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Make yourself powerful #30

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_30 Mohini_Didi May, 30,2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Very good. It's good to be together in a family here. Baba asks questions, and also gives answers. Then He gives answers and keeps asking questions so that we can check ourselves. Any priest or prince, whether it is a priest or prince, have you ever seen any of them without tilak? A priest has a tilak of awareness and a prince has a tilak of victory. What are we? We are Brahmins and we are becoming deities. So this awareness is a tilak. I am a Brahmin and I am becoming a prince. This awareness or this thought has power. Baba says that being a Brahmin means to be stable, don’t become sometimes a warrior, sometimes a Brahmin. When you see something unlimited, something big, something difficult, don’t get influenced. If you do, a little inner conflict begins, wasteful thoughts come, so we become warriors for a short time. Everyone has that experience, but now what do we have to do? Whatever the situation, we may feel that we could have done better. Maybe we could have avoided the situation. When it is already there, then what do you do? We should remain unshakeable and have a powerful mind. See the Drama and what Baba does. A lot of miracles also happen. I like when Baba is saying that a Brahmin has to be unshakeable.

So check to see within 24 hours, how many times I was a warrior? Check that you are not fighting with others nor within yourself. When within there is conflict, then it creates conflict outside also. It's a beautiful, subtle effort that we have to pay attention to, so we should do our homework well. Baba is saying that you can serve through your mind only if your mind is powerful. So don’t allow your mind to be weak, because then you cannot do anything. It doesn’t think right, it doesn’t say right things. If we keep our thoughts elevated, not allow it to drop from elevated, that will spread, create more atmosphere where, whatever you need, any kind of cooperation you need, it will come. Then thoughts like, “How will it happen? Will it happen? It might not happen, then probably it wouldn't happen. For me internally, I always say, “Yes, it is going to happen, it will be there, it’s going to be there, it's going to be okay.” We should not doubt or question what we decided, this makes our minds weak. What is done is done already. Whether we are here, or we are in a big crowd or a big gathering, what is very important is to create an environment of joy and happiness.

In Pandav Bhavan, at the back stairs where you go to the VIP dining room which used to be a general dining room, in one of the rooms next to that ,there was one brother who would sit there with a one big pot of milk. So everyone, after eating, they have their glass and he would pour from a big jug. One time they didn’t have enough, so they went to Baba and told Baba that we don’t think we can give milk to everyone, anymore. Baba said, “Today I will distribute milk.” So Baba came from his room and sat there. Everyone knows Baba is giving milk, so now when you take milk from Baba you have to take drishti from Baba. While taking drishti, they didn’t even see if it was half cup or not. So the milk was enough. You know this whole thing of drishti and environment can get everything done. Nobody will be upset or discontent, they were all happy that Baba gave them milk, whatever the quantity.

So, I feel that this whole month, we have done our homework on mansa seva, so we have to use all that in this month of June. There will be many gatherings, many meetings, and a lot of karma yoga, but we will create such an environment, we will create such energy that everything will work joyfully, peacefully, smoothly. That is why our homework is to have a powerful mind, not weak, because weak is a little doubtful. Baba is saying that if you want to pass with honors, you have to serve through mind, words, and actions, all three. So, I think we have to give ourselves this homework and just be ready and see how God’s power, our power, everyone’s power, works. Then everyone will be satisfied, joyful, and will experience all the attainments. That’s what my feelings are.

Om Shanti


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