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Make Yourself The Practical Proof In Front Of The World #12

Determined_Thought_12 Mohini_Didi February 12, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

You feel like you are in Shantivan, yes? How many of you have been to Shantivan? Majority of you, very good! Good time to be here, there are people, not a very big crowd, easy to move around. Yesterday we had flag hoisting in Gyan Sarovar and after that we went to Global Hospital. So we are also celebrating our alokik spiritual birth. Mine will be 60, 65, 65th birth, old in both ways, with the body and the soul, but still we are children. Amazingly, looking at our efforts, looking at our image, people ask what you all do? How do you do it? Who is teaching you? How are you able to be stable in all situations? How do you maintain your stability? There are so many questions people ask. I'm sure that you all also must be having similar experiences within your family, at work place, even with strangers at different places, how do you all maintain? Especially at the time when there is so much crisis, problems for every small thing, people argue, people fight, but we don't get involved. We know that when something happens and you see it, you witness it. When there is an investigation they will ask you what you saw. Dadi Janki used to say, “I don't see it then I don't have to give testimony in front of the law whether it's police or court. If I witness something, I become part of that.” Baba said, “You don't see it, so you do not participate in any way”. As soon as we know what the situation is, we start serving, remembering Baba, keeping peaceful vibrations.

One aspect of the magic is our love for Baba. Definitely in our hearts we take care of family, all our friends, our contacts, but there is love only for One Baba. Our intellect always pulls towards Baba, and one of the ways it's pulled towards Baba is remembering what Baba teaches us. Then I immediately feel a very beautiful thing is coming in front of me. It’s Sakar Baba’s interaction with us, his love for us, very loving but also very detached. When there is the Father's Love, my love for Baba and Baba's love for us also is magic. We share knowledge by giving lectures and also giving knowledge at work and in the family. You are able to accomplish the goal, or you are able to touch the hearts of others because they also get whatever they want. That is called ‘siddhi’. Today we are able to communicate, we are able to see each other because of technology. Once we were in traffic in New York with Dadi Janki, one brother was driving, and Dadi started talking about traffic control. She said, “Don't worry, don't get tense, whatever happens, just let's go, keep your mind very peaceful.” When there is traffic, whatever happens, if you keep thinking, the tension keeps growing. So for us, we become very peaceful, give a good vibration, remember Baba, so that everything gets clear. If we keep our mind clear, the traffic of the mind is clear, then traffic on the road will also get clear. Whenever I meet that person, he always tells me, since I heard traffic control, I also turned on music in the car. That means the one point he got 50 years ago, he keeps thinking of that. So one is sharing knowledge, the other is sharing methods. Avyakti signal is saying to apply knowledge in practical life. If you look unwell, nobody will ask you why you are not well, but if you look well with all whatever is happening around you, everyone will ask how you did it?

I remember once, some people say things which doesn't mean anything but for me it doesn't bother me. It's alright, this is what they think, but that's not what I am. So I remain very calm. People keep saying, “How did you manage? You didn't even show the sign of anger.” I said, “Why would I get angry? It’s the wrong action of another person, why do I have to be upset?” If I am doing something, then it will bother me, not because someone else is doing it. In today's world, it's only when you can remain peaceful, you can remain loveful, you are very kind, you are generous, loving whatever, that's where people will ask you and that's where you will be able to say and reveal Baba. If there is a brilliant student, they will know that you study well but then they will say, “Who was your professor? Who taught you?” So when we share methods, who gives us the method? We say, okay God gave to us then we say Brahma Baba, and the introduction will come.

So I think it's very inspiring for today's Avyakt signal, to reveal Baba by sharing the methods, not sharing the knowledge. You use knowledge, you create methods, and it's really wonder, because generally when we come, we take at least two or three days to feel normal after the journey. In Delhi also, the whole day because of President we had to be there early in the morning, you cannot go out. Of course I was fortunate to have room and everything, but people have to sit in the hall at 10, and cannot come out until two. So it was quite a busy day, we came here and I heard there is flag hoisting in Pandav Bhavan. Generally we are not able to go to Pandav Bhavan until the end and we have come here for meetings. The meetings are starting from the 13th evening until the 28th. It’s amazing. I could say that yes, the body was tired last night, but I am very well. So it’s Baba's power, but always remember that Baba can only help you or you can get power from Him, if you keep your stage good. If you are fluctuating, getting up and down, set and upset, you can't experience Baba's power. I kept reminding everyone to keep yourself in the stage that Baba wants from us, experience God's help, God's power. So, I think that we will take this homework for today, do so well that let everyone ask you the method and you can reveal God through His teachings. So, I'm sure you all will practise and be able to reveal Baba from your perfect stage.

Om Shanti

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