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Know Your Specialty and Use It #03

Sweetness_and_Love_3          Mohini_Didi               February 3, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone! 

Baba’s sweet and lovely special children. So, I am sweet, I am lovely. I am part of a special and unlimited family. Not only Avyakti Parivar, it is just part of it, but all over the world, we have a big, big family. Yesterday Baba was telling us to have faith. So, Baba is saying to have faith that everyone is special. Baba is asking everyone to recognize and to reveal your specialty that you can use in God's task. Specialties are virtues and skills. There was recently one brother, some of his abilities got reduced but he always likes to do something for Baba. He was present at the center then recently, he built a very good structure and so I said, “Oh, you know that?” He said, “Yeah, that's what I learned.” So, those who have love for Baba, they also like to change, adopt virtues, and learn skills. I remember even for myself, when I came to Baba, I didn't know anything to cook and especially toli, because we don’t make sweets. In the lokik family, we order sweets from sweet makers and they send them to us. When we came to Baba, when visiting, the first thing they said was, “Let's make toli.” So Mama was coming to our center, and the sisters kept telling me that you have to make something. I said, “I don't know how.” They said, “We will teach you.” So they taught me a little bit of mohanthal, pedha, khoya. Mama said that many don't learn, because they feel if they know they will be asked to make every time. If they don't know, they will say, “I don't know.” So they won't make it. As you know, Baba always likes children that whatever is the need of the moment you should be able to do it. If you have to make chapati or you have to make little toli, or clean or anything. We should have all this, all virtues and all the skills. If sweetness brings all the virtues, then learning also brings all the skills. We will not say, “I don't know how to do this”, but say, “I know I can do it.” 

That’s Baba’s blessings for us, to learn to be all-rounder and serve Baba’s yagya in an unlimited way. For some souls, I thought this one won't know how to do the cooking, but then I came to know that they all know. Is there anyone here who doesn't know cooking? Everyone knows, because if you are BK, then you have to travel, you have to be in the company of many people. You need to know how to cook. So, Baba says to know your specialties and then use them. Each soul who has come into the Godly family has one specialty or another. So know your specialty and use it. Whatever virtues you have, the virtue of sweetness, the virtue of love, use it. Then all other virtues will come easily. Just as iron touches the Alchemist stone, in the same way, your company will make someone who is bitter, sweet. You keep sweetness through your thoughts or your words continuously. When you keep to your specialty, another person gradually changes. We say, “Oh, this one is an all-rounder and this one is a handy person” It could be sisters or brothers. I know some sisters don't know how to put a nail in the wall, but I have a sister who does everything, change the bulb, do everything. It’s our home, it's our family, it's the Yagya, Baba’s task. So learn more and more. Certain things you do at a young age and then afterwards you can still do something. That's your specialty and virtue to Baba’s Yagya. 

Om Shanti

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