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Knowing the Religion of Myself # 19

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_19 Mohini_Didi. June 19, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Are you all okay? You keep yourself well, happy? Yes? Very good! Every day Baba gives us so many beautiful treasures, and every day, He is creating the respect I should have for the self. We call it self-respect, but what should I think about myself? So, Baba said that if you are Baba’s child, a Brahmin, then you are masters. The life of a Brahmin means to have imperishable happiness. There should be a good balance of being a child and master, you are masters, so also have intoxication of a child. Every day, when we listen to Murli, Baba keeps increasing our respect for the self. So my relationship with my own self should be of that respect, and when I have that respect, others will also have pure feelings and respect. I will also give respect to others, help others, and also see how valuable they are, how Baba loves them. I will keep telling them beautiful things which can increase their self respect.

There are so many different points that Baba spoke about this morning. We will revise for the whole week, but today we will take practice for ourselves. So, think about how Baba respects us, and how to have a respectful relationship with the self. Baba is saying it, and of course this point of when there is concentration of the intellect, your power to discern will increase. I think this definitely needs more reflection, and we will do this as our homework today. Think about what concentration is and how does it increase the power to discern? In this way, our attention will be more on this practice of having concentration of the intellect, taking the intellect into silence, connecting the intellect with Baba or deep reflections, churning of points. When we listen to something, then when we start doing it, it really needs a lot of thinking. So when we reflect, we are clear, then we are able to experience the connection of concentration of the intellect with the power to discern. It's really beautiful.

So for tomorrow, our practice is “my relationship with myself”. When I really am being that master, image of virtues, I think of that story about when Lakshmi had to choose her husband. They call it ‘swayamvar’, swayam - itself. So, how will you wed yourself, and with whom? They say that Lakshmi would put the garland, and she will choose whom she wants to garland as her husband. A lot of different kings were invited, and so Narayan was the one, but he also had a friend. His name was Narad, he would always chant God's name, and was known as a messenger too. So they both went. There were many and Lakshmi went around and put the garland around the neck of Narayan, but Narad was kind of intoxicated. He closed eyes and he thought he was chosen, but when he opened his eyes, the garland was not on his neck. He was very upset about it, how come she chose to put a garland around the neck of Narayan? Anyway, he was upset, and when they were returning he questioned, “Why not me?” Someone said, “Look at your face.” So, there was a pond, and when he peeped in the pond, he saw his face very red, full of anger, and he really looked like a monkey. So he said, “Oh, I didn't know how I looked.” Baba gives this example, and it does happen sometimes, it is very subtle. That's what we call Maya also, when unnecessarily, you start doubting yourself, you start doubting your fortune.

Recently something happened, and we couldn't help that person because of certain reasons, and her old sanskars just emerged. So, instead of becoming Narayan, one becomes Narad. That means that the virtues disappear, and there is internal upheaval. Maya’s internal upheaval begins with wasteful thinking, all kinds of thoughts come. Then the soul speaks and makes themselves feel that they are not treated well, all of which is not true. Baba loves everyone, and Baba respects everyone. In the family, we also respect each other. That means we have to remind ourselves that if I want to be garlanded, first you have to see, can I garland myself? Can I really select myself in this stage, so that I can be Narayan? That's what we are becoming, a deity, and the main deity is Narayan. He is worship worthy with all the virtues, and people always pray and worship so that they can get blessings from Narayan.

So, tomorrow, when a situation is there, what should emerge in me at that time? The virtues. I need to trust, I need to understand, I need to have patience, I need to be sweet, because it is only at the time when you feel challenged, or you feel that you are not respected, that is the time to use the virtue to overcome, and not allow the sanskar to emerge. Baba said that the sanskar is what attracts the mind, and then you start getting all kinds of thoughts, then you also say that you can't believe it, but it's not true. So how to respect yourself, be in that self-respect, use the virtues all the time and when you use all the virtues all the time, they start becoming your nature. You know that even a little bit less emerges. So if I have 90% patience, 10% is still lacking. That 10% can emerge. I have to pay more attention, and make good efforts so that I don't allow that inner upheaval. I can discern it, “Oh, Maya is coming now”, and then be consistent and stable, and all the time you are an image of all the virtues. Not only in awareness, but also in practical life, there has to be an image of all the divine virtues.

Om Shanti

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