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Make the Stage of Soul Consciousness Your Natural Nature #20

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_20 Mohini_Didi November 20, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba wants us to create awareness, and awareness has power. Especially three things Baba said. One is our spiritual birth. When Baba came, He looked at us as souls and gave us the knowledge, the introduction of each one of us as souls. I think that is one point that immediately touched our hearts, that the body is the chariot. I have the body to play my part, but originally eternally I am a soul. The way the definition of the soul was explained is not in any scripture. Baba says that there is mind, there is intellect, there are sanskars within the soul, but generally they believe that mind is separate. They don't talk much about the connection of the intellect and the soul. So, they always talk as if the mind is a separate entity, but Baba says within the energy, within the consciousness, within the soul there are three faculties - three abilities. One is the power to think, that is the mind. The power to discern, reasoning, all that is in the intellect. Whatever actions we do, the impressions that are left in the soul, kind of a print in the soul, are our sanksars. Originally the soul is pure, which I think most people believe. The way they describe purity is that the soul remains pure forever and it is the mind that becomes impure, thoughts become impure, not the soul. Baba says that no, the soul becomes impure, the alloy, the imprints of sinful actions make the soul impure. So then Baba comes and makes the soul pure. It is through the remembrance of Baba that you burn the fire of yoga or in that fire whatever has been mixed in the soul gets removed, gets burned, and we become pure gold.

So, there is the definition of the soul, but not complete the way Baba explains. I think that now we understand very clearly, like when Baba talks of silence. The mind and intellect are merged and don't connect with the body. So Baba is saying, it is birth then relationships, and third is all attainments from Baba. Then Baba always reminds us, it's very easy to remember Baba, because you have all three main relationships with One, so you are remembering only One Father, Teacher, and Satguru. It’s very interesting when you think of what you are getting from the Father, the inheritance, there will be remembrance. What you are being taught, when you think of knowledge, there is remembrance. Then when you think of blessings, liberation, that also is in other words, remembrance. Baba talks about all attainments, purity. From purity emerges love, we are able to love everyone. In our hearts, we have good feelings, good wishes for everyone. Before, love was based on relationship, love for mother and love for auntie, now both are souls. Then Baba talks about all attainments. So birth, my relationships, and all attainments from Baba.

Now, how do I make soul consciousness my natural nature? One is to consider one ownself as a soul, reminding myself, emerging original qualities, but the other is to look at others as souls. That's a very powerful practice. When I'm talking to someone, especially when you start giving the seven days course, you have to sit in Baba’s room, practice that you will look at the person as a soul, and then you give knowledge. If you're talking to anyone in different relationships, your friend or your uncle or anyone, then also you practise to look at them as souls. So what else is found that when we practice looking at others with soul consciousness, it's very powerful because you are automatically reminded of yourself as a soul. Just imagine you are talking to the soul, you are giving knowledge to the soul, you are looking at the soul. Build, create a very powerful stage of the awareness of soul consciousness or they are souls and everyone is playing their part through the body. So when you look at different parts being played, remind yourself the soul is playing the part, or when we think of our relationships, we are souls, we are brothers, children of One. That practice is also very powerful. So, we are all children of One. So look at the soul with different color, different religion, different faith, but just have the thought that we're all children of One. So in this way, applying, becoming aware, interacting with others as souls, becomes very real. The first part definitely is to practice to have awareness for yourself as a soul, but the second is as I said it could be a big support to create soul consciousness is, looking at others as souls. I think it will be very powerful, we all can experiment and see that when you are seeing others as souls, what's the difference? Baba is saying to make it as our natural nature. That's only possible when you're looking at others as souls, playing their part through different bodies. So, my attention is not going towards the body or towards bodily relationships.

So, all the aspects that Baba explains about the soul, I apply to create awareness and also I look at others as souls. This is an unlimited Drama. All souls are at their retirement stage, the final stage of tamogun. So, applying points of all knowledge towards other souls can be very useful. Baba is saying that body consciousness has become natural because in body consciousness we perform actions. So, after seeing everyone as a soul, the third is when you have awareness that I am a soul also playing a part through this body. So, you will look at your percentage of soul consciousness, and keep increasing everyday. We practice and I'm sure our nature up to a certain extent has already become soul conscious. That's why we are peaceful when we look at others, we have love, all these are qualities of soul consciousness.

Om Shanti


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