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Manmanabhav - First think then act #23

Manmanabhav_23 Mohini_Didi April 23, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well, okay? Yes, good, very good. That’s what Baba calls receiving blessings. It is only when we have blessings, we are able to keep well. Our aim for this month was to see that our intellect remains stable and consistent in Baba’s remembrance. So, we chose the topic of Manmanabhav, and every day we take the point from murli that, Baba explains, if you have this dharna or if you have this practice, then you can be a constant yogi. It is very interesting during the day, when we find that our intellect is pulled anywhere that is not necessary because of attachment or being impressed. Let’s say there is a situation like I shared yesterday, when I can’t help, I just say, “Baba, you are Karankarvanhaar”. Now there are two things, my intellect is not thinking wastefully, and it is not pulled towards the situation. Then some ask if you see the result of that. I think that, yes, of course with the time. Recently, I had a short story that I love very much. There was a woman and she was a devotee of Shankar, she used to really worship the Goddess. I think it was Ganesh or someone said, “Why don’t you fulfill the desire of this woman? She is so poor, and if you do it then she will be happy.” So, he didn’t get a proper response from Shankar or the Goddess. I don’t remember exactly what they said, “Tell her to keep saying thank you, thank you.” So he went to this woman and he said, “I can’t help you, so just keep saying thank you, thank you”. In Hindi they call it dhanyavad, shukriya. So, this woman just kept saying it, and one day she was starving and she left body. When she was leaving body, the Goddess said, “We need to help her because she keeps saying thank you.” So, recently we talked about how we should just keep praising Baba, “Baba you are the World Benefactor. Baba you are the Purifier”. If we invoke Baba and one of the relationships or for one of the tasks, then it works. Sooner or later it does work. Maybe you cannot see the result on the same day, but I believe that Baba does act. If we don’t invoke Baba in that relationship, then we will keep carrying that burden of karma, of settling the karma. The scenes of Drama are so accurate, and if they have to happen, they happen, but we try our best that things can be sorted out.

So, we keep attention that the intellect is not blocked because if there is something going on in the intellect, then you are not in remembrance of Baba. What I find in this homework is to just use that, that point. At least you do not stay without remembrance for a long time. So, we are just noticing inside why the intellect doesn’t stay in Baba’s remembrance. Brahma Baba said, “I also had to deal with a family of 300”, and because of age, and so many scenes happened, Baba remained very stable in remembrance of Baba. He was able to reach the stage of perfection, even at the end when he was leaving the body in remembrance and became an angel, he gave his hand in Dadi Prakashmani’s hand. Baba always says to look at Brahma Baba, follow Brahma Baba. We had been spending so many years with Baba, and there is a lot of accumulation of service that we do in different forms, but there needs to be attention on remembrance or Manmanabhav. It’s so interesting, yesterday we took on the experiment of knowledge and yoga, having understanding and being sensible, knowing which power or virtue to use at what time. You remember Baba so other souls attitude, other souls thoughts will change, and you will help that soul. If I keep thinking, “I have to please this one, or that one”, I always say, “Move to Baba, and let Baba take care of that”. So, use knowledge, experiment with knowledge, and do yoga more and more.

What we are taking for homework tomorrow is to think before you act. Sometimes thoughts are very connected with the past, or future, or concerns, so when we are doing something it’s not really that pure or that clear. Somewhere from the past an attitude emerges, so I have to practice having completely pure thoughts, or just being in my eternal form. That is in the beginning, being neutral, and that is ultimately what we have to see, that our actions are neutral, akarma. It’s not that you were good with me because you praised me, so I like you. This is a lack of purity. I have to have love for everyone, because that love can become the sustenance for that soul. That love can become support for that soul at the right moment. Without thought, action can not be done, but deep within that action is a very pure thought. I have seen some souls have very beautifully defined solutions to everything, and I notice they don’t want to hold anything for anyone and think based on that. So, when they find solutions, they are not only acceptable, but very appreciated. We also see the neutrality in that, they are neutral actions. Now is the time when we have to go beyond bad and good, sukarm and vikarma, and move towards akarma. So, reflect on this, churning is very important for this. So our homework will be to think before you do actions. It could be soul conscious, or my original stage, what I think of Baba, whatever we think of and do actions, that will be our homework.

Om Shanti

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