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Make your Thoughts Pure, Filled with Knowledge and Power #16

Volcanic_Yoga_16 Mohini_Didi August 16, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, right? You could see that we are at our original place now. For a few days, it was a wonderful experience to be with the big family in Toronto. Some also came from other parts of Canada. So, it's really not only growing, but growing very strong, a lot of commitment and love for Yagya. So with volcanic Yoga, every day is another piece of wood, so that the fire can remain very strong. Baba had been talking about our personality of purity, spiritual personality. We play the song of five forms, and Baba has explained to us in this Murli, Baba is revising about the experience of being eternal and incorporeal. Eternal is incorporated at home, silence, peace, and purity. It is at the Confluence Age that as much as we practise the eternal stage, that much in that stage the activity, the interaction, relationships, whatever we do, emerges as original. Where do we create original? Original is the deity form. So deity form is here, Brahman to angel, angel to deity. I remind myself that the eternal stage is good, but that is not only in awareness but it has to be in actions. When eternal is in action, that means, with everyone you have love, you are constantly very peaceful, and for everyone you have good wishes. When that happens, then the divine sanskars are formed, divine virtues are inculcated. I say in my eternal stage that I have patience, and that patience is practical whether it is with other Brahmins or other lokik people. So use that eternal stage to create the original stage, and then from there onwards becoming worthy of worship.

Even if we are worshipers, Baba says your quality of worshipping is very high. We start worshipping One Baba, Shiva, then the deities, then people reach a stage where they will start worshipping gurus and the five elements. So, Baba says that is Rajoguni and then Tamoguni. There are so many different kinds of worshippers. Some worshippers are of Lakshmi and Narayan, deities, and then gradually worshipping also becomes Tamopradhan. Then Baba comes and gives us knowledge and we become Baba’s children, mouth-born progeny-Brahmins. Baba is saying that now, even if we have become Brahmins, the shudra sanskars are still in the soul. That could be called alloy because in body consciousness, knowingly or unknowingly, we make a lot of mistakes, and now because we are becoming perfect, we come to know every little mistake we make. Even if we have thoughts that are not that pure, we immediately realise that oh I shouldn't think that, I should have good wishes, I should have pure feelings. We are becoming angels, so we immediately come to know our weaknesses and we change them.

Baba is giving us homework that our thoughts should be pure, based on knowledge and powerful. This really makes us think that it's not just good enough to be okay, but the whole day, we are using the points of knowledge, so that our stage is very powerful. Baba is saying that now when your thoughts are pure, then your vibrations, your attitude and your good wishes will make Maya run away. Anything that is negative cannot come close to purity, it will run away. So we have to stay very pure so that nothing negative can touch us. Baba said that you have to be careful because impurity also makes you very investigative. Why did it happen? How did it happen? Who did it? Why do we need to know who did it? That means there is a lot of interest still in finding out about situations, then all of that will stay in.

A lot of people try to understand what Maya is. Someone says something and you start thinking, analysing, many different ways will affect you. It’s Maya, and Maya is trying to provoke you so that you're not able to understand the bhavna of someone, the pure feelings of another person. So, it's very interesting how Maya comes. One doesn't know, but once you are disturbed about something, subtle anger emerges, you lose your enthusiasm, all these things happen because Maya has come. Today in Murli, Baba said that you should become conqueror of Maya. That's okay this time, this happened, and I knew it was not right, so I won't take it next time. It's like a lot of progress happens in us that we don't react, we don't take it, but we just say “Okay, this is one of the scenes of Drama, the part of that soul.” Even knowing that that soul might not have good intentions, but I don't take it. It's very interesting that when you remain very stable and maintain your purity, you also maintain your self-respect. So, it's very beautiful homework for tomorrow to have pure, knowledgeful, and powerful thoughts.

Om Shanti


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