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Let your awareness and words be plain #26

Sweetness_and_Love_26                    Mohini_Didi                 February 26, 2024

Om Shanti!

Hello Baba’s lovely sweet children with all the powers! Before knowledge, we had never been very much about awareness. In Hindi we call it ‘smriti', and now we know that smriti has so much power because attitude gets created. Our drishti is based on smriti. Our words are based on smriti. Our face and everything depends on our awareness. So any quality that is within the awareness will be very much clear on our face. It will come in our words. Today Baba is talking about the quality to be plain and to be sweet. So interesting, Baba is saying to let your words and awareness be plain. Imbibe easiness, sweetness in your face and in your words, then you see how elevated is the success in service. In all the tasks at the moment, both your awareness and words are plain. Let there not be any marks of any old sanskars. When you become plain, then your plans and what you do practically will be the same. Then success will be like a plane. A plane runs very fast, so success will be very fast. Awareness in the plane is like not allowing too much intellect, but it should be simple, it should be royal. So, it's very good. We have to pay attention to how to make our intellect plain. Generally, the intellect is  planning but it needs to be plain. 

Om Shanti 

e. Reflect on that and do your homework.

Om Shanti 


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