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Manmanabhav - Love brings co-operation #24

Manmanabhav_24 Mohini_Didi April 24, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is well? Everyone is okay? Very good! So every evening you are joining us. What's the reason? Is it because you benefit from it, or is it because you really want to be on time for it? There must be many different reasons that you have booked your seat, your room in the gallery. Of course, some of you do write and share your experiences. Recently, I heard from some how it really helps them. I myself benefit especially from taking the homework, because we remember points from the murli, but we take one thought, one aspect, like I have to be a consistent yogi, Manmanabhav. We also know that at our last breath, when I, the soul, leave the body, there should be Baba's remembrance. Brahma Baba is the example of how very gently, a soul left the body and gave his hand in Dadi Prakashmani's hand. He wanted early class that night, and he replied to all the letters that morning. If he knew, why didn't he tell us? We know that he knew, and that is why he did whatever he had to do, but there was so much remembrance of Baba. So, we have come to Baba, making efforts for so many years. What do we want? Of course, to be like Baba, to reveal Baba, but also the aim is to be in remembrance of Baba, and that is Manmanabhav.

For the mind to be focused, for the mind to be stable, we have to pay attention to certain things, and we take it from murli every day. We didn't realise, it's only when they were doing a search about Manmanabhav, that they found all these points connected with Manmanabhav. On the first day, also in murli revision, we had to think of being loveful and merciful. Both qualities are very much silent and incognito. How do I know that I am loveful, or that I have love, or that I am receiving love? Love is kind of like someone who says, ‘presence as a fragrance, where you don't see fragrance but you can smell it’. The majority will feel love, but some might not. So, we will look at ourselves and see that I am loveful for everyone. Baba said, “It's not only those who are in knowledge, but souls who are unknown to you”. Everyone is looking for mercy, but we know that there is only One who is Merciful. He adopts us, that's His mercy. Even if we were looking for God, we were doing bhakti, but we didn't know that God would adopt us and then give us His teachings. You all know that getting murlis all started during Brahma Baba's days. Even though there were not enough financial resources, I knew there was a little room, and it's the same room until now. I went this time, and I saw where they will make the packets of murlis each week and send it. Now these days, everyone has murli through internet, or they can listen, or read, and that is God's mercy. Baba doesn't ask us for anything. Baba says, it’s rich or poor or anyone, because you all are my children. You have a right to Baba as the Ocean of Knowledge.

So, Baba has mercy for everyone, no discrimination of any kind, whether money or status or in any way. Everyone gets Brahma bhojan. We also know that when there is true love, there will be mercy. Also, I think we all did reflect on ‘think before you act’, but there is also a very good slogan you can connect with this morning's message, ‘think globally but act locally’. This becomes like our sanskar, because if you see something useful for the Yagya, you don't think in a limited way. You say, “Oh, how can everyone get it?” We should always think in an unlimited way. There is no discrimination of nationality, race, religion, or age. We are taking the homework of ‘being loving’. Somewhere, we have to look at how loving I am? I think we all are loving, but we have to be like Father, loving all the time. I was also thinking since morning, what is loving? Today we are saying that when there is love, there is cooperation. Everyone will respond in a very beautiful way when there is a love, and that is cooperation or mercy. How does this true love remain? Baba is the Ocean of Love. He is loving because we all are His children. Those who are loving make efforts and they go to the Golden Age. However, Baba says that everyone gets jivan mukti, even for a short time, temporarily, or in any other age. We make efforts and become pure, so we get it for the whole cycle.

To be loving will be our main focus for the day tomorrow. Am I loving? Sometimes we could get impatient, irritated, or sometimes, as Baba said, there is dislike. We are experiencing love from the Ocean of love. I was just listening to an interview in our NC/CC meeting. They were asking what brings people to the center, especially after two years when they are so comfortable, sitting in their homes on Zoom? They said, it's only the love, it's the love that will pull them to the center, they will be inspired to come. So many were sharing from different parts of the world. So the whole thing came up, our loveful relationship. It's love that will pull the souls, or the vibrations of the place, the place and the people. Like we all want to go to Madhuban, even if it is difficult this time. As soon as there were indications, there were 450 double foreigners. Even with whatever they have to deal with, they want to go. That’s the attraction. It's the energy that they get there, the power they feel. Otherwise, it is a very long trip and everyone in the beginning got a simple fare, but then it became double. The airlines also lost, so they want to reclaim all that.

So, it’s love. Think about what pulls you to Madhuban? What pulls you to meet Baba? What pulls you to be there? The Dadis are not there, but still some seniors are there. Every time, whatever their number is, actually more and more come. So, what is it? Love. So, reflect on the quality of love. Reflect on when you experience love, the power that comes from that love makes you do so many things. It's for the love of Baba that you all are doing service. So, it's the experience that the soul has of love. It is a big pull. So, we all have to stay loveful, we all have to be very loving and merciful. Okay! So, that will be our homework for Manmanabhav.

Om Shanti

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