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Let Go and Become Free #23

Transformation_of_old Sanskar_23 Mohini_Didi November 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Good evening to everyone! Baba is giving us so many treasures of knowledge, powers, and blessings, and we want all of that to become part of my personality, my nature, my sanskars. You cannot hold darkness and light together because as the light comes in the darkness gets dispelled. It should be natural. We make two efforts. One is to bring in the light, and the other is to get rid of the darkness. It’s only one effort and that effort is to bring in the light. So one of the best methods actually is to bring in understanding, the power of knowledge. As much as understanding comes, all the ignorance is removed. If we're still holding on to any kind of ignorance, different opinions, thoughts, anything from ignorance means that I am not holding to the light of Knowledge. There is a story about a parrot who was holding on to the branch and kept saying, “I want to be free, I want to be free.” So the master said, “Let go of the branch.” Then the parrot would say,”I want to let go off the branch and be free,” but he would only repeat it and not let go of the branch because he is so used to it. So the same is with us. It’s just a habit. So internally keep bringing in the light of knowledge. Knowledge is not only light, but knowledge is also power. Any kind of knowledge will give you the capacity to bring in, to make things function, whether it’s your internet, whether it is your electricity, any kind of power, electrical engineer can do that, fix it, and that means there is current.

Someday you are reacting to something and somebody says, “Why are you reacting?” I know you shouldn’t. So that means there is knowledge but no power. Baba has been talking a lot about having all the powers, and Baba is also saying that we should sit on this seat of self-respect of Master Almighty. If we are sitting on the seat of Master Almighty then powers will listen to you because you are seated on the seat. That means if you need tolerance, power to accommodate, power to adjust, power to face, power to discern, power to decide, whichever power, that power will emerge. If you forget and are not seated on your seat of Master Almighty, they won’t listen to your orders. Many of us have knowledge about many things but we don’t use the knowledge as powers. That happens in life, like when you eat food, it should change into energy in your body. If you eat it and you are still feeling very weak, then the food hasn’t been digested or converted into energy. It is the same with knowledge. We take knowledge, we listen to Murli, we give knowledge, we talk about knowledge, but in practice, we don’t have powers. The powers Baba wants us to use is to let go and be free. That is from the past. If I keep remembering the past, the old sankars will emerge. If I keep reflecting, keep churning knowledge all the time, then all the thoughts from the old sanskars will automatically merge So I will be able to let go and be free.

When there is knowledge, you also have virtues. So, I keep reminding myself I should have more patience. I shouldn’t get impatient instead of reminding myself what I should have. Practically, I should have patience. I shouldn’t become impatient about anything. So inculcate virtues, remind yourself. I think that everyday we notice and keep our chart, but cultivating is also very important. Cultivate sanskars of love, sanskars of peace, forgiveness, mercy. As we keep cultivating sanskars, the old sanskars will change. Then the nature of being merciful, generosity, charity, all these sanskars will emerge and the old ones will keep merging. So, from today our practice will be let go and be free, and of course we don’t repeat it like a parrot, but we do it practically. Baba has been saying in Murli to be in that emerged form now, not to waste your time and thought. That wastage happens from the past, if someone has done something to me, said something to me, and I see that person, I start thinking about what he said and did last time, so change can never happen. I should have love, good wishes, Baba’s drishti, then I will be able to see the change. Even if that person does the same thing, I will not react, I will not respond. So use the treasures of knowledge in many practical ways. Let us take this as our homework, and we will keep our chart.

Om Shanti

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