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Manmanabhav - Experiment with Knowledge and Yoga #22

Manmanabhav_22 Mohini_Didi April 22, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes, you are well, that's why you are here, and we are together. How great is our Teacher? Of course, our Father is great, but our Teacher is great and also Satguru Baba. I was thinking that listening to sakar murli is like getting directions, getting instructions. When you are on a journey, you need directions like which route to take, where to go. Those are directions and instructions, what we learned. So, sakar murli is very rich. In avyakt murli, we get a lot of points for dharna, inculcation for becoming avyakt, becoming angelic. Today Baba said that we should be economical and not waste. We cannot be a miser, we have to have a big heart, generous heart, but wastage is different. So, we value Baba’s Yagya very much and we apply those values not only for wealth, but time, energy, thoughts, everything. Everything is valuable. Today Baba also spoke about four types of service. Baba says that serving the self is to keep your timetable. Do proper amrit vela, traffic control, offer bhog, say ‘good night’ to Baba, read, listen to murli in the morning, revise murli whenever possible. So, when we maintain the time table, we are serving the self properly. We cannot miss anything by saying, “Oh, I was busy”. Of course we have to do seva and then, as Baba said, world service. Then Baba's third was mansa seva, because most of us will be serving through our pure thoughts, our good wishes. We are spreading the vibrations of God's love, vibrations of peace for all the souls of the world, so their eternal religion of peace can emerge.

So, mansa seva is important, but today Baba especially mentioned Yagya seva. Whether it is a small center or big center, we must do some karma yoga, whether you help in cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, or serving food. In our early days, we grew up with Yagya seva. Baba says that it is a separate account, we serve through words, body, mind and also wealth. Now some say, I don't have wealth. Like I will say, I never had a job, but Baba says, you can earn a subtle account by being economical. Secondly, Baba said that it’s not only subtle service economically, but our life, our service, should inspire others to use everything in a worthwhile way in the Yagya. If we serve from our heart, the souls will definitely have a thought to serve the Yagya also. In the sense of wealth, just imagine in practical, when we give, like today Baba said, you have to give old and get new, and that is becoming pure from impure. Baba says, “What will I do with it? I don't need it, but use it for the sustenance of Brahmins.” They had a big meeting, and they were talking about accommodation for Brahmins when they come to Shantivan. So, they can comfortably keep 15,000 proper accommodations. Then, thousands extra would just appear, so they had to find somewhere to accommodate, and that's where it looks a little crowded. So, money is going into construction and maintenance. Sometimes, I find out how much cooking oil they buy, because they have to cook for five thousand, twenty thousand. During Dadi Gulzar's time, we had 25,000 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, toli. So all of that food requires money. I always have a lot of bhavna for them to buy everything of good quality, food, fruits, whatever is needed. So, we're not giving to Baba, but we're creating our fortune. We are also being sustained. Everything, whether it's the internet, murli, anything that is done, needs money. Of course, Baba's children contribute to Baba's Yagya, depending on everyone's circumstances.

So, clarity comes when we listen to sarkar murli, otherwise where else can Baba tell you how to do, what to do? It's only in the morning class. In murli, Baba tells us everything. Some are personal directions that we can directly ask Baba, but there are general directions that Baba gives in murli. If you have attachment, it's not good, so to be trustee, then transfer it, exchange it with Baba. There are many who have seen how they transfer, and then also do our homework to be a consistent yogi. That means that yoga of the intellect shouldn't break, shouldn't get diverted, shouldn't get attracted, shouldn't get stuck with obstacles. Many things can happen, where the intellect gets a little disturbed, and doesn't have that concentration. How quickly can we connect it with Baba? Now I have to remember Baba, and we have to remain relaxed, no tension. When there is so much to do, the intellect definitely can get overwhelmed, and sometimes very tense. So, use the words ‘Baba is karankaravanhar’ and you will get cooperation, everything will be done in a very magical way. At least you are in a good stage. How long had we been listening to knowledge? Since we were spiritually born, right? Not a single day goes where Baba doesn't teach us. It's just listening for the points of murli, but it's the understanding of Brahmin life, understanding of the journey, the destination, and methods to move forward. It's not that Baba tells us from up above in paramdham. He comes in Brahma Baba, He shows us the path, and He tells us what could be the obstacles.

So, what we have to carry with us, in the form of sanskars, and what we have to use is necessary. I have a body, but there is no attachment. I am doing everything as a trustee. So, it's like doing things in practical, and also spiritually becoming elevated. So, just imagine both things are going on with our stage accumulation, getting elevated higher and physically also, whatever we have to do, we do it right. Today, Baba said in the blessing to always have awareness or sit on the seat of “I am a raj yogi”. That means I'm a king, and as a king I need controlling power and ruling power. We don't control others, we don't rule others, but we are self-sovereigns at the Confluence Age. Everything is under my control. I hear what I have to hear, I don't hear what I don't need to hear, I see what I need to see, I don't see what I don't need. All my senses, my organs are under control, and I give them directions on what to do, and what not to do, what to say, what not to say. The whole day, I live like a king as a raj yogi. So, it's very interesting to explore for a day or two, generally we just get a day. I use this point of knowledge at this particular time. I just stayed in yoga remembering Baba and didn't say anything, I saw how the vibration worked or the silence also made things happen. So, life becomes interesting, entertaining, but also elevated. You feel yourself as a king. It was so nice that even sometimes, according to someone, it may look like defeat, but actually it is victory. You are not affected by some misunderstandings or whatever circumstances, but you remain very stable, firm in faith, no doubt in the self or anyone else. So, let's experiment with knowledge and yoga, so that we can be constant yogis, always happy, always cheerful, always serving. That is the accomplishment of our Brahmin life.

Om Shanti


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