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Manmanabhav - Children of the Bestower #18

Manmanabhav_18 Mohini_Didi April 18, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

When there is awareness there is intoxication and attainments. Awareness is remembrance. One is to remember Baba, the other is to remember “who am I?”. When I think of Baba, I also have to think about this present life. Even for seconds think, we have been adopted, we are the mouth born progeny of Brahma Baba. Baba said we are true Brahmins, not only are you children celibate, but your sparkle on your face and your activities is what is called Brahmachari. Shiv Baba gave knowledge and we all understand knowledge, but Brahma Baba was the first one to implement that and to create that life. Even looking at the picture of Brahma Baba, we see that sparkle of spirituality. We use a word called alokik. Alokik is spiritual, one is lokik, other is alokik. I remember a lot of people would keep looking at us and say, you all are different from other people. One is awareness of lokik, my personality, my education, my lokik family, but other is whose child I am. Shiv Baba has adopted me through Brahma. When I am saying it, my goose pimples rise thinking how fortunate we are, and if that awareness remains, then our thoughts, words, actions, all will be alokik. We will not look at anyone or say things to anyone in a lokik way. Lokik is ordinary, alokik is spiritual. When obstacles and opposition were happening, Brahma Baba was still cheerful, smiling, because he had awareness that victory is with us, because Baba is with us. Until the last minute everyone would be a little bit concerned and we all would say Baba. Baba was carefree.

When you are humble and you have a sparkle of spirituality, you are at world service. It's not those who are important in the BK family who are the only world servers, each one of you are world servers. Dadi Prakashmani used to tell us, I come every day in the morning class thinking I have to be there, I have to be number one. Her example, just coming to class on time, is serving the world. Every act we perform, any one of us, is a kind of world service. You become a good example. How spirituality is in my thoughts, words, and actions, is because of our purity. Whether it is spirituality or purity, we are following the code of conduct, the way Baba took every step in his life. Some say they never knew him, but we can always find out by listening to Baba’s murli which is also Baba shrimat.

Our practice is also to be a bestower. Giving is not just money or doing something, you can give even through your thoughts. Have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. Didi Manmohini used to tell us, you all are God's goddesses, so give blessings to everyone, always use words which are words of blessing. Those blessings will help that soul to do everything elevated. If we say ordinary words then actions will be ordinary and if you want to see the soul's performance elevated, then give blessings through your words. Mama would say, “you are doing so well, you have so many qualities.” She said that if you only point out weakness then all that soul remembers is weakness. You don't have to point out what they don’t have. I remember there was a soul and she wanted to leave and I just said, “Maybe you need some more power.” She felt very bad. She said, “You mean I don't have power?” I said, “No, what I meant is that, maybe with more power you wouldn't have decided to do this.” After that I am always very careful with what I say. Even if what you're saying is not wrong, it doesn't give the soul strength, empowerment or God's love. The capacity of souls increases only when you give blessings. Be a bestower in whatever way we can to help to encourage, empower and increase the soul's enthusiasm. You can be a bestower in many different ways.

Reflect on that, practice and have the intoxication that I am a child of the Bestower. I find that the more you give, the more you receive. If you give one blessing, you will get many blessings in return. It’s at the confluence age that Baba bestows.

Om shanti

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