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Lightness in service #23

Embodiment_of_Success_23 Mohini _Didi October 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

For us, it is early morning here, for you it is afternoon. Both timings are very valuable auspicious times, both are times for tapasya. Baba really wants us to always be very light. We are making efforts to become perfect. When there is any kind of subtle obstruction or heaviness, a lot of time, energy, thoughts and breath are wasted. Pay attention that you are not going to be disturbed, upset, sulk or have any kind of subtle things which will come through nature and situations.

It seems like to pass with honor we have to be double light. It's so nice, I feel Baba’s love for us, that He doesn't want us to be heavy about anything or carry any burden. This is so nice, the way Father thinks about us. What Baba wants from us is to be light, especially while doing service, because then we look cheerful. Definitely anyone who becomes an instrument for service, others will look at that instrument. A situation comes, what is your response? Do you get upset? Do you get irritated, impatient? When there is any adverse situation, everyone looks at us, because that's where they want to get strength. They want to get support. Baba is saying constantly consider yourself to be double light as you continue to serve. Real service is to the extent that you have lightness in service, to fly and make others fly. To serve while being double light and serve in remembrance is the basis of success. Success while doing service is also self-progress. If I am moving forward, that's the success of service. There is a lot of service, but I have a lot of anger, a lot of heaviness, it's not true service. Always remember that I have to be double light. To serve while being double light and to serve in remembrance is the basis of success. Do not make yourself heavy in any situation. Brahma Baba had to face so many situations. Do not make yourself heavy in any situation by always being double light.

These are the happy days of the confluence age and where you have spiritual pleasure. Baba says that it will be worthwhile when you are at confluence age and have spiritual pleasure. Each day of the confluence age is valuable and so continue to use them. The aim is to earn in a worthwhile way. It's only at confluence age you can multiply your fortune, because in the whole cycle, our karmas are like a cycle, in the sense of a chain. A chain has one ring and another and another, but confluence age is the time to sow the seed. Sow seed means, how many fruits? Even if we throw a lot of seeds, one big tree bears fruit for years only from one seed. From one mango seed, one mango tree and mangoes all the time. It is the value of the confluence age. We have to look at through our thoughts, through our words, through our actions. Sow the seed, that is why we also try not to react because you're creating another chain. Whatever the other person does, I should think and speak from my eternal stage. Soul conscious stage is to sow the seed, because I don't want to get into that cycle or in the bondage. You will be lovely, you will be sweet, you will be peaceful. All the eternal qualities of love, purity comes in our thoughts, words and actions. It’s a beautiful thing to review in our minds, in our awareness, the importance of the time of confluence age. Sometimes we forget because of the iron age, but we are at the confluence age. When we are at the confluence age, we have to use it in a worthwhile way. Reflect on these, they are very beautiful points.

Om Shanti !

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