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Manmanabhav - The World of Happiness #25

Manmanabhav_25 Mohini_Didi April 25, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

Doing homework is like exploring and trying to understand and the practice makes it become clear how that virtue works. I had been thinking about God's love, how it is so invisible. I don't know how we can describe it, but we can see the power. Every day I get the Madhuban news, the number of surrendered sisters, brothers and families is increasing. Brahma Baba is not there, Dadi’s are not there, they are surrendering to Shiv Baba. They must be experiencing that love, belonging, that they are willing to surrender their whole life for Baba’s Yagya. There are so many who have such beautiful feelings to cooperate. It’s God's love. Each one of you ask yourself, how did I experience and how I am still experiencing God's love? Any kind of recognition we get and then come to play our part and do service, is Baba's love. His love is so unconditional and pure he doesn't look at what you give, what you are, but he looks at your pure qualities, what is in your inner heart. Based on that we get opportunities for service. It will help each one of us to understand how important it is to be loveful all the time. We heard that sometimes very small things, very little support can give people a lot of joy. Dadi Janki used to ask, “Where are those who have been doing karma yoga?” She would come with a box of toli and snacks and say, “Give them this, feed them.” That used to make our tiredness go away, it's just love. Mama would come to ask everyone's well-being, if they needed anything or had any difficulty. That kept the family so much together as Yagya.

Loving and loveful based on love of BapDada. Shiv Baba’s love, Brahma Baba's love, then Mama's love and then Dadi’s love, the whole yagya story is of love. When Baba says become like Me, He means be loving. Then you will never think we don't have enough of this or that. I always say we have a lot and it becomes a lot. There is a saying of scarcity thinking. I always go in front of Baba and everyone else, “Yes we have it, who wants it?” Once we had a Call of the Time dialog, they were in silence and I realized some don't know what to do for two days in silence so I thought to give them a book on silence. The first question of the one who was on duty at the bookstore was, “Who will pay?: I said, “I will pay.'' Then suddenly one person from the dialogue went to the bookstore and said, “I want to pay for all the books and also for all Niwasis.” You just need to have a pure elevated thought. I always feel that love, because the thought was for the needs of the soul. If they read the book, they might have better silence. It’s not that I said, “If they get books, maybe they will contribute more”, we don't think that way. If we can surrender our lives to God, what is there for contribution? Our whole life is more than a contribution. We are able to do it because of love for Baba.

To be successful, we have to have a generous heart, that's called merciful. Everyone, whatever their subtle desires are, get it fulfilled so that the soul is free. Love is not simply an emotional thing, but mercy, care. Some of you feel mercy and you do it. When there is love there is cooperation, Whatever I am receiving from God I have to share. It’s Baba’s love through us. If I am not saying something in a loveful way, there's subtle arrogance, or ‘I and mine’ are there, it won't help souls. If there is just true love, cooperation is always there. Baba used to say there are many who give good lectures, write articles, and do more service than I do, but I will get number one still, because I give happiness to them. Happiness is kushi but it's like sukh, they get sukh from me.

When Baba keeps saying follow me, become like me, you always think of, how did I receive from Baba, what I have received and how I can share? Many of you don't have experience to be present in front of Brahma Baba but he cared for every little thing. Every step Baba taught us how to care for family and that care is Baba’s love. It’s not that he will just hold us tight or hold our hands no, he did for us at every step. Each one of us, be loving. Your energy of love will make everything happen. Whenever Baba said to share a blessing, it doesn't mean we keep saying, “bless you, bless you”, but anytime you get any joy, happiness, fulfillment, cooperation, help at the right time, your heart will say, “bless you”. Whatever we receive through blessings is everlasting. Love is a vast subject. Baba says there are some who are not in knowledge, but when you are mercy you want to do something for every soul, that they should get the message, they should get Baba's introduction. This is where we become unlimited and merciful in a very natural way. Baba has given some guidelines, maryadas, they are not to be hard on us but they are our protection. We accumulate power by following all that properly. It's amazing Baba's story of love and then being merciful for the whole world.

om shanti

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