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Make the Speciality of Brahmin Life Your Natural Nature #22

Transformaton_of_Old_Sanskars_22 Mohini_Didi November 22, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba keeps reminding us that there are three types of advice. One is from your own mind, we do hear whatever the mind has to say. Then there is what others advise, the opinion of others, and third is Baba’s elevated advice, Shrimat. Baba says that at Confluence Age, as a Brahmin, your speciality is to make easy efforts. Efforts are easy, because you get power, strength, and specialties. We feel attainments and we compare with others that our life is full of dignity, love, and also the life where others always wanted something, but our life is to give something. We know the more we give, the more we receive. Another speciality is the awareness that I am special and I have to become like my Father, because that’s the aim Baba has given to us. It’s not difficult, I have always been like Baba, but Baba is the Ocean, and I am just a drop until I become a master ocean. We always say Baba is the Ocean of Love, I am a drop of love, embodiment of love, image of love, and then gradually our love keeps increasing. You all must be feeling this transformation. Before I could give very little, and now I can give more and more. So, that means you are becoming a master ocean, master bestowers.

It’s very beautiful keeping awareness of what I am at the Confluence Age. Baba has told us that I am a special soul, easy efforts, becoming like Baba. I was thinking that purity is also the speciality of Brahmin life, and that purity is also extreme, total purity. That is soul-consciousness, incorporeal, viceless, and this kind of purity, which we have, is the source of all the virtues. There is self respect, there is humility, there is love, peace, all the qualities that are emerging, are emerging from the quality of purity. The same is the experience of peace that we have through that purity. When it comes to love, it’s God’s love. God’s love has power, it’s really selfless. It’s very special, and I think people do feel that not only Brahma Kumaris love everyone, but they are loving and also very detached. I just wanted to let you all know that in India, I think it’s everywhere, in NewYork too, a lot of flu is going around. I have been meeting a lot of groups, big groups and many had infection. Last night, we had a beautiful meeting of 150 senior teachers. Sometimes Baba wants us to be in silence. It’s not COVID or anything serious, just a normal cold. Weather is changing, and there are some allergies. So today Brother Ken will talk a little more.

Om Shanti

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