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Let Your Stage Be Powerful #24

Embodiment_of_Solutions_24 Mohini_Didi September 24, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? So lovely to see each one of you! These days everywhere in India they talk about ‘One World, One God, One Future’. We come to know this and we have developed that habit and attitude of having love for the whole world. So, when Shiv Baba came through Brahma Baba, He said that this is the family. We are family. When Baba comes, the concept of family is understood and explained in a very different way. One way is definitely that all are souls, and as souls, Baba says that we are brothers. Then when we are in the body, we are brothers and sisters. Whatever is anyone's sanskar, we adjust to that and have good wishes for everyone. Have a lot of mercy, a lot of love, and a lot of good wishes for everyone. We don't hold anything negative against any soul of the world. If we hold anything in our thoughts that are negative, you are suffering, which means you are settling karmic accounts. If you are learning and creating, then you are not settling. Do it with love, have good wishes, and also create good relationships. So, this whole concept of sharing and caring is very common in our family. The Brahmin family also has the practice that if anyone comes, we feed them and then we also give them a gift, because it's a family.

Baba’s Avyakti signal for us is, ‘Have a powerful stage’. What is power? The thought that ‘I am child of God’, brings power. I am a child of Almighty, so I am master Almighty, I have a right over all powers. The circumstances for each one of us are different, and they are accurate, every scene of drama is accurate. You know there is some kind of calculator God has, or the elements have, where all our karmic accounts are calculated properly, and they are presented in front of us in the form of circumstances. So I say, “Okay it's alright, it’s happening. What should I do, which power should I use, how can I just cancel it, settle it, and not allow that to affect my stage?” Everyone understand? Circumstances and situations according to Drama are accurate. Now, I have to use power to overcome those situations. Don’t say that I can't do something because of this situation. If you do, you are allowing the situation to be victorious, but you are the one who has to be victorious. Why do we make excuses and create reasons because of circumstances? A few speakers in the summit were talking about Raksha Bandhan. As Raksha Bandhan came closer, many people expressed interest to come tie Rakhi. Many of them mentioned that it has become such an important part in their lives and it's not just the thread, it’s the love that they feel. It’s God's love. They shared a lot of beautiful things. Some BKs were asking, questioning if we should really tie Rakhi? How much we do in the west is very limited, but here everyone, mayor, governor, senator, guru, any contact they can make, and it was such a moving experience. I thought, “Why don't we do that too?”

Bhumiben likes to give Baba’s message, so when we leave New York, we carry one hundred toli for the journey with one hundred blessings. So we were not going by Air-India, Bharatwasis know Brahma Kumaris, we went by Emirates and they are not from the same belief, but you know she is enthusiastic. So she gave one toli and a blessing card to one air hostess. They are very lovely souls. Oh, she loved it and then Bhumiben walked around from back to front, to back and everyone was, every hostess was given the toli and blessing, including pilots, and they were so happy. Even one was telling her when she was about to leave the plane, “Can I hug you? You made my day so good after reading the blessing.” So whether it's Raksha Bandhan or giving blessings and toli, it is a really easy way to give the message. Also, their blessing is also a point of knowledge and so God’s service is done. So I'm just giving an example; don't don't look at circumstances and decide on what I can do, but have a powerful stage, and continue to be in that stage. Day by day, problems will increase, even when it comes to prosperity or resources, they will not be more, but their capacity will be more. So day by day, problems are increasing but even in that situation let your stage be powerful so that the situations change with your stage. Actually every situation is giving you an opportunity to create a powerful stage and use it so that power increases. It's an opportunity. Let your stage not be based on the situation, your stage can change the situation, because you are the children of Almighty Authority. How can the children of the Creator be dependent on the creation that is the situation? You have to have your rights and not be dependent to the extent that you hold on to your rights accordingly the situations that will also change. Always remember victory and success, they both are our birth-right. We are the instruments for God’s task. I got the task, somebody will say because of my specialty, but who is using your speciality? It’s God, and that is why it is more special. If your specialty is not recognized by God, it will be very limited, but when it's recognized by God, it becomes unlimited. So you cannot claim my specialty, anything you are able to do, do it with regard and generosity, because Baba is using it. When Baba is using it, it will be unlimited, everlasting.

So, a powerful stage is the use of knowledge, the power of knowledge, power of yoga. Instead of worrying about the situation, remember Baba, invoke Baba to be my Companion. It is the same with the power of each virtue. Patience is a great power, God's love is the great power, every virtue is a power. Circumstances are opportunities to use these powers, otherwise we are okay, going on, but then how will we become strong? When you keep a powerful stage, you will find circumstances will change. So, let Baba recognize our specialty and use it. Definitely, one gets free from the influence of circumstances, so we cannot say we can only do this much, based on our circumstances. No, we follow shrimat and we will do it, then the circumstances will change. That's what my whole life is about. Okay, so create that powerful stage, and change the circumstances.

Om Shanti

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