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Let there always be blessing from your mind for all souls #23

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attititude_23 Mohini_Didi May 23, 2023

Is everyone okay? When we wake up in the morning, we say good morning to our parents and take their blessings. There is a beautiful song ‘take blessings from your mother-father’. If the soul has experienced blessings early in the morning, what will you do the whole day? You will also give blessings. I need to experience blessings myself first. We say good morning to Baba, then be light and cheerful. Baba doesn’t say 'good morning’, Baba says, ‘bless you’. With Baba’s blessings there are a lot of treasures. Baba is giving drishti to the soul and when we take drishti from Baba in the morning, it is filled with qualities, and a lot of powers. You find that if you have lost any quality, or it has reduced its intensity, then it emerges again. Then the whole day we notice what is emerging in us, because everything is merged in us. We claimed it last kalpa and we are claiming it now again. We are claiming victory and high status. Baba looks at the account of accumulation of anyone. So, I was looking at my account. Yes, we accumulate then we find out that I have this much now, a good savings. Either enthusiasm increases or carelessness comes. I am okay, I have so much now. We sometimes forget to check to see if we are earning or losing. Somewhere we have to constantly see that I am still earning. Even if there is enough, if someone looks at their budget, maybe I have a lot more than what I spend regularly, but then if you have more, then definitely your heart has more generosity. I can be a bestower.

I know that even in material ways, I find that whenever there is some settling of karma, some karmic accounts are settled, immediately I say that I should give charity. We give charity here by being cooperative in service, being helpful. Sometimes I wonder, why Baba says that even one second of the Confluence Age is equal to many years of different ages. It is because of the income you can earn in one second. Not only that, but Baba says that if you lose now, every kalpa you will keep losing. So keeping the aim to accumulate is needed now. Baba is giving us the opportunity to make everything very natural in that. It's not that every time, I have to remind myself to give good wishes to souls, no. It should be natural. Let me give good wishes to everyone or blessings from my heart, and have good feelings for everyone. Baba wants our mansa seva, our thoughts to be in this natural awareness of giving. He is connecting that awareness of being consistent with the treasures as income that can be saved. If you have, you keep giving, but then if you suddenly find that you don’t have enough, how will you feel? So I think what we have to do is to pay a little more attention. If we are busy, doing actions, while doing everything, just have good wishes, it's going to be okay.

We are in Kaliyug, our task is of the Confluence Age, but the time is Kalyug. So there is always the possibility that some obstacle could come. When obstacles come, what should be my thoughts? Be very stable in your good wishes again, whether it is for the self, whether it is for Baba’s task, or for others.Then you see the change that happens. Continue to have pure, elevated good wishes, then Baba’s power will work for me and for everyone. We have a song which we like very much and I told Bhumi, it’s a very good song,” God you are doing everything but our name is just mentioned” so keep it in mind. That’s only possible as an instrument, one who constantly gives blessings and keeps good wishes. Then see how Baba and Drama are cooperative and they constantly bestow on us. Then I can be the one who can also give blessings to everyone.

Om Shanti

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