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Manmanabhav - Purity of the Mind #11

Manmanabhav_11 Mohini_Didi April 11, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

Enthusiasm is the sign of strong beings, Baba says keep flying. These days, if we are listening to the news and looking at situations, one's enthusiasm can be reduced. Actually, enthusiasm is the focus of the mind. Baba said anything you have to do, wash dishes, cook, clean, there should be enthusiasm, not just when I want to give knowledge. I find that it's good to have a balance, to do everything with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm also could have a connection with cleanliness of mind, because, for me, clean means unadulterated. When my thoughts are unadulterated, it will have power and that power creates enthusiasm. We don't allow weak thoughts to emerge. If we have courage you can also have enthusiasm. Sometimes we say, no, I am not sure, it's not possible. These thoughts come from adulteration, because they are coming from some past experiences. Maybe in the past you couldn't achieve something or things didn't work out the way you wanted, so it's a lack of self-trust. Every time, just think of Baba, Manmanabhav, think of BapDada. Shiv Baba gives power, but Brahma Baba also did it. This kind of concentration, connecting with Baba will keep us very charged and when the battery is charged then everything works. Now I am hearing that, souls who have been on zoom are not going to the center, some don't have enthusiasm to go back. It should be the other way around, because the atmosphere of Baba's home helps us very much. When you go to Baba's home the clarity you get, the love you feel, the mind and intellect, everything is coming on track. Baba has said, find the points from the murli every day. Why don't I have that much enthusiasm? Carelessness, laziness. Then it affects the mind and enthusiasm reduces. Dadi Janki was always so enthusiastic. Dadi Prakashmani, all the time, get it done, we can do it, we can make it. Anytime we will look at them, yes, it will be done, you go and get it done. Their good wishes are with us. As much as we are enthusiastic, the energy is moving. Baba is calling it the flying stage. Baba said, enthusiasm from morning until night. I was seeing the connection of unadulterated mind, clean mind and enthusiasm.

Today I was reflecting on the difference between the role and the part. My part is what I have to do, what I have to give. Let's say you are given a part of a hero, and you like that role very much, but you don't know how to play it. You have to prepare yourself to play it and that becomes your part. It's a subtle difference. Role has been given, but part has to be according to the specialities. I was thinking of being very subtle, being with Baba, doing a lot of quiet service through the mind. I am preparing, keeping myself fully charged to play the part, and it will fit in that role. You will be a hero in that part. Whatever the assignment, your role is based on your part. Stay connected with your internal self, then you feel not only natural but also very satisfied. Otherwise externally you're playing something, but internally you're not very satisfied. Know yourself, acquire the qualities and powers you need and just be with Baba, so that you feel happy and satisfied. The power of adulterated thoughts mixes so much into our mind. We keep mixing many subtle things, so there is no power. It's not unadulterated. Unadulterated is a quiet, peaceful mind. Just imagine how you will be feeling internally, very light, and connected with Baba. I really like this reflection practice, experiencing the unadulterated mind, because weaknesses, fears and past experiences emerge. Adulteration of any kind will make, mind weak, it won't have power. That is why I like the practice of my eternal stage and thoughts won’t get scattered. We have to bring them together and have concentration. Our practice will be from unadulterated to purity of mind. When there is purity, there are no traces of vices or weaknesses, even very subtly. When we have to become perfect what is missing is, perfect purity. First is perfection in purity. Purity means no influence of any kind, no desire of any kind. I know myself but Baba knows me too. Baba takes care, Baba fulfills and that was also surrender of mind. All of us will reflect, look into what exactly it means, purity of mind.

One speciality, which everyone should have is listening. Listening could have many meanings. Some people say this one listens to this one, doesn't listen to me. But also honestly listening to whatever any soul has to express. Listen very sincerely, but then also don’t get influenced. Very subtly purity will help us. When there is purity I will know, I am not being influenced. I am listening but I give to Baba, it’s Baba who is listening, because Baba has to help that soul. Purity is power, peace, purity, love, happiness, purity brings everything, prosperity. We have to look at the level of purity, we all are pure, but as we keep increasing, we become completely pure. Be free from the past, influences, be free from everything. Think how blissful, joyful each and most important cheerful each one of us will be in that stage of purity. Experience that lightness, very natural peace, contentment, and then from there every thought you will give something to souls, you become a bestower. Always look at the specialties of others, because everyone has something special including subtle qualities like, surrender of the soul, humility and self-respect. It's not just external specialities, there are a lot of spiritual specialties in each one.

There’s a lot of creativity for Baba's service, for Baba's family, how to give, how to share. All that comes from purity. We all look forward to having this experience of just being in that perfect purity of mind, so there is pull from Baba. When there is no rust then you are pulled by the Magnet. Baba is calling me, let me be with Baba. Manmanabhav means that mind is pulled towards Baba.

Om shanti.


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