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Manmanabhav - Surrender The Mind #1

Manmanabhav #1 Mohini_Didi April 1st, 2022

Om Shanti.

If we listen carefully, the definition and clarity about every word comes after listening to Baba’s murli. The word surrender of mind is very common to us. Some think that surrender means I shouldn’t think, but mind will always think. Baba is telling us what to think and how to think. For manmanabhav, the stability of mind is very important because it needs concentration. Every soul has their own sanskars, their own part to play. We have to have the right guidelines and principles in life. Maybe part of my duty is to direct everyone, but that should be done in a very sweet way, by drawing attention to the principles of yagya, guidelines of personal life. If I have to tell someone something, that also needs a principle. Anything you say in a critical way is not accepted by any soul, it creates more distance in relationships and reduces the respect of the soul. Transforming one’s own self, is using my mind which is surrendered to Baba. I am listening to Baba’s versions, advice, directions, and then I am thinking. It should be underlined that surrender is to think the way Baba wants us to think.

Pay full attention that whenever the word “why”, “what” or “want” comes, I change it to “wah”. I see the magic, because when Baba is giving directions, it’s truth. Whatever Baba is saying must work in a magical way. When you say, "wah", there is very elevated and positive energy in you. Baba is asking me to do it, Baba is giving me such a thought, why I should not use it by saying "wah". One is to accept intellectually, the other is to do it practically. You will see the benefits in your attitude and stage. Unless I experiment with it, I will not see the real benefits. Surrender means transformation of the thoughts from “why”, “what”, “want”, to "wah”. It will be good for mind, body and create an atmosphere for everyone where there is no wastage. Otherwise, there is a lot of waste of energy. When there is waste of energy, then we don’t have power. If we don’t have power, then whatever we do, there will be mistakes. Manmanabhav is surrender of mind, that means Baba is saying this and I must do it. In following what Baba is saying, there is natural remembrance. Remembrance is not just thinking of Baba, but acting according to what Baba says. That also is manmanabhav. That is our strength.There were many challenges in the task of establishment, but Baba had certain principles to respond to that. Even if you are trying to be truthful, you still have to do it in a civilized way, not with anger or negativity, because that’s where the success will be. Baba says if you’re not successful, that means somewhere your methods are not right. If your methods are not right, the truth you are trying to prove by stubbornness or argument, won’t be successful. I think we can underline and raise the blessing so that mind doesn't even think that way.

When we are talking about manmanabhav, we are saying that internally for 24 hours, there is remembrance of Baba. That is not through intellect, but creating all relationships with Baba. What Baba says as Father, Teacher, or Satguru, I must follow. One I follow in my personal life, in my thoughts, the way my intellect discerns, my words and actions. Second is in my relationships with others. Soul consciousness is the only way to settle karmic accounts, and also create good relationships. I may not have disagreements with anyone, but do I have spiritual, loveful relationships with everyone? Because of karmic accounts, there is a difference of sanskars. It is only when I look at the other one as a soul and in my own soul-conscious stage that I am settling and also creating. In the golden age we have very loveful relationships of care, sharing, love, joy and togetherness, as one big family.

Manmanabhav is the method where in all my relationships with Baba, I follow Baba. Following also is a kind of surrender. I’m not thinking about what I have to do, I’m just following Baba. There’s not only one meaning of surrender, that I have to only think what Baba wants me to think, but practically, am I following BapDada? That is why reading murlis is so important, it is how we know what Baba is thinking and doing. From murli, we understand what guidelines Baba is giving us. All dharna points in the murli are what Baba did himself. He was so humble. It doesn’t mean he didn’t have self-respect. He respected everyone, he bowed to mothers, and had a lot of love for every child, but he was very stable. He maintained his self-respect and the respect Baba gave him. He remembered his part. He never forgot he was Baba’s medium. Baba chose his body. Baba will help you to understand your part and play it accordingly.

Following Baba is using all the principles while interacting, not only with Baba’s family, but with all the souls of the world. There are karmic accounts everywhere in the world. Now we have to be bestowers. Even in bestowing, keep your self-respect and principles in mind. Whether it is giving or receiving, both have certain principles. Through the murlis we can reflect deeply and try to understand what is shrimat, what are the principles. It could be very powerful for each one of us to understand this very deeply. Surrender of mind is only possible when I follow Baba. Following Baba is possible by understanding what He is saying in the murli. Murli is not points of knowledge, murli is what he did, and what he wants us to do. Baba is guiding us through his own life.

Now it has been 80 plus years of yagya, and everyone thinks of those who are responsible instruments. We really wanted yagya to be maintained the way Baba did it. Those old days where Brahma Baba was guiding the yagya, it should continue the same way. That’s only possible if we remember first in my personal life, I follow Baba, then in playing my part as an instrument for any relationship with anyone, I have to follow all the principles. Manmanabhav is natural remembrance of Baba all the time, 24 hours with my thoughts, words and actions. Think of Shiv Baba, look at Brahma Baba. Change mind to “wah”, and see how your thoughts and powers will be. I’m sure you will see a lot of difference.

Om Shanti.

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