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Manmanabhav - Complete renunciate #27

Manmanabhav_27 Mohini Didi April 27, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? Everyone well? Yes? Very good! That's the blessing, to keep well. Always nice to know everyone is present in Avyakti Parivar, and always well. When we keep ourselves spiritually well, then everything goes well, because the battery is fully charged.

So, we start with BapDada's sweet versions. Baba had been talking about being loveful and being merciful. We need to be merciful at this time, but what kind of mercy? How to be merciful? Baba said that you have to be knowledgeful to be merciful. Sometimes our heart may have sympathy for someone, but before we didn't know what true mercy is. Baba said that when you give respect to someone and that soul’s self-respect increases, the soul will have enthusiasm and courage. Now, who would think that that's also an act of charity, or that's a mercy? Generally, we see mercy more as providing people with food, or money, or any basic needs they have, donating something. However, Baba is teaching us that the highest donation, the highest charity you can do to help souls, is to increase their either abilities or self-respect, or powers. So, we learn now what mercy is, because sometimes there are karmic accounts where you could feel merciful, but then you are trapped, caught up, and you could be in a big bondage. I have seen many such situations, especially these days, where out of mercy, you find that nobody deceived you, but you got deceived. That is why Baba has set certain guidelines for us. If I don't follow guidelines, then how do I know if I am merciful because of karmic accounts, or I am truly merciful? Baba used to say that some are caught up in bondage. I have seen so many mothers that because of little needs, they won't make themselves free. They tie themselves and they say, “Well as a mother, you have to be merciful”. Brahma Baba used to tell us that you have an aim, so you have to go to class, you have to do some service, and also take care of your family. So, at least I am very careful because we all are merciful, we have good hearts, but how to use that mercy?

Baba is also talking about three aspects; carelessness, jealousy, and dislike.

Carelessness is something very subtle, because every day I am doing very well, there is contentment. However, I have to improve, I have to progress. I have to do something more, a little more, if not on a physical level, then subtly, somewhere. All the time there should be this thought, “What more can we do?” What more can we do, either for the self, for the Yagya, for any kind of service? Then there is jealousy. I always since childhood knew that my fortune is my fortune. You can share your fortune, but no one can snatch your fortune. Your part is your part, even if we try to play someone else's part. Once Dadi Prakashmani said that yes we can be Dadis, number one, but I cannot be Momma. Momma was one, and no one can play that part. So, for each one of us, why not concentrate on playing our own parts accurately, perfectly, instead of comparing? You cannot compare, everyone is unique. Keep your uniqueness, keep your specialities, and keep playing your part. Of course, there is no dislike either. If everyone has one's own part to play, if I believe in Drama and in everyone's part, how can I dislike it? So, it's good to pay attention to these three aspects.

Our theme is Manmanabhav, but what is needed for the mind? What are the subtle obstacles or what inculcations can help me to be more in remembrance, to be consistent in remembrance? I always say that we have conquered the vices, but not Maya. So, we have to be very careful. That means I have to be a renunciate. We are all renunciates. How many things, how much have we renounced? There could just be some traces of sanskars left. So, our homework will be to pay attention to what traces emerge, because they repeat. Thoughts come in the mind and I know that yes, again, that sanskar is emerging. Instead of saying to another person that you always do this or that, or blaming the scene of Drama, my reaction, my response is the same because my thinking is not changing. Whatever happens, when you don’t get your intention, then gradually you find you're getting impatient, you're getting a little stressed, you're getting little tension. If you want to pass with honor, then until the last minute, there will be some test or another.

We used to look at our Dadis using power of love, power of peace, power of yoga, all the cooperation, everything that is required for service, for the Yagya, automatically comes. Brahma Baba always remembered, “I have to be avyakt, I have to be an angel, I have to be perfect”. So, he did everything until the last day, he even took his evening class, he wrote all the letters, performed all the duties. However, internally, he knew that, “I have to be an angel, I have to be perfect”. So, we all always remember, “If this is my last moment, am I perfect?” Any moment can be the last moment, and we cannot say, “Just give me another ten minutes to get ready”. That is what Baba calls ‘eveready’. So, when there is complete renunciation, then there is that inner stability, the stage of Manmanabhav. I have to leave this body in remembrance of Baba, in a stage of perfection.

So, our homework is to look at the traces that emerge from time to time. It's like little sub-branches of the vices. Mamma used to say, “If you have a chronic sickness, you get well, but the weakness of that sickness takes longer”. So, I always remember that they're not vices, but they are weak points. We all know the weak points, where I just can't handle anymore. Why do we reach that point? Keep strong, no weaknesses, because then the same sanskar will emerge again. Let's say if I give up on something now, that can happen with anything, anytime. So, when the thought comes, I say, “No, I will continue. Baba's help will come”. So, look at yourself and try to see that you are strong and stable, consistent, and a conqueror, victorious. Okay, so we will do that homework tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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