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Make Your Present and Your Future Free From Obstacles #28

Honest_Heart_28 Mohini_Didi December 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

When we listen to Baba, each one of us is inspired by different aspects. It had been almost 28 days that we had been listening to Avyakt BapDada’s Murlis, the main points on how important it is to have an honest heart and clean heart so that we can be seated on Baba’s heart throne. If there is anything in us, if it’s a little bit harsh or hard, then I don’t think it’s easy to just go and sit on Baba’s heart throne. Sometimes I imagine, make myself feel that I am going and now sitting on Baba’s heart throne. You know that the heart is the most delicate part in the body, it pleases quickly, and it gets hurt quickly. Yesterday, we talked about big heart and big Baba. Every quality like generosity, kindness, compassion, sweetness, is really the heart’s quality, not the intellect. One can be very intelligent and successful based on that, but there will be difficulties with relationships or there might be other difficulties. I had been thinking a lot about my relationship with nature. When you are watering plants or you are watering trees or something, what is your intention? Flowers should be fresh, they should blossom because when you look at them, they look very beautiful, right? So they should look beautiful but also it’s their survival also. So I have been thinking about how very deep our intentions are and if they are from the heart. A gardener, and a farmer will have a lot of love, but it will just be for getting a good harvest or good fruits or good vegetables. Everything in nature provides us with something. Where does all the grains and food come from? Cultivation and farming still needs sunlight and water, and air. Even if they need electricity, where will it come from? So, the source is really the five elements. So when we see the elements as a source, then our love and gratitude towards the source will be different than what we get out of all that.

Today, the big one is to be free from obstacles at present and in future. So some of the obstacles at present are that as a Baba’s child, you have a certain personality and then you have certain desires connected with that. You try to get them fulfilled and when it doesn't happen, you always blame someone else, right? Some even say “Oh, I didn’t get this from the Yagya, I didn’t get support, I didn’t get this.” I said ‘no’, because all attainments are based on, as Baba said, your effort, but also honesty. So many souls get disappointed or they leave their right path and they go into their own personality. The giving, talking, connecting, meditation, everything has their personal influence, not original, spiritual, as Baba wants and that is happening more and more. It’s a big obstacle, not only for your journey but also for Baba’s Yagya. There are so many like this now, where they’re promoting the self, our method, our style, our way of speaking, but what is Baba’s original knowledge? What is spirituality? That is very important. So the obstacle is here internally not feeling satisfied and second the influence of others. So this morning when I was reading Murli, the knowledgeful Father is giving you knowledge. The Purifier Father is giving you knowledge. So why is Baba reminding who is giving knowledge? When you are listening to knowledge from Baba originally, you are becoming pure, which cannot happen listening to any good lecture. He is Almighty, so from where else you will get power? So I really felt how much we should remind ourselves God is speaking to me. This Murli, every word God is speaking because when God is speaking and you’re listening, you receive what God is and you become like God, otherwise you label yourself or something else, follower of this one, follower of that one.

There is also the influence of whatever is happening around us in the world, even if you say, “I don’t.” I know what is happening in many places, political parties, why should you be influenced by them? Whatever happens, it’s alright. How am I directly connected with that? That is why Baba said that even if you are listening to news for information, if you go deeper, there is an effect on the mind. So at present, that is happening a lot, these are obstacles and in future, as we know this journey is very interesting, on one hand it’s becoming easy. Baba always says that when you go higher and higher, it is steep climbing. Sometimes you can feel a lack of oxygen, you could feel breathless, right? Many are about to reach the top and they fall down, they can’t continue. That could happen even for all of us. So at least be very careful, it’s the last part of the journey, and Baba wants a completely pure honest clean heart. So future obstacles will be very subtle obstacles. It’s only Shrimat that will take you straight on to the point of your destination, that is whether it is cleaning, self-sovereignty, whether it is claiming inheritance from Baba or even claiming your status in the Golden Age.

So it’s a time which is very rewarding but very delicate, and we have to be really pure, subtle. I call it innocent, just be with Baba, don’t try to be different. Expert, yes there are many experts now, many people are motivational, they tell you stories and all that. I have to just serve the souls to increase their courage, to increase their love for Baba, so that they can be near Baba and feel belonging. This is true service at this time of all the souls whether within the BK family or outside. Intellectual stimulation for a while carries you, but not for a long time. Remembrance, pure remembrance, unadulterated without any desire is where Baba says that all your desires are fulfilled. Even if we don't have desires, you get more than what you can think of, not in the form of success, but internally. Then, what you have, you offer to others, bringing souls close to the Yagya. How else can they create fortune, how can their capacity to create fortune increase? It’s not my interest, right? It’s not what I want but whatever Baba wants, how we help souls to understand that and receive that, because that inheritance will last for 21 births. Nothing that a human being gives, the reward carries on for so many births, birth after birth, not only that but whole kalpa actually. So it’s very interesting to look at when we plan programs. What will people like? I said no, what would Baba like? So obstacles come, many different influences. We have travelled so far, we want to reach our destination and carry others togethers with us, so that we can reach our stage of perfection.

Om Shanti

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