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Language of a spiritual, yogi life #30

Stay_in_Avyakti_Silence_30                 Mohini_Didi                   January 30, 2024

Om Shanti, everyone with a spiritual personality, personality of purity, and personality of all the treasures. Baba says to just think that I have this spiritual personality. Have that thought, because that is self respect. We have to! I am a spiritual personality. Today will be the end of the month of January. So it is the last point of January 31st, our homework. Baba is still saying to be in that sweet silence. Sometimes we think there is not much to think about, but some people like to keep doing something. So the mind also has a habit of at least thinking about something; past, present, and having the same thoughts again and again. Baba is saying that when you are in sweet silence, you have a spiritual yogi language. The more you continue to stabilize in the stage of sweet silence, while being introverted, Baba says that you will be able to understand the language of the eyes, language of the feelings, and language of thoughts. This language is the language of a spiritual yogi life. So Baba says that your silence power is greater than the science power. The revelation of the power of silence means the revelation of the Father. Some people want us to prove about God. We become very silent and the vibrations will help the other soul. That will help the soul to understand who God is, who the Father is? You should experiment with that. Baba says that just as science is able to give practical proof, in the same way ,the practical proof of the power of silence is the power, that power is your double light stage, double light angelic light. Baba says that when all of this practical proof is visible, then against their conscious wish, everyone’s vision will be drawn towards us. Then the drum of victory will beat. Everyone asks, “Baba, how will it happen? When will it happen?” So, the answer is of course it will happen when our stage is ok. It could be one person, another BK, a third one, they will say they all have double light stages. They all are like angels. Then there will be drums of victory, revelation of Baba. So keep that in mind, as Baba says, stabilize your stage of power of silence. If you have to think, think about knowledge, remember Baba,do mansa seva. The mind has to be busy the whole day, so many hours. We do karma yoga when it is necessary. Then we do mansa seva, sit and give sakash to everyone. Baba gives might, and then Baba gives insight. Insight is our third eye. So we all have to practice even if the month has finished, we still have to continue to practice to be double light angels. That’s the aim. Some might say it’s over, but have we become 100%? So it is very interesting, keep practicing so that we can reveal Baba through our angelic stage.  

Om Shanti


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