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Make everyone enthusiastic #16


Mohini_Didi. November 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes, happy? All the four subjects : knowledge, yoga, virtues and service are very deeply connected because when you have to inculcate a virtue then you need to use knowledge. If you want to have good yoga then again you need not only knowledge but also virtues. So every subject, they are so deeply connected with each other and we know that stability always is when there are all the four legs of a chair are equal. Even if one is one inch less in length, your chair will shake, same is our stability because many many Baba’s children say that how can we be stable- unshakeable? One of the way is to have all the four subjects equally not only understood but also in practice and be embodiment. So that means when we study Murli, we revise Murli, churn Murli it will help us to improve our yoga, remembrance of Baba will be naturally more and when yoga is good then the virtues automatically work and then when virtues are there you will become a good instrument and Baba will be able to use you for unlimited service, for world service. So every day we start with studies. So Murli is important, study of Murli, revision of Murli, churning of Murli all are important. I was seeing in some of Baba's children this ever-readiness, availability. If we don't make ourselves available then there is always an excuse of not having time, being too busy. Those who have enthusiasm, they are ever ready, they make time, they are full of enthusiasm. I have seen the souls, those who study properly, they study Murli properly, they have a lot of enthusiasm, they're ready to do anything not say oh I am not ready, I am not prepared, I have to yet you know it's like always some reason or other. So study I found very very important.

Today Baba is talking about the quality of enthusiasm. Are you always enthusiastic or you postpone or delay the things? When it's lack of enthusiasm for something, say no I don't think I can do now. I don't think it's the right time to do. I don't have enough time you know then excuses, excuses are not good. If you cannot do, still you try to do, the power will come and you will accomplish it. So I'm seeing more that one of the subject might be weak, so check both the legs, knowledge, yoga, dhana and service, which leg is shorter and this will help you to increase your enthusiasm. Today's practice, attention, checking is to look at ‘let your zeal and enthusiasm constantly increase at every step’. One day you will make this world full of enthusiasm, your kingdom therefore make everyone enthusiastic. It's like when you start something, some are very very enthusiastic and half half the way when they finish half, they start losing enthusiasm. Let's finish it here, let's not do it right, those kinds of thoughts come but those who have enthusiasm they complete it whatever happens. So within the personalities I observe that some have lot of enthusiasm and that gives them courage, that gives them patience because you have to keep courage then you have to have patience because few things might not immediately happen even if you are ready to do it. So it's very interesting therefore make everyone enthusiastic and receive blessings from Baba and everyone because Baba will look at you and Baba will see how you are constantly enthusiastic. So Baba gives blessings too.

Continue to receive blessings and to give blessings, with your blessings all souls will always be happy. Someone comes for blessing, I'm starting this Baba's center or I'm starting this service or I have this new project and they come for your blessings right. So not only we give them blessing but say the words which can increase their enthusiasm. When there is enthusiasm, there will be good speed also and with blessings the task will be accomplished. So I'm seeing it a very important quality but some have enthusiasm all the time and some don't. So our practice will be to have actually enthusiasm and receive blessings.

Om Shanti

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