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Make A Chart For The Whole Day #13

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_13 Mohini Didi Mar 13th,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

This whole week we will be revising the Murli of last Sunday which is on love. Really listen to each word, feel it, and see within yourself how much love you have for Baba. Baba is saying that impossible will become possible. You will be freed from all the bondages and everything will work out without laboring. Baba doesn’t like children to be laboring in any way, whether in mind, body or in relationships. Baba wants children to be enjoying the confluence age. I think we all should experiment with it. We all should use it and see how the power of love works.

Today, the homework, the Avyakti signal for the savings scheme, is to look at our chart. I know one time Baba had said don’t just look at the chart externally, but you should look at it properly. Today Baba is saying, if you really want to accumulate, then you have to look at not what I didn’t do, but what I did. In the sense that today, I paid attention, and I didn’t speak loudly, forcefully, or waste but that’s not saving. Saving is actually when you use every power in a positive way. Let’s say you tolerated something, you didn't react or say anything. That’s not saving, but rather your response was very sweet, very nice, that's when you accumulate, because you used the power of sweetness. Any power which was needed, you used it. Baba is saying by using the power, you accumulate the power. It's very interesting the way Baba is saying that one is like your whole day, whether it's lokik or alokik, you are very busy doing ordinary tasks, but while doing the tasks, what did you accumulate? Many say that they have very good yoga but as soon as they start doing actions, then they lose their powers. Here Baba is saying that you can actually make your day very special by seeing that you are accumulating. When you are using powers, you are accumulating. You are becoming master almighty. Not responding is not power. Respond in a very nice way. If someone, for any reason, has lost hope, how will you help that soul? When you speak and think elevated thoughts about that soul, and say words which can help the soul to regain hope, that is accumulation. Baba is saying, in words we do it, but first we have to be doing that in our thoughts. Anything you say first comes in the mind. No matter what the other soul says or thinks of you, have good wishes. You have love. These are very subtle obstacles which come, and we have to remove them. We have to use the power. Subtle obstacles will come from past karmic accounts or difference of opinion.

Any differences can create obstacles. Now we have to have love for everyone, good wishes. Everyone is playing their part as they have to play. Keep the aim, not to think much about anyone's part. Don't react to anyone's part or criticize anyone's part. You accumulate and then you minus if you do something. Even for a person who is doing wrong, you cannot do wrong because you're not helping that soul. If you want to cooperate and help the soul, then you have to be very positive, very elevated, and a bestower. This is what actually Dadis have taught us, whether it is Dadi Prakashmini or Didi Manmohini, they always used to say, your words, your drishti, attitude, everything should be full of not only powers, but also blessings, because we want transformation. Transformation of the self and transformation of others. Transformation happens only when you give something positive. If the other person is like they're in darkness, what do you do? You don't condemn darkness, but you try to bring the light. It is the same in everyone's life, any sanskar they have, just ignore that sanskar so that you can help that soul to see in the light what is right. Otherwise it won't happen. See the soul as Baba would see, as an elevated soul. Even through your drishti, there will be a change of feelings, change of habits, because everyone just gets influenced by sanskars, by company. We have to be very careful. Even being in the company of whatever they're doing, I'm not going to do that. Sometimes we are influenced and we start doing, but everyone has to look at one's own sanskars or what I have accumulated. No one in the end will be able to help you in any way.

Brahma Baba didn't look at anyone. It's interesting that he could have taken support. In the beginning so many surrendered. Baba didn't take support. Sometimes I am really surprised at his courage, his faith. He didn't take help, but he gave. Even Mama, who was very strong, but in the end, Baba gave her a lot of love, lot of support when she was going through some settling of karmic accounts. Today I was thinking if we have to be like Baba, then what do we have to share with each other? Enthusiasm, hope, courage. Everything, actually. Silence, yoga with Baba, faith. So today what do we pay attention to? I have to save, I have to accumulate. Each one of us, we have our own account. We can never share. We can share what is in the account, but not the account. You might say but here, in the banks, you can have a second name, even on your credit card, but not in karmic accounts. Your thinking, your speaking, your behavior, your actions, everything is separate. In that you have to save, but also when you have savings, then you're also bestower. Keep remembering what I have to do all day, today, not what I don't have to do but what I have to do. Nothing should be ordinary. Everything should be spiritual. Especially when we do everything according to Baba's shrimat, then you are really following the right path. You will never be lost. And definitely you will be able to have savings in your account. Look at your chart, accumulate the whole day, and by nighttime, you should feel you have accumulated a lot.

Om Shanti.

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