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Lighthouse and might house #19

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_19 Mohini_Didi May 19, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!!

Is it Baba’s blessings that you fixed your window in Avyakti Pariwar that keeps you well or is it because you are well, you are able to come? Definitely Baba’s blessings. As soon as we listen to reflections, churning begins and we start connecting with whatever experiences we had. We want to create that stage also.

Baba has been talking a lot about unlimited disinterest and He is taking it into many aspects. One of the main points is about awareness, consciousness of I, the body. Today Baba is making it more subtle, as ‘I am doing’ or subtle attachment or support of any kind. One is disinterest, another is to be free from all attachments and support. Very subtle checking is required to know, because maximum attachment could be with your own self, your personality, qualities or specialties. We have to become free from all that. Don’t even attach yourself with your specialties because everything which is external is temporary and it’s going to fall down.

There will be many situations where we could create this one strength and one support. Many moments come in life and instead of feeling desperate or distressed, One only. Just make Baba as one strength and one support. If we keep doing it then Baba takes responsibility. Baba is available and present. It's a very beautiful experience.

Brahma Baba was an example of a lighthouse and might house. It must be Shiv Baba’s help that from the very beginning so many obstacles came but Baba was very stable. Of course the foundation was Baba’s faith, not only in Shiv Baba as God, but that he has chosen. As each one of us is an instrument, then success is my birthright, we will be victorious. You could see from that smile on Baba’s face, whether some had come as enemies or for questioning him, Baba was always very cheerful. Just imagine when there is opposition and you are smiling, they already lost because they see your confidence. They will either bow down, respect you or they will leave. Baba is with me, I am Baba’s instrument. Whether it is society, community, anyone, even from the government, many used to go to find out from Baba different things and Baba would smile and call them as children and their hearts would melt because nobody talked to them as children. Baba was victorious. He was successful.

We have to follow Baba and be very stable and that’s one of the most important qualities of lighthouses. Baba had all the four qualities which are required to serve through our thoughts and vibrations. Baba always had pure feelings, Baba had good wishes, elevated attitude and also vibrations, knowing anything we give, it comes back to me. I want pure feelings for myself and I receive that when I have pure feelings, then others will have pure feelings. If others don't have them, they will change. If I am not getting good feelings from this one or that one, what should be my feelings? They say that it takes two hands to clap, but if I don’t extend one hand or I just hold hands, we are together, we are one. Maintaining these four qualities is very important. Baba was like a pillar, that’s why we were created. Baba’s monument is “tower of peace”. It’s not at a pond or a river, it’s in the ocean there’s always a lighthouse. Many different types of big waves hit the tower but the tower remains unshakable and the light of the tower keeps a search light. That’s because of the might, if you do not have the powers you can not be stable.

There were so many beautiful scenes emerging from Brahma Baba’s time. Many various situations just arise and we don’t have a plan or control of them. At that time to remain stable instead of ‘why did this happen at this time?’ It has to happen, whether we look at it as scenes of drama or as a test paper, we all have to pass. I like this very much when Baba is saying the method to maintain all these four qualities or because of these qualities one is able to become a lighthouse and might house. I think we all can do it if we have clarity, determination and faith in Baba. Your cheerfulness, your smile will continue and you will be so stable that it will also help others. If I allow all other kinds of feelings and thoughts or ‘this could happen, that could happen’, a lot of thoughts in the mind come and definitely you are going to shake. Then you can’t be a lighthouse, might house. Keep aim, determination and reflect on that and be a lighthouse and might house.

Om Shanti.


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