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Manmanabhav - Constant Yogi #21

Manmanabhav_21 Mohini_Didi April 21, 2022

Om Shanti. Happy Satguruvaar to Everyone!

Our Satguru Baba is very happy with us. So, if Baba is happy, we are also happy. Baba said that you might not know if you are moving forward or just standing still. Baba says, “You are progressing on your journey, and you are doing it smoothly”. Of course, the aim is to be consistent. Baba is saying that your mind, your intellect, your heart, and your body, all four are together in one place. Sometimes we find the intellect is pulled somewhere, or the heart has some other feelings, the mind has different thoughts. No, we should have all four. For a moment, if we think about mind, intellect, heart, and the body. With the body, of course, I am sitting in remembrance of Baba. When I’m sitting in remembrance, just check, do I have any subtle thoughts? The intellect might be wandering like, “Oh I still have to finish this, I haven't done that, I have so much to do.” That's generally what the intellect has; the list of things to do. If I’m sitting in Baba's remembrance, you think that remembrance won't help you to accomplish? Baba, very silently, is doing His task, we are just instruments. Sometimes we don't feel it, and don't see it. If you look at nature, the elements, air is circulating, sometimes it's more windy, sometimes less, but it is consistent. Even for one second, if in the whole universe, the air stops, we all won't survive. They are elements but they know it is not visible. Visible in the sense that okay if it's not windy that doesn't mean there is no wind, there is. Otherwise, how will you breathe? I am breathing because there is wind. It is the same with the body. There is always heat in the body, from where? These are like very silent, natural energies that sustain our lives, the same as Baba.

Baba's love, Baba's face, Baba's qualities, sustain all of us. Is it just my efforts? Sometimes, I feel yes of course whatever little we are able to do, but it's Baba who is sustaining us. Think about it, how we are able to be what we are, live a pure life, and have charitable thoughts and generosity. All that is not just my qualities. It’s Baba sustaining. Baba is actually making us feel this quality so that we can be good instruments, and we can use these qualities. In the lokik world, people say God is omnipresent. So, they say God is in everyone. He is not omnipresent, but as are the elements, the five elements, God is also eternal. His power also can consistently empower us, even if we have reached what Baba says is no degrees of purity, and we have lost peace completely. Still, the sparkle is there. We have to reclaim and become full. Every soul has every quality of God, a very low percentage, but it's there. A soul never extinguishes. So always remain as a light, “I am light, a point of light, I have all the qualities”. When I think about this, when I remember, I invoke, then the percentage keeps increasing. With Baba's love, Baba's care, Baba's sustenance at every step, you will find something emerging that I know is going to help. Sometimes you might see things in an ordinary way, but if you really pay attention, you will know it's from Baba. Baba is sending indications, Baba is sending directions, Baba is cooperating, Baba is giving blessings. He doesn't stop anytime. He's always serving and sustaining us. We also have those sanskars. What do we want to do all the time? Serve. Self-service, and we also want to sustain everyone.

So, even the sanskars of Baba are our sanskars. Only the percentage has to increase. We have to become full, but we already have all those qualities. I always feel and I think we are very Godly, very divine, very pure. Then Baba says, “16 degrees, you have to become complete”. So, that is what we are doing now, becoming like Baba. We are children of God, so we cannot be different, but we have to become 100%, we have to become complete, that's our aim. Then Baba has said that we have the task of establishment, construction. Constantly building ,brick after brick, but for that you have to have humility, no ego. When there is ego, whatever you have accumulated, you could lose. Ego is subtly very ambitious, “Then I will do this, then I will do this”. I always say, let's see what Baba wants us to do, not I. Each one of us should feel that Baba is directing my life. Its Baba, whatever we are able to do, whether service or receiving, its Baba. I can't do that. Baba is making me do it. The whole day I experience Baba as karankaravanhaar. I am karavanhar and Baba is the one who makes us do. I say, “Yes” to Baba, and then you see Baba's magic, how He does everything. If I am not in the awareness of karankaravanhaar, then the ego comes, “I am doing it, I can do it, I want to do this”. That's where a very subtle ego comes and wants acknowledgement. Baba says, “No, don't expect that praise”. Always praise Baba from your heart, and you will see the wonders. You will become such a good instrument. There will always be unlimited service for you, unlimited opportunities.

So, feel Baba’s presence so that remembrance is natural, and remembrance is consistent. Just imagine for a moment, if you can’t breathe, what you feel. Even for a moment, if Baba's presence is not with me, what will happen to me? One could get very lost. So, keep this awareness of the presence of Baba and that we have to do everything through remembrance. Baba is karankaravanhar. Baba is the one who is my Parents. Baba the one teaching me, one relationship after another. So, this will make our remembrance consistent, feeling that presence. It's not only remembrance through the intellect, or remembrance through the mind, but the soul feels Baba, that He is with me, He is for me, He is loving, He is sweet, my Baba. Many wonder how I can just keep remembering Baba all day while walking and talking. You have to think that Baba is karankaravanhaar, not that, “Yes, He is anyway, so I forgot”. If I forget, then ego will come, “I” will come. Then of course, you are not able to be a good instrument in the best task of constructing, building, and renovating. The whole universe is changing. It is possible that we could be remembering Baba for the whole day. Yes, it's not that I just sit in front of Baba, in Baba's room, and now the whole day I will sit. Nobody can do that. Everyone needs to use their body, take new actions, charitable good reactions, normal actions, but do all with this awareness of Baba as karankaravanhaar, Baba as my Parents, some relationship or other. I’m sure that all of us will one day say, “Oh, I really feel Baba is with me the whole day”. Then your abilities will increase, you will be able to serve more, and everyone definitely will be able to experience God in your presence. I’m sure everyone is very internally tempted to do it. Just keep the awareness of Baba, my Baba, Baba as karankaravanhaar, any kind of awareness. That awareness will keep you in remembrance, and then you will be constantly happy.

Om Shanti

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