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Manmanabhav - Eternal Success #14

Manmanabhav_14 Mohini_Didi April 14,2022

Om Shanti! Happy Sadguruvaar Everyone!

So, everyone’s battery is fully charged, half charged, quarter charged? So, it’s quite an effort. Baba wants us to remain always connected with the Powerhouse. I think it’s practical. Look at our homes. We have electricity all the time because the houses are connected with a powerhouse. Here in the lokik world, there could be blackouts in the powerhouse sometimes also, then we don’t get electricity, we don’t have light. We know that Baba is the One who is the Lighthouse, the Powerhouse, Almighty, unlimited. So, we have to think not of connection, but how not to disconnect. We have to stay connected, but how? Why do I get disconnected? So, if we listen to sakaar Baba in the morning, Baba keeps saying that the intellect is pulled sometimes towards the body, sometimes situations, sometimes bodily relationships, or any kind of support, any dependency. So, when the intellect is not with Baba, it gets disconnected. Then to whatever extent the battery is charged, it keeps going, but it is not being charged more. That’s how I understood what Baba was saying.

So, we have to be careful not to disconnect, not to allow our intellect to be connected somewhere else. It does happen. Sometimes, I may be a little bit concerned about the body. Sometimes, I am concerned about other things. Yesterday, Baba said that small things, big things, all scenes of Drama come, and then subtle thoughts come, “How will it happen? Will it happen? Is it possible?” So, when subtle doubts are coming, the battery is low. That means intellect is not with Baba. So, I think we can experiment with that tomorrow and see where intellect gets pulled. Pulled in the sense of getting connected somewhere else, because the intellect is what has to be connected with Baba. Baba had been saying so much about the connection of the intellect, because one is to have thoughts, and the other is when the intellect is pulled or disconnected. I remember many times we turn on a machine, it doesn’t work, and we keep saying, “What’s wrong?” Then we realized that someone unplugged it. So, the first thing we have to check when a machine is not working is if the plug has been disconnected. That’s why Dadi Janki used to say that not only should your intellect be disconnected, but no one’s intellect should be pulled towards you either. It’s very subtle. We have done a lot of gross efforts, but now they are subtle. Of course, enthusiasm is very connected with our energy as well. When you feel weak or low energy, you don’t have enthusiasm. Baba wants us now to have enthusiasm all the time.

So, it was very good the way Baba explained to us. We can pay attention to see that our battery is charged fully so we have love, peace, happiness, enthusiasm, and all the experiences. So, for us, it’s not a question of stocking up, it’s more of remaining connected. That’s something very important. Of course, we also looked at our unlimited disinterest. Taking interest is good, but to what extent? Taking interest in something that we know is temporary, can have a lot of influence on the mind and intellect. Yesterday, we were talking about giving sakaash to the whole world. So, some were talking about some of the current situations, that we should give more sakaash there. As soon as we named one country, then there were others from Africa saying, “What about us? What about our countries? So, every country has some situation or other. I kept saying that this one is big. The whole world is getting ready to use their weapons, and everyone is involved. So, the more we think about it, there is a subtle influence. So, how to remain above everything like Brahma Baba? Baba said that Baba has to listen to news, but just to know how much we should listen also, we have to be very careful.

Manmanabhav actually is awareness, and awareness has a lot to do with remembrance. So, one of the awarenesses that you have to maintain that Baba has given us, is the blessing that each one of you children are eternally successful. You all have eternal power of accomplishment. I may forget, because that is the whole game of forgetting and remembering, awareness and forgetting. That is why we keep reminding each other also. That is why we are all together. If someone we find has weak thoughts, we say, “ Think of what Baba has said, you have that gift, you have that blessing.” So, reminding each other on the journey is very important. Some get tired on the journey, “It’s too long. I shouldn’t have actually started this journey.” However, we are about to reach! We have traveled so long, we are about to reach, and Baba is with us. He is our Companion. We all are together as a family. We all have success and accomplishment. So, let us do this homework of remaining aware of our eternal success.

Om Shanti

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