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Madhuban - the place that is full of sweetness#14

Sweetness_and_Love_14                    Mohini_Didi                    February 14, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Baba’s beloved, lovely children, who are very sweet. Baba says that we are actors who are active, accurate, attractive. So love brings sweetness and we experience Baba’s love. That means what we are, wherever we are, in the sense of the spiritual stage, Baba always says,”sweet children”. That is why Baba has two residences; one is the Incorporeal World, Paramdham, and the second one is Madhuban. The whole year, Baba’s children wait to come to Madhuban. You all will be thinking, celebrating Valentine’s Day, hearing of beautiful cards with beautiful words within, but we know that our love is with Baba. Baba is our Beloved and we are Baba’s lovers. So keep your hearts full with God’s love, and use the energy of love through your drishti, actions, and even touch everything with a lot of love and sweetness. In Shantivan, there is a big, big ocean of Baba’s children. Every corner is full, every room is full, and the dining room is full. Everything is full, but still so much harmony. Whether getting Amritvela tea or night dinner, everything is on time. All sevadharis from all over, they come to help, whether it is volunteers for everything, sitting arrangements ,serving food, or transport. For six months, when Baba comes to meet children or children come to meet Baba, it’s a big celebration. One of the most important qualities that Baba is sharing is the quality of sweetness.This whole month we are talking about how sweetness brings all other virtues. Today, Baba is connecting sweetness with purity. Baba is saying that Madhuban, the place, is full of sweetness. Where there is sweetness, there is purity. I also see it the other way, that when there is purity, there is sweetness. You are all at our places because of service, but the minds of all are always in Madhuban. Our main antenna is in Madhuban, our minds are connected. Madhuban means a place full of sweetness. You don't ever get angry with your children or in business. No matter what someone is like, whether it is an unknown child or an adult, they are ignorant of knowledge at that time. You cannot get angry with someone who is ignorant, but you have mercy for them. It is like people are addicted, even in the beginning you feel very upset, angry, especially parents and children relationship. They are sad because of the addiction, but ultimately you feel mercy. You try treatment for them. They try their best. There are some who are not able to get rid of it. So that is addiction in a physical way. Getting upset and angry is also a kind of addiction. It just comes, but we know that that’s not really what the soul is like. So we still have a lot of love, we have mercy and good wishes for that soul. So that transformation can happen, sweetness can become the nature of that soul. So our homework for today is to be in love and sweet. Reflect, if there are some traces, completely remove them.

Om Shanti


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