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Make Effort from A True Heart #30

Honest_Heart_30 Mohini Didi December 30, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone happy? Does everyone have enough savings to go to Madhuban? There was a time when some countries used to tell Baba that they didn’t have enough money for tickets, like Russia and Poland. Now they are the biggest group. Somewhere our money gets multiplied. It may not be a lot of money, but at the right time for the right things, we always get money. Have a determined thought. We used to budget and put a hundred dollars for the ticket every month for going to Madhuban. Then we have to give in Madhuban. Somewhere Baba’s blessings are there on that money which I think we can not use anywhere else. Baba is invoking all of us to come to Madhuban. Baba wants to give us extra help.

How many of you like cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I am saying cleaning cleaning cleaning because the third they call, deep clean. Deep cleaning is dusting, wiping every corner. Rooms should be so clean nothing should be here and there. That’s how you will clean your heart. The connection is the sanskar of cleaning. I have seen some people’s rooms where there are clothes everywhere, things everywhere plus it’s not clean. If you do it everyday it won’t get dirty at all. Cleaning is a very good, very royal sanskar. I definitely recommend if tonight you find your room is not clean, clean it. Are you determined to have a clean room? You will get extra help and determination to do it now. One of the important cleanings is of Madhuban. Everyday they clean windows, ventilators. One time a Guru came and was wondering, “It’s so clean, let’s see the ventilators”. There was no dust. In India dust is considered to be part of life. In Baba’s home so much service is done because the place is clean. When it’s clean something blossoms in you and you feel cheerful. Something deep within you awakens when everything is clean.

These days to create that energy of cheerfulness even if our efforts are serious, we have to remain very happy and light. Effort is serious, but we have to be full of lightness with happiness and cleanliness. Something suddenly blossoms deep within you. I remember in Gayana a very rich man came and looked around. He asked who cleans the center. I said, “We clean it”. It's quite a big building, a few stories. He said he has four maids and still his home is not that clean. He said, “When you come to my island, I will give you a house for a center.” He gave us a big house just because he saw how we keep our places clean. That is why in the beginning we did a series on how to clean every night. There shouldn’t be any garbage in the kitchen or anywhere because it invokes very negative energy. Even if it’s very late or cold outside, still we go to throw the garbage because it can not be in the kitchen.

These habits are actually coming from our inner sanskars. If because of any reason, I reacted or something happened, you go to Baba’s room. “Baba this happened, forgive me. I don’t want to carry it. I will have good wishes.” You will see the magic in that. I am talking about reality. From a very young age I would go to Baba’s room. “Baba, this is your child. You take care because I don’t want to create any expectations.” Everyone comes here for Baba and each one of us does our best. That soul then immediately called and said, “I shouldn’t have done that.” I said, “Forget it, it’s past now.” That’s also one way of giving sakash. Give it to Baba and then have good wishes. Little things are always in the air and the best way is to give it to Baba. Dadi Janki was responsible for the Yagya. She said to everyone if there is anyone who is annoyed with me because of any reason, from the past, come to me we will talk and clear our misunderstanding. That way she knew that everyone was happy and pleased.

What is happening these days is a lot of people are getting mentally very influenced or confused. It affects you because of what is happening in the world plus so many other reasons. Baba said yesterday you should look at yourself, progress spiritually and capacity should increase. If not, somewhere the energy is blocked and it will affect the mind. It’s very important to keep as little information, only as much is necessary, whether it is world news or the Brahmin family. If you have a lot of information in your head that will affect your mind. We have to be very attentive, very careful so that there is no weakness. Just stay merged. Sometimes a storm of maya, or a lot of wasteful thoughts come, but from where are they coming? Which information and why did you take it? That is why I have been taking care of being detached, not only an observer but also listener. You can be a detached observer but if you are listening, everyone has their own story. Put Baba in between. “Baba, you are listening. Baba, you help. Baba you settle with this soul”. When you bring Baba in between you can be detached. Only see images which are very pure. Also always say beautiful things to each other so that whenever that soul thinks of you, they think of the words you said. That’s why Baba gives blessings. Sometimes you don’t remember blessings then take a card and read it because it’s a very delicate time, critical time. If there is still any weakness we don’t have much time, so have determination.

We are starting the month of January. Inspired from Dadi Prakashmani’s class, you will get one point of self respect and one point for Avyakti signal everyday. We will start from 1st but we are preparing ourselves in advance. It has to be serious in the sense of introverted, but energy should be very joyful, light, happy because sometimes when you are too serious some things can affect you. As much as peace is important, happiness and joy are also important.

Om Shanti

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