use of your body, mind, connections, relationships, wealth, everything. Just imagine if you are doing everything based on Shrimat, how much is being accumulated. I have experience but maybe my life is different. There are many who live in families, they always share their news regularly. They say,” We work hard and earn money, but it should be used properly.” So, Baba can make you the master. Then it's not what’s yours is yours, but what is Baba's also will become yours. Baba makes you trustee, and Baba makes you responsible.

So, the homework was to think about being master of the inheritance, because Manmanabhav, in other words, is closeness to God. You cannot remember anyone who is not very close to you, or who you don't feel close to. It's only when there is a lot of love and feelings of belonging; I belong to Baba, Baba belongs to me, then to be in Manmanabhav, to remember Baba, is very easy. So, what we are doing these days is not thinking of how to remember Baba, but how to be very natural and prepare our mind, so that the mind can be with Baba. We are talking with Baba, having conversation with Baba, having love for Baba, sharing everything with Baba. The way Baba responds sometimes could be with thoughts for direction, sometimes it could be practical, and you see so many things happen. The way things happen, the way Drama unfolds, you internally observe, and then you smile and say that it must be Baba, Baba did it, Baba made it happen. It comes as an inner voice. That is Manmanabhav also, where I am able to remember Baba. I am able to see how He acts, and that He is my Guardian, or whichever relationship that Baba gives the response, it is so nice.

So, we took the homework of being master of inheritance. Baba's Murli was also on how to claim that inheritance, high status, and to come into the kingdom. All the points were so beautiful this morning. You feel that whatever we are doing in our spiritual efforts, Baba is with us because He's saying the same things that we are thinking of. So as Father, Teacher, and Satguru, Baba is with us, making us worthy, explaining everything, making everything clear. Baba is saying that if you are confused, or not clear, just ask. So when we stay very strong, as Baba said, then even if it's a big task you say, “Oh I can do it”, but when the mind is weak, then any little thing is a big thing. So, whenever you find your mind is weak, go in deep silence and charge it. That is why silence is important during the day. It's like not only full-stop and not talking but silence is charging. It's like you just have concentration, go to Baba, be with Baba that is why we have traffic control or even otherwise whenever you feel the need, you take a break for a few minutes. Remember Baba in silence, make yourself strong, then you think and decide. So, when there is strength and power, you find there is a lot of enthusiasm. When we are caught up and stuck with some small situations, enthusiasm drops and then we can't do anything, we don't plan anything.

So, our other homework is “unlimited disinterest”. Some people have a lot of interest in hearing everything, but if it's not important, you take all that information in, then you have to remove it. A lot of thoughts come about what you have heard. So, if it's not useful for me, why should I hear it? I should hear only what is significant, what is useful for me. Also, the eyes are all over, we want to see everything, but actually, we should only see what is necessary. So, disinterest here is like it’s not needed, not necessary. Like for food, whatever one can eat and likes and good for health, you eat that. The same is with thoughts and actions, they are like food for the mind. So for Manmanabhav, it is necessary to keep our mind free. You shouldn't be too full. Remembrance is easy, but all these different kinds of inculcation or attention are very important so that we can be in Manmanabhav. Then automatically, in a very natural way, I will be with Baba, and there won't be any distance between me and Baba. You feel yourself as masters, and your inheritance is claimed.

I really appreciate kumaris sharing and giving us so many points, also this point of being ‘humble and sweetness’. Just have a lot of patience, inner peace and power to listen, so that we remain very cool, even if there is a provocation. We have to be cool, we have to be peaceful, and have a lot of patience. Always be cheerful and light. So, that's what will help us to be in the stage of Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti


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